October Influences - Flow of Opposites



This is a deep month generating intense thoughts and emotions, however, there’s also a great flow. This flow allows you to see things from a different perspective, have empathy for another’s feelings and creates opportunity to change your point of view.  

Each of these skills help you get ready for next year.

Shift your beliefs, share your feelings and relax so your life will go more smoothly. 

Shift, share and relax. 


Excellent days: 3, 4, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 30

Days to tread softly: 1, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 27, 28, 29, 31


This month, it’s relationships and wealth: 


-     Watch what’s going on in relationships. 

-     Notice how you enter each one as you get agitated.

-     Make adjustments to your behavior. 


-     Realize how you define wealth. 

-     Recognize ways to create more of it in your life. 

-     Explore what your wealth says about you.

Weekly Energies:

Week 1: Mirrors in relationships 

October starts off with a bang in the first week. It’s a deep dive into the love you feel for yourself and how you show this love to others. It’s also about worthiness; as in how wealthy do you feel internally and externally.  

There are triggers throughout the week. On the first day, these triggers involve all of your relationships, whether romantic, business or friendships. All of your relationships are in the mix to help you see how you show up. Are you too accommodating or too controlling? Do you like to care for others too much or do you usually receive from them? Are you the hero in your own story or the victim? 

Watch what happens this week. With each upsetting interaction, ask for guidance about how your role and what this tells you about yourself.    

The energies push you hard on the 3rd. This can feel liberating if you’ve been doing the work or it can feel absolutely terrifying if you’ve been ignoring the nudges. Your thinking and feelings love this intense, deep and dramatic exploration.  

Your will gets a lift on the 4th. There’s a smoothing of your drive and ambition. You have more patience now and can appreciate alternatives about love, work and play. 

The triggers on the last day of this first week create anxiety and even angst. There are unexpected changes, topsy-turvy plans and tests & challenges. This is a mini-reckoning to shock and grind you into the submission of your soul.  Align with your true purpose by making decisions that support it. Do the right thing, even if it seems impossible, and the alignment will open the flow for you.  

Week 2: Clarify your role 

This week is going to feel like last year, but it’s infinity easier this time around.  Phew. 

On the 8th, there’s a love dive involving your feelings that follows your thoughts.  This is the perfect line-up to balance your mind and heart. Think deeply, feel intensely. Do this now as the energies get fierce over the coming days. 

On the 10th, believe in who you are and how you act in your life. Be very clear. The more clarity you have, the better your self-esteem during this process. If you identify as a hero, make sure your actions support it. Even if you identify as a victim, own it and make changes to put yourself in the hero’s role.  

On the 12th, you’re being asked to make adjustments to reach your future goals. Your will is being pushed to go it alone, making you think it’s easier without the burden of connecting with others. However, becoming fully yourself doesn’t happen without others. Any impetus shake-off to create achievement will be empty and false.  It will also back-fire. Yes, there are changes in relationships that could be sudden. Although startling, the ones helping you reach your highest potential will feel right deep-down inside. 

This is a tough week and unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better over the next few days. Hang in there, relief comes in the 3rd week.  

The Full Moon: Crisis creates opportunity

The good news about the Full Moon is that it’s speedy, the bad news – it’s intense. The Aries Moon hits her exact point in opposition to the Sun in Libra at 5:10 pm EDT. Not ironically, it hits at 20-degrees, so 20-20. Hmm…perhaps there’s a message here about next year? 

This Full Moon is all about power and control between you and others. It’s a super charged energy and I mean – SUPER CHARGED. 

While you feel on top of the world and can do no wrong, your partners, friends and associates also feel this way. What happens when everyone thinks they can do no wrong? Power plays, struggles and bad behavior. Prevent yourself from falling into this trap. Have open and honest communication and focus on the long-term by making plans. 

There’s an opportunity for rebirth if you don’t fall prey to getting backed into a corner. Embrace positive change to loosen the hold of your defensive stance. 

Week 3: Allow understanding

This week’s energies give you rest and support. Take full advantage. Stop, connect and listen. 

On the 15th, see the bigger picture and get creative about how you want to live your life. You’ve been jostled for the past few weeks, so take a moment to reflect. What changes are the most impactful? Which ones will allow you to become more of yourself? Focus your attention on positive impacts, not the aggravating ones. 

The 19th- 21st offer the best influences of the month. Enjoy your powers of persuasion and provocative ways. Make a commitment to have mature resolution in your relationships – personal and business. It’s a good time for both. Welcome the tender, compassionate and understanding effects of the last day of the week. Enjoy.  

Week 4: Be open and flexible 

Happy Birthday Scorpio! Here comes the Sun on the 23rd to give everyone the ability to delve into the mysteries, making you more intuitive and perceptive than usual. There’s power and passion here. There’s also determination and intensity that can help you bring about your own transformation. 

On the 25th, deepen your love connection by telling all of your secrets to your loved one.  Let the romance flow by clearing the air.

The New Moon: Shock and awe

On October 27th, the Sun and Moon meet exactly at 4° in Scorpio at 11:40 pm EDT. This takes the deep impressions of the month and plunges you into depths beyond knowing. There are other energies creating shock and awe. Be flexible and open, but not impulsive. 

You’ll want to be impulsive as there are setbacks and feelings of loss. The deepness of the lunar signature can make all of this seem too jarring. The combination of the unexpected changes, regressive tugs and internal criticism make you defeatist. It all seems impossible.  

You’ll welcome the fuzziness that comes after the Full Moon as it feels lighter and asks much less of you. This indecision and uncertainty pushes you take the path of least resistance. However, don’t fall victim to this wooing. It’s a sirens song. 

Take this time to replay your love interests and business connections. Use this quieter time to figure out how to solidify your ideals. Raise them and then make a plan to action. 

Happy Halloween. 

Mercury goes retrograde on October 31st. It’s an excellent time to get intuitive and seek healing.  

This entire month is a play in opposites. It’s an intensely deep energy, but there’s loft and movement.  It’s all about relationships, yet calls for big change.  It’s jarring and unexpected, but yearns for lasting resolution.  

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Kunzite.

This is a stone of emotion as it opens your heart to unconditional love and peace. It comes in pink, light yellow, yellow-green and lilac. Each holds the energetic connection to the heart with slight differences. 

Exploring this stone in general, kunzite helps you access, connect and release any walls around your heart. It heals a broken heart as it allows abundant love for self and other.   

Kunzite is a protective stone as it clears emotions helping with deep meditative states and each color has a unique offering: 

-     Pink kunzite encourages you to open yourself to unconditional love.  

-     Yellow accesses lost trust and innocence. 

-     Yellow-green, known as hiddenite, uncovers hidden yearnings. 

-     Lilac Kunzite has a higher vibration and resonates within the third eye, crown and soul star chakras. 

The stones balance your emotions and assist you in feeling more open and trusting. When you allow this vibration to help you, you open yourself to love on all levels, including self-love.

Kunzite stimulates love to flow in every area of your life – self, relationships with people, groups and spiritual beings. It brings affinity with Universal energies. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,