August Influences


The expression this month is GO FOR IT.  The question is: Will you give yourself permission to be authentically true to yourself or will you submit to other's definitions of you? 

The tarot card is the KNOWER - the Sage of Crystals.

The Sage of Crystals is the highest expression of the mental qualities. It signifies an open-mind, a broad perspective and a deep knowing. There is a mastery of starlight qualities, a synthesis of logic and intuition and a clarity of perception.

You have the opportunity to expand your vision to get a broader perspective – of yourself and your truth.

So, do whatever it takes to get a different and bigger picture of yourself and situation. See yourself from various angles.

Who are you at your core?

What are your deepest desires?

What are your soul yearnings?

What is your heart’s truth?

Are you ready to be completely, authentically and unapologetically yourself?

Get ready – the Leo sun, August eclipses and planetary positions are supporting you – right now.

Let’s go.


Week 1:  

The month begins on the heels of July’s intensity and a bit of relief with Venus being active making us affectionate, creative and social.

The relief is short-lived, however, as on August 3rd, Uranus turns retrograde adding a burst of chaos to your life making you want to make positive change. The change is good, it’s the suddenness of the impact that makes you feel off kilter.

Uranus urges you to seek positive change, a bid for freedom, or a quest for individuality. Is there something, someone or some situation that’s holding you back right now? If so, take a look at it. Uranus’ energy is supporting a positive change for you at this time, but it will be dramatic, sweeping and chaotic.

Ride the wave of this energy as it’s setting you up for the eclipses this month and is buoyed by Jupiter vexing Pluto the next day.

The last times Jupiter and Pluto challenged each other was the end of November 2016 and March 30th of this year, but the next time won’t be until 2023. So, take advantage of this bracing energy.

Jupiter and Pluto’s dance will make you want to succeed. It’s a driving, striving, bordering on obsessive behavior, but keep it in check and fill it with integrity. Do this and it can bring you good luck, a broader perspective and financial blessings.

On the 5th, the Leo Sun is quincunx Pisces Neptune making you question yourself and your perceptions. This energy may actually support the Jupiter-Pluto energy as it will tamper your questing urges. Lean into the Leo Sun for personal expression and long-term planning as this will dampen the dreamy unrealistic aspects of the Piscean Neptune.

Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse:

The eclipses are here with the lunar one on August 7th and the solar one on August 21st.

The Aquarian Full Moon on August 7th heightens all of the feelings of the opposition between the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. It’s a Super Moon and one that boosts the Uranian energy felt on the 3rd.

You’ll feel the strain of the opposition between self and other. Leo wants everything to be personal – expression, creativity and fun. Aquarius, on the other hand, wants everything to be collective – humanitarian, socially just and innovative. The downside of Leo is selfishness, drama and ego and the downside of Aquarius is aloofness, coldness and distain.

Complicating this opposition is the Sun still kissing Mars in Leo making your drive for self even stronger than it would be otherwise. Additionally, the Aquarian Moon harmonizes with Jupiter who has been challenging Pluto for the last four days.

Your heartfelt desires for freedom, revolutionary ideals and collective bids are at heightened odds with your vital drive for personal expression, leadership and success.

The tension helps rip away blocked, old and stale patterns, however, it may not feel satisfying or comfortable right now. Aquarius urges you to break free and with Jupiter’s support, you have a successful chance to do just that.

Caution in personal relationships, however, as you don’t want your bid for freedom to break apart meaningful relationships in your life with the downside of each of these signs.

Favor the higher expressions of Leo and Aquarius for a more graceful ride through this eclipse. Use Leo’s charisma, generosity and courage and lean on Aquarius’ abilities of genius, fairness and logic.

Tips for navigating this Super Full Moon:

  • Use Leo’s ability for personal expression to your advantage and remember to overly communicate in your intimate relationships.
  • Leverage Aquarian’s strengths of open-mindedness and mental flexibility to navigate the strains between self and other.
  • Temper any unhealthy drive to succeed by taking a step back and engaging in some long-term planning.
  • Be watchful for unfolding current events that may be sweeping and dramatic. Check yourself if you get caught up in the drama.
  • Remember to laugh – at yourself if you’re making things too heavy. Leo loves to have fun. Use it to your advantage.

FYI: The next Lunar eclipse is on January 31, 2018.

Week 2:

The second week begins with Sun quincunx Pluto on August 9th. The Leo Sun and Capricorn Pluto stimulate each other to push you to make adjustments. You want to look at those areas of your life you’ve kept hidden.

What have you been concealing in the dark?

Be courageous (Leo), stoic (Capricorn) and get to work. Use this time to shed light on those dark places and make the changes you’ve been needing to make for a long time.

The 10th has three astrological events with Virgin Mercury stimulating Cancerian Venus, Leo Mars quincunx Piscean Neptune and Leo Sun exciting Libran Jupiter.

Together, you’ll feel the impacts of these conflicting events.

One the one hand, Mars and Neptune make you feel disillusioned, indecisive and frustrated in your inability to make any headway. On the other, the Mercury-Venus and Sun-Jupiter combinations are light, airy and positive. You’ll have a day or two of fun, time to unwind and harmonious intimacy. You’ll also feel optimistic, excited and wanting to start something new with the twice-yearly Sun-Jupiter combination.

My advice: If you’ve been doing your planning since the beginning of the month, look at your notes and start working your way down your list. If you haven’t, check in with a really good friend to make sure any changes you want to make have a sound foundation.

Depending upon the strength of Mercury in your chart, you have a brief time for new happenings as Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th. However, if Mercury is strong in your chart, you’ve been in the shadow for a bit, so don’t start anything big and new right now.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to review, revisit, reinterpret, reconsider, basically, anything with re: at the beginning of it. This Mercury retrograde is in the earth sign of Virgo, so being practical, analytical, detailed and organized are the keys words to successfully navigate through this retrograde period.

The same day, Cancer Venus harmonizes Pisces Neptune, which happens twice a year. It’s an excellent time for daydreaming, being creative, doing charitable work, relaxing, or being romantic.

The next day, the Leo Sun compliments the Sagittarius Saturn, which also occurs twice a year. It’s a time of recognition, success and achievement for hard work.

Enjoy the romance, creativity and glory of these aspects!

Week 3:

On August 15th, Venus opposes Pluto as it does annually. You’ll feel overly sensitive about a bit of a power struggle in your intimate relationships. Review why you may feel a desire for control and go into yourself to seek answers. This isn’t really about your significant other, it’s all about you. Seek healing in those dark and insecure places within yourself. With Venus in Cancer, find nurturing, healing and sensitive energetic support.

On the 17th, Venus challenges Jupiter, so be watchful of overindulgences. If your waistline and pocketbook can support it – go for it and have fun! If not, caution is in order. Have fun, but within your means.

Leo Mars excites Libran Jupiter on the 20th as it does annually. Be courageous, generous, strong and sexy!

New Moon:

The Leo New Moon on August 21st is also a solar eclipse. The Solar eclipses are 6-month beginning and ending cycles. Whatever intentions you set during the February eclipses will come to an end as it’s time to begin new ones. Now is a great time to set intentions for the next ½-year.

It’s all about Leo during this Solar eclipse, which for the first time since 1991 will be visible in North America. It’s also supported in a harmonious relationship with Uranus.

Lean into your strengths, have the courage and curiosity to start something new. This energy can bring success and power to your efforts. It can also help destroy bad habits, old patterns and destructive behaviors.

With the stimulus of Jupiter to Mars & Saturn and the harmony between the Sun and Saturn & Uranus, this Super New Moon has all of the elements for success in starting new ventures and eliminating old patterns. This is a powerful combination to make the necessary changes in your life.

Week 4:

As the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, Mars tones Saturn and this is welcome after the quincunx of last month. Both of these planets are in fire signs, supporting each other in your drive, commitment and efforts.  You’ll feel energized to complete any projects, be faithful and diligent to yourself and partners, and passionate about your loved ones and ambitions.

On the 24th, Venus vexes Uranus trying your patience in relationships. Healthy ones will face no challenge during this transit, but precarious ones will give you the urge to break free.

The 26th of August is active with Sagittarian Saturn turning direct after four months, Venus entering Leo and the Sun kissing Mercury, both in Virgo.

Saturn turning direct is welcome relief as you’ve been working hard dealing with limitations and restrictions in your relationships and work. The harmony with Mars and Uranus right now eases your struggles and brings resolution to your healing efforts.

Venus in Leo is warm, generous, and grand. It will bring fun, passion and romance to your intimate relationships.

The Virgin Sun and Mercury will help in learning, communication and exploring things from a broader perspective. Remember Mercury is still retrograde, so the typical ‘starting new things’ timing is not right now.

On August 27th, Jupiter exactly excites Saturn. It’s been doing this for about 8 months, but it's 'exactly – exact' on this day. Cautious expansion, concentrated effort and sustained diligence is supported now.

Lastly, on the 31st, Mercury enters Leo as it’s moving backward right now. Fiery communication, burst of ideas and expressive energies prevail.

Bottom Line:

August is about GOING FOR IT.

The month starts with the fiery intensity of July, heightens at the lunar eclipse on the 7th, gets a burst of supportive energy on the solar eclipse on the 21st and ends with relief for all of your hard work.

Be truthful, aware and objective as you look at every area of your life. Leverage these astrological energies to break free and stretch yourself to reach your true potential. You have increased chance of success right now.

Go for it!

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: SODALITE.

Sodalite helps you know yourself more objectively, giving rise to increased self-acceptance, self-trust and self-esteem.

It unites logic with intuition, harmonizes the third eye and deepens meditation. It brings information from the spiritual realm to the practical earthly levels.

This stone eliminates mental confusion, rigidity and stilted thinking. In other words, it improves clarity, flexibility and new ideas.

Sodalite helps you be true to yourself while standing up for your beliefs. It brings harmony to groups, enhances cooperation and inspires trust.

It stimulates trust, brings emotional balance and encourages interdependence. It can help with panic attacks.

It even protects the environment.

So, to a month of knowing yourself truthfully, more deeply and intimately, Sodalite offers complete support.

Reach for it if you’re feeling out of touch, off balance or overwhelmed.

Shake off any vestiges of old patterns or beliefs and take the leap.

You deserve to be fully and uniquely YOU.

Always remember -

You are loved beyond measure,