April Tarot - Strength


The Tarot card of April is the XI - Strength. The central image on the card is the Lion, who denotes strength, charisma and regal power. He’s a natural leader surveying the land with majesty, awaiting his next move.

Strength, the title of the card, is the controlled total expression of your being.

There’s power in being whole and commanding attention in your totality. Be courageous in expressing your true colors. Welcome your authenticity and let it shine.

The number on the card is 11 or a 2 in numerology. The 2 represents the feminine and wisdom and the 11 is visionary mastery. There’s a great deal of fiery energy this month with Aries in the spotlight, however, there are just as many planets in earth. The intensity of fire is grounded with the earthly influence as the spark of the 2 is centered in the maturity of the 11.

Bottom line:  Assess your current circumstance, note areas you want to change and embrace a fresh new outlook. This month supports you in making strides toward your future.