August Full Moon - Pinnacle.


You’ve done it! The intensity of the last few months has been worth it. If you’ve been brave, all of the pulls and tugs of the celestial bodies have served to deliver joy, power and success to you. The Full Moon on August 26th at 7:58 a.m. EDT urges you to embrace the opposition of Virgo and Pisces encouraging you to build a bridge between heaven and earth. Making esoteric realms real in everyday life is the focus. Be grounded, skillful and in service when you find yourself lost in confusion or seeking means of escape and surrender to the mystical if you're being too fussy, insecure or anxious. This is the perfect remedy – traversing the magical and the practical.

In a kite configuration, as occurs on the Full Moon, the opposition becomes one of stability and security. It provides a solid foundation for the supportive aspects of the kite formation.

This Earthly Grand Trine is reminiscent of one occurring on the New Moon in mid-July. Then it involved Venus with Saturn and Uranus and now it’s the Sun with Saturn and Uranus. The other difference is the minor stimulus of the Moon with Saturn and Uranus, comprising the kite.

A kite gives you five easy aspects. It’s magnificent. The harmonious earthly trine delivers support for commitment, focus and discipline and excitement, freshness and insights.

You have the opportunity to gain perspective as the Sun shines on your past and your future simultaneously.

Appreciate your innate gifts, intrinsic value and natural authority. Ask yourself how you stand up for yourself, think before you act and learn from your mistakes.

Understand your wild side, rebellious nature and desire for freedom. Ask yourself how you can liberate yourself from the limits of socialization to express your uniqueness.

The Moon increases the magic by exciting Saturn and Uranus. She adds healing, creativity and intuition to the mix. You will FEEL like doing all of these things. You’ll want to lean in and make the most of yourself.

Originality blends with tradition, responsibility combines with heartfelt desire and practical skill mingles with intuitive knowing.

If you desire creativity – this your Full Moon.

If you seek good fortune – this is your kite configuration.

If you wish for success – this is your time.

Venus confronts Pluto asking you to understand the difference between power and control. Control limits, power expands. Control feels secure while power requires faith.

You need to open yourself to being vulnerable in order to reach for power. Breathe. Allow. Intuit.

Mercury, still in Leo, nudges Neptune providing mental facility toward instinct, creativity and connection to all of the wonders of the universe.

Enjoy this Full Moon. It’s the pinnacle of all of the intense energies, deep influences and celestial challenges of the past few months.

You have arrived.


As always, wishing you joy,