September New Moon - Relax into Fun


The Energies

The Libran New Moon is delicious offering its peace, beauty and harmony. You embrace basking in this luminous love on September 28th at 2:27 pm EDT. 

Think grace, charm and polish. 

Feel love, romance and balance. 

Work with cooperation, compromise and friendliness. 

This is pure bliss. 

If only you could just have this energy, all would be right in your world. 

Unfortunately, you can’t as it’s complicated by an infusion of anxiety, tension and doubt about your relationships. Additionally, power and control issues arise, exacerbating your fluctuating feelings. 

So instead of celebrating peace and harmony, you’re wrangling with pettiness and engaging in conflict. 

Normally, I would say, ‘Just focus on yourself and stay aligned with your goals,’ but that fails you right now as well. Your dreams, future goals and alignment with success is wonky too. 


But, there is relief. 

You can fling aside all of these tensions and doubts by going out and having fun. 


Having fun is the answer. 

Stop doing your chores, ignore returning those calls and put your pen down. Grab the hand of your significant other or call a friend and go do something for the sheer pleasure of it.

Kick back and relax, go to brunch or host an impromptu gathering. 

The key for this day is enjoyment.  

If you need an excuse, celebrate the start of the new season – autumn/northern – spring/southern.   

The Recommendations

Normally, I would list a series of recommendations for the New Moon, but there is only one: HAVE FUN. 

The Astrology

The Sun-Moon blend at 5° Libra is exactly quincunx Uranus in Taurus. All of the Libran beneficial space for taking deep breaths and opening your heart is eliminated by the adjustments being asked of you by Uranus. 

Uranus in Taurus is asking for lasting commitment to your future filled with freedom and independence. Well, that makes Libra completely uncomfortable. Libra wants togetherness in life-long partnership and that desire seems to go against Uranus’ drive to break free. 

However, imagine an equal partnership where both players are allowed complete autonomy to be fully themselves – authentically and unapologetically, while at the same time, investing in a beautifully strong foundation together. 

I’ve been talking to a lot of my clients lately about the tree in relationship that represents the truly healthy partnership. (Now I know why.)

The trunk is steady and wide, the roots are deep and the two largest branches are at the same height growing seemingly apart yet nourished from the same root system and supported by the same trunk. This is the perfect symbol for the relationship energy of this New Moon. 

There are other factors contributing to the New Moon energy. 

Throw aside any power plays or insecurities that arise in your love life. This is actually a beneficial energy as it brings hidden issues up to the surface. But, it’s frustrating, confusing and doesn’t feel good. (Venus square Pluto Rx 3° orb – exact on Oct 1)

It’s even further complicated by the moods of isolation, fears or criticism with intimate partners you’ve been experiencing for the past few days. Money matters may be pressed as well. 

Again, this is all good as it allows you to talk about anything you wish to improve in your relationship or with your finances. Use any triggers that arise to reflect about the underlying tensions and heal the root cause(s). (Venus square Saturn 4° orb – exact on Sept 25)

The great news is the fun, pleasure and good luck that overrides all of these niggling relationship energies. (Venus sextile Jupiter @ 17 °)

Seeking entertainment, socializing with friends and traveling are all excellent diversional activities, but more than that, you’ll feel charming, attractive and sexy!

Ride this wave, go out and enjoy. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,