April Full Moon - Inner Magic


The moon becomes full at 8:58 pm EDT on Sunday, April 29thin Scorpio, so the Sun in Taurus opposes this Full Moon in Scorpio. This Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon combination happens every year at this time and focuses on your inner life. With any opposition, there are two ends of the spectrum. They pull at each other stretching you toward each end. The key is to become aware of the underlying sameness of each, acknowledge the differences of both and begin the dance of traveling between the two.

In this opposition, Taurus and Scorpio ask you about your inwardness, whether in silence and stability (Taurus) or intensity and drama (Scorpio).On one side, there’s ease and harmony and on the other, there’s secrecy and deepening.  You have both options available to you and you can assess where you are on the spectrum.

If you’re calm, complacent and relying on material possession as your mode of healing, perhaps adding some naked truth and emotional investigation is in order. If you’re involved in psychodrama, complexity and mistrust, then embracing simple acceptance and the natural order of things brings relief.

This year, the inward reflection gains a boost from Jupiter. Jupiter is coming into contact with the Sun and the Moon, but more impactful is its continued excitement with Pluto and its harmony with Neptune. Jupiter expands everything and makes it buoyant. Scorpio and Taurus can be dense, but not with these Jupiter energies. Jupiter brings opportunity, faith and acceptance. Jupiter is generous, optimistic and a bringer of good fortune. The Sun and Moon beckon you to lean into yourself and open your heart and mind to your inner being. Allow it as Jupiter makes it fun and easy, so take a peek and see what’s inside.

The Moon stimulated by Saturn helps you make any positive change real in your life. Look back at the ‘begin something new’ encouragement of the mid-April New Moon. How can you make your life better? What changes appeal to you? What positive movement have you made in your life?

Ask your heart. It knows.

Mars is here too invigorating Jupiter, so you have the drive, ambition and energy to make any of these changes.

Mars also just blended with Pluto a few days ago. You have the passion, determination and selfishness to pursue your own dreams. That may sound harsh, but channel this self-interest for your greater good and focus on your own growth. Keep your eyes on your own stuff without striking out at others.  That’s available to you, but if you find yourself engaging combatively with those around you, ask yourself, “Why am I triggered by them?”

It’s always about YOU, not them. So, what is it about you that you want to yield to right now?

Be honest. Seek release. Let it go.

This Full Moon is pure perfection as it seeks your inner magic.  It gives you a tremendous opportunity to get yourself on the EXACT trajectory to live your very best life.

-    It gives you the desire to look inside your heart.

-    It involves a few big retrograde planets, Saturn and Pluto, who want you to take a pause and review the structures in your life.

-    It encourages you to follow through on any changes presented now or since the beginning of the year.

-    It brings the focus, determination and drive to gain ground on any positive movement.

-    It boosts your energy, vitality and power.

-    It presents optimism, buoyancy and joy.

-    It carries good luck.

All in all, this Full Moon can mark the beginning of the rest of your life.

Take complete advantage. Give yourself permission to bask in these energies and take a deep dive into YOU.

Take stock of where you are, where you want to be and the direction you’re heading.

-    If you’re on the right path, bravo – celebrate!

-    If you need a few tweaks, make them. Now’s the time.

-    If you need a complete overhaul, contact your favorite healing facilitator today. Use these influences to begin anew.

Happy Full Moon!

Wishing you magic,