April 2018 Influences - Begin Anew


The expression this month is BEGIN ANEW. The question is: Are you willing to embrace positive change or do you want to hold onto the status quo?

The Tarot card is the XI - Strength.

The central image on the card is the Lion, who denotes strength, charisma and regal power. He’s a natural leader surveying the land with majesty, awaiting his next move.

Strength, the title of the card, is the controlled total expression of your being.

There’s power in being whole and commanding attention in your totality. Be courageous in expressing your true colors. Welcome your authenticity and let it shine.

The number on the card is 11 or a 2 in numerology. The 2 represents the feminine and wisdom and the 11 is visionary mastery. There’s a great deal of fiery energy this month with Aries in the spotlight, however, there are just as many planets in earth. The intensity of fire is grounded with the earthly influence as the spark of the 2 is centered in the maturity of the 11.

Bottom line:  Assess your current circumstance, note areas you want to change and embrace a fresh new outlook. This month supports you in making strides toward your future.


Overall, this month is an active one with Mercury stationing direct, Saturn and Pluto going retrograde and Chiron moving into Aries for the first time in 50 years. In addition, the energy is vibrant, fresh and new with the influence of Aries toning with the earthly signs, Taurus and Capricorn and challenging Scorpio. With the typical new and full moons and planetary activities, there’s a lot of opportunity to make positive changes in your life.

Week 1:

Ideas are flying on the 1st day of the month as Aries Sun blends with Mercury as it does many times during the year. This time it’s in Aries, so fiery, fresh and vibrant ideas flow. If you’re celebrating the Easter holiday, enjoy lively conversations with others. If you’re taking some time for yourself, relish any bright flashes of brilliance or focus your mind on seeking resolution to any problem.

On April 2nd, Mars kisses Saturn, both in Capricorn and the key is to channel your energy in constructive ways. You’ll have an abundance of drive, ambition and verve to take on the world, however, there’s aggression and potential conflict. Cooler heads prevail, so take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and tackle an ongoing project.  Perhaps determining the next steps toward achieving your life mission as the Aries Sun also harmonizes the Leo true node today. There’s fire and passion about your true purpose in life. Take a moment and sink into yourself to gather thoughts, emotions and actions. Your life is waiting – take a step toward it.

Retrograde Mercury is busy for the next few days as it challenges both Mars and Saturn on the 4th and 5th, respectively. Review, reassess and readjust are the mantras for these few days. Mars is going to aggravate and Saturn is going to frustrate – conversation, mental processing and anything technological or travel related. Breathe. This is a spiky time. Look forward to the 7th for relief.

On April 7th, Venus soothes Saturn, both in earth signs. Forget the last few days and leap into creative pursuits, love interests or financial investments. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Week 2:

On the 9th, Capricorn Mars asks the Leo north node for adjustment. Review your notes from the week before as you gathered information about your life purpose. Mars wants you to take action, be courageous or define boundaries. Ask yourself a few questions about where you need to be brave or how to choose yourself. Leverage the martial energy to be a little selfish and determine ways to reach your true destiny.

The next day, Venus in Taurus gets into the mix as it challenges the Leo node. These fixed signs are stubborn and obstinate when ignored, so don’t ignore them. Allow them to breathe by asking yourself to be honest about your relationships, finances and creative pursuits. Are you choosing to be healthy in these areas? Do you value yourself enough to seek perfection in these parts of your life? If not, what can you do to improve each? Take a moment and make a plan.

There’s a lot of activity on the 11th with four astrological events. None of them are particularly major, but together they present complexity. The Sun is confronted by Pluto and tangles with Jupiter. Your need to be in control will be tested as fears spring up about any aspect of your life as you’re required to be bold and take big steps. You’re going to want to hold on, shrink back or hide under the covers. That’s not the answer. When fear arises, ask it what is means. Seriously, ask your fear why it’s presenting itself at this time. Then, leverage the buoyancy and optimism of Jupiter to push through your fear to the other side. Venus is helpful on this day as it tones Mars and excites Neptune. As the fear arises, you have relief in the creative, social and sensual aspects of your life.  Or you may take refuge in updating your image, deepening your spiritual roots or enlivening your imagination.

The 14th is the second of three rounds where Jupiter stimulates Pluto. The first hit in January invites you to start something new or do one thing that scares you. Hopefully, you’ve discovered what it is and have begun to make strides. If so, this time is about reassessing and making a few tweaks as Jupiter is in retrograde for this round. If not, now is the time to take the leap – go big or go home is Jupiter’s motto and with Pluto it’s about living your truth in abundance, wealth and power. You’re taking advantage of this energy this year to revamp at least one area of your life.

Also on this day, Mars excites Neptune giving you a boost in your healing, mystical and romantic natures. Be social, creative, imaginative and service-minded. Laugh, dream and create for yourself and others.

New Moon:

The New Moon on April 15th in Aries furthers the energies of beginning something new. The Sun is moving together with the Moon and Uranus as it comes exact on the 18th. The energies are strong with the Jupiter-Pluto combination of yesterday and the coming configurations of the next few days.  This is a fresh, vibrant and exciting time.

Aries is the igniter, instigator and innovator. It wants to lead, take initiative and break out in adventurous ways. The sign is energized by the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus. Your identity, emotional ties, intellectual constructs and pull for individuation is in the sign of initiation, daring and ambition. Adding fuel is Uranus, who is encouraging you to break from routine, embrace change and take action toward something different or new. Venus is building momentum in opposition to Jupiter and toning Pluto, so your relationships and financial life are in play. Intensity, passion and joy are sprinkled into your love interests and financial pursuits. Now may be the time to invigorate both areas of your life.

A few hours later, Mercury stations direct to travel back through Aries giving you more time to be brave and courageous in finding your voice and expressing yourself.

This is the perfect time to begin something new – anything!

Week 3:

Chiron enters Aries on the 17th. This celestial body came onto the scene in 1977 as it was discovered between Saturn and Uranus, so it draws on your past and propels you into the future, simultaneously. Chiron moves slowly making a complete orbit every 50 years or so, spending approximately 5 years in each sign.

The last time Chiron enters Aries is April 1, 1968, before he becomes ‘discovered’ in the night sky in 1977. Chiron enters Aries before its retrograde on October 18, 1968 then reenters January 30, 1969 until May 28 1976. It passes through again from October 13, 1976 through March 28, 1977.

Chiron is the wounded healer and brings your gift of showing you the way toward your healing. In Aries, it’s about seeking your own path, living your own journey and embracing your own passions.

It’s fitting for Chiron to be in Aries at this time as it urges you to become a leader, to participate in grassroots activism and to be a disruptor.

A few days after Chiron enters Aries in 1968, Martin Luther King is assassinated and a two months later, Robert Kennedy is as well. The Vietnam War has begun, racial tension is high, Nixon is elected and then resigns due to Watergate. On the other hand, microprocessors (staging for today’s computers), mobile phones are invented, Microsoft and Apple Computers are founded. Greenpeace is established, Roe v. Wade legalizes abortion and the Star Wars franchise alters the movie industry.

Obviously, there are other planetary influences, however, the parallels of this era with the present cannot be overlooked.

Personally, Chiron helps you heal yourself by exposing your vulnerability. Look where Chiron is in your chart to determine the gift he presents. In Aries, the influence encourages you to welcome who you truly are without external conditioning from others. Own yourself and your wholeness. Gain confidence, inner power and a sense of purpose by embracing your passions.  Become a leader for yourself and others. Bottom line: burn through what others think of you – become authentic. Then help others do the same.

The other events on the 17th pale in comparison, but have impact nonetheless. On this day, Venus in its own sign of Taurus opposes Jupiter in Scorpio and harmonizes Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn turns retrograde until mid-September.

As Venus opposes Jupiter, it’s a playful, sociable and creative time and it may also be an intense, dramatic and passionate one. As it’s a work day, you may want to focus on completing tasks or reviewing your finances.  You’ll have extra oomph to do both.

With Saturn stationing retrograde, it’s important to remember retrogrades are about perspectives or effects on the way you see things. In Capricorn, structures, responsibilities and ongoing projects are under review. You have the opportunity to recheck your work, simplify your duties and redefine your work. Saturn is about your past, so reviewing and reassessing circumstances already in play makes sense.

On the 18th, Aries Sun blends with Uranus, pushing you into your future. The combination makes this a good time for strategy and planning. Evaluate your current situation to determine whether its aligned with your future. If so, tweak anything out of alignment. If not, review your present standing in relation to your trajectory. Take the time to make changes to reach your full potential.

Two days later, on the 20th, Sun enters Taurus. The explosive passionate energy of Aries gives way to Taurus. The fiery nature calms into earthly stability and security. Taurus is about silence, beauty and ease. It’s also about steadfastness, dependability and tradition.

Week 4:

On April 22nd, Capricorn Pluto stations retrograde until the end of September.

Here’s an opportunity to let go of outmoded patterns, drives and emotions. Pluto is about power, intensity and control. Now is a good time to healthily regain control and any power you’ve been giving away, particularly in your work and financial areas. It’s also great for releasing pent up or repressed emotions no longer serving you.

On the 24th, Mars excites Jupiter and Venus stimulates Chiron with contradictory impacts. The Mars-Jupiter combination is positive, optimistic and filled with exuberance. Venus and Chiron highlights imbalance in relationships. The next day, Venus enters Gemini, so welcoming new insights into relationship is available to you – just in time. Be curious, expand your thinking and explore new avenues.

As Mercury challenges Saturn on the 25th, as it did on the 5th, frustrations and delays occur. This influence benefits you for the next day’s blending of Mars and Pluto.  Take the time to review and reassess with the fiery Mercury spiking Saturn, so you can lean into the intense, powerful punch of Mars-Pluto. This combination only happens every 2 years. You’re not very familiar with it, yet allow for passionate creativity, deep transformation or difficult tasks. Channel your energy to avoid outbursts and conflict.

The earthly harmonious energies of the Sun and Saturn give you loft in your professional life. You gain respect, recognition and reward.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th focuses on your inwardness, whether in silence and stability or intensity and drama. The Scorpio-Taurus combination gets a boost with the upcoming Jupiter connection. Jupiter makes everything bigger and bolder. The opposition between Taurus and Scorpio always asks about your inner life. On one side, there’s ease and harmony and on the other, there’s secrecy and deepening.  You have both options available to you and you can assess where you are on the spectrum. If you’re calm, complacent and relying on material possession as your mode of healing, perhaps adding some naked truth and emotional investigation is in order. If you’re involved in psychodrama, complexity and mistrust, then embracing simple acceptance and the natural order of things brings relief.

Finally, on the last day of the month, the Sun questions the Leo true node giving you one more opportunity this month to ask yourself what is it you truly want out of life.

This month gives you strength, energy and fortitude to make changes in your life to pursue your dreams. Allow yourself to be courageous and lean into the power of these fiery and earthly influences.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Black Tourmaline.

This incredible stone is associated with grounding, protection, health, happiness, luck and positivity. It’s been used since ancient times by Shamans and healers for protection.

Black Tourmaline is considered by many to be the most powerful protective stone and it is one of the only stones that protects and heals on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It aligns the bodies and aids the healing process throughout the system.

This stone promotes self-confidence, enhances inner power and allows you to see things clearly. It helps change your perspective, while keeping you calm granting you space to embrace change.

Black Tourmaline is excellent for ritual, particularly scrying. It aids meditation and healing by providing centeredness, protection and electric impulses to move energy.

Rely on black tourmaline to assist you this month.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,