August Influences - Breakthrough


The expression this month is BREAKTHROUGH. The question is: Do you dare to harness explosive power to make positive lasting change or will you succumb to the temptation to lash out and blame others?

The Tarot card is the Chariot VII.

The Law of Motion enters the scene with a screech under the thumbs of many retrograde planets. The push for movement and change comes up against the force of diving deep and going inward. This is a frustrating combination.

It’s best to harness the power by stepping into your mastery. In numerology, the seven (7) typically represents movement, however, it also asks you to take stock of where you are and take decisive, yet thoughtful action for your right next step on your path. This is the mastery element to the seven. Think rainbows, the seven rays or creating the universe in seven days and the meaning becomes clearer.

The Chariot also represents travel and triumph, both available to you this month.

You may take this literally and leverage the out of bounds and retrograde martial energy and get moving.  Get physical, burn excess energy and go on trips. Anything to utilize this energy to avoid being overly aggressive and lashing out to others.

The triumph comes when you maintain an inner stillness as you move about. You then become centered in the midst of changes and your movement becomes effortless. Your movement brings change and change brings new experience, learning and growth. All of this thoughtful movement leads you to achieve your evolutionary destiny.


This month is fiery as it typically is with the Sun in Leo, however, Mars is still out of bounds and retrograde and Jupiter gets into the mix mid-month by challenging the Sun, Moon and Mercury. The energies become more grounded by the end of the month with the influences of Virgo and another Grand Earth Trine involving Saturn and Uranus, this time with the Sun.

You’re wrapping up an overlapping triple series of Super Moons and Eclipses. The Super Moons of the summer – June 13, July 12 and August 11 and the eclipses July 12, July 27 and August 11.

Start fresh on the New Moon/Eclipse on August 11th as this energy kicks off an ecliptic cycle lasting until January 2019. Over the next ecliptic phase, the influences shift from self-expression to self-nurturance.

This is a month of breakthrough. Use the fiery energies to fully express yourself and then leverage the earthly ones to make it real.

Week 1:

The month explodes into being between the God of War and the Lighting King.

In fixed signs, Mars and Uranus square off and this is no joke as these two planets are strong in their own right. Put Mars out of bounds and retrograde and Uranus about to station retrograde and you have a potent formula for aggravation, anger and chaos. Uranus unexpectedly sweeps you off your feet or knocks you down, depending upon your perspective. While Mars pushes you toward action – any action as long as there’s movement,  he's retrograde along with 5 other planets. This takes forward momentum off the table, so be prepared to feel restless, frustrated and impatient.

The remedy? Patience, patience, patience. Let it be your mantra right now. Breathe into it. Ignore others’ seemingly irritating actions over the next few days. This is not about them, it’s about you. Ruminate on your own truth to bring relief as you turn your focus inward.  Take this energetic fire and use it to answer big life questions. Where do you seek freedom, independence and autonomy? Are you expressing your truest self? Do you have self-dominion in every aspect of your life? Most importantly, the remnants of societal conformity may be blown out under this influence, do you dare to be your incredible, unique self?

Mars continues plowing through your ego on the 3rd by exciting Chiron, the wounded healer. Where have you been wounded? How can you regain your footing? Chiron gives insight and with this soft aspect, there’s opportunity if you allow it. Soften your stance. Let down your guard. Take a walk out in nature to seek awareness and healing.

On the 5th, Leo Mercury asks Capricorn Pluto for adjustments, giving your thoughts, dialogue and expression the ability to catch up to your true power from the July New Moon. Where do you need to open your mind? How can you welcome fresh ideas and perspectives? Who can help you turn the dial on your thinking?

The next day, the Leo Sun confronts Scorpio Jupiter urging you to demonstrate moderation and conservatism and this is hard for Jupiter – that lovely big and bold planet. This combination actually brings good luck and optimism, but makes you feel so good, you may overextend. Don’t let it – lean in and enjoy, but not too much.

This same aspect comes into play during the last eclipse cycle in January/February. Obviously, it’s an Aquarian Sun then, but the nodal opposition is the same. Jupiter asks for everything and more, so how are you opening your heart to listen to its wisdom? What strides have you made to belong, knowing that belonging is actually an internal issue, not an external one?

On the 6th, Venus enters Libra, its own sign. Venus LOVES Libra where allure, harmony and beauty reign. Libran’s beauty has a human quality. Think architecture, design, fashion, art, theater and music. Venus offers elegance and grace for the next handful of weeks.

The next day, Libra Venus harmonizes Aquarian Mars to increase creativity, sensuality and socializing. There’s charisma and charm. Venus tones Mars, still out of bounds and retrograde. Enjoy the softening.

Also on this day, Uranus joins the retrograde gang (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto) until January 6, 2019. The only direct planets are Venus and Jupiter right now. As with any retrograde planet, the energy is inwardly focused, so is less exuberant than its outward expression. Uranus in Taurus has already smoothed out some of Uranus’ zany characteristics. However, the revealing elements involve finance, wealth and value. What do you value most in the world? How do your current actions reflect these values? Are you on the right path to align with your future values?

The ecliptic energies over the next handful of months trend from expression of self to nurturance of self. The retrograde planets give you breath and space to reflect on YOU without outside influence. Take advantage. This retrograde period may seem like a long time, but in fact, it’s only a few months.

Week 2:

On the 8th, there are 3 astrological events. The first one involves the Leo Sun blending with Mercury, to set up the intellectual component of the upcoming New Moon.  Mercury also asks Neptune for adjustments and Venus opposes Chiron. Mercury is actively engaged to lift your ideals, connect to your intuitive side and expand your mind to include observation and perception in addition to thought. Chiron wants to nurture and Venus is concerned with others. This aspect reminds you to care for others, but more importantly, to care for yourself. Refine your ability to address your own desires while still holding empathy and compassion for others.

On the 9th, Venus challenges Saturn and asks Uranus for adjustment. The stronger aspect is Venus-Saturn, both in their own cardinal signs. This is about new beginnings and fresh starts in work, finance and relationship. The urge for freedom is strong, yet the desire for commitment is equally powerful. The key involves finding independence, excitement and choice in both work and relationship. Look at the ways you're held back, tied down or constrained and determine the required methods to gain autonomy. This configuration occurs throughout 2018 and is the last exact aspect until next spring. Take advantage of the available martial influences of courage and assertion at this time. Break out, break free, break through.

New Moon:

This Super New Moon on August 11that 5:59 a.m. EDT is also a solar eclipse with the Moon passing between the Sun and the Earth making the impact cycle 6 months versus one.

There’s a little party in Leo for this New Moon with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the North Node in this sign. The Sun is also stimulated by Pluto and Mercury confronted by Jupiter. With this last Super New Moon of three this summer, you return to the mind as with the Super Moon in June. June's New moon offers wonder, this one gives perspective.

On the one hand, it feels great with the fires of Leo and Jupiter. There’s buoyancy and lightness. On the other, Mercury puts the energies into the mind, yet he's retrograde. This position lends confusion, complication and overload.

Take a deep breath and lean into the faith, optimism and good luck that Jupiter brings to the party. Take a pause moment to leverage Jupiter’s energy as there's a pull and tug going on in your mind. You’re striving for a broad outlook and philosophical approach to your thought processes. Expand your mind and pay attention to the information presented to you now. Change your perspective, use your intuition, trust your instinct.

The Plutonian stimulus reintroduces the power and control issues arising throughout this eclipse series. Open to influence versus command and allow the infinite flow into your life. Whenever you regulate, you limit. Limits check the supportive capacity of the universe. This input is nuanced, but the trajectory into the universe expands infinitely.




With Jupiter and the Leo planets in the mix, it feels good.

On the 12th, Venus excites the True Node and retrograde Mars reenters Capricorn. A sense of well-being pervades due to the charm, love and social engagements in the air.  Discipline, realism and tangible results are also at the fore with Mars in Capricorn. There’s a cooling of the marital energy, it’s not so charged. Just in time as the electricity of the Mars energy has almost become too much to bear.

Week 3:

On August 18th, Leo Mercury stimulates Libra Venus as Mercury turns direct. This is a fun and loving energy making you want to be romantic, social and charming. It’s also an excellent time for business decisions and engagements. An excellent few days all around.

The next day, Jupiter harmonizes Neptune in the watery signs of Scorpio and Pisces, extending this ‘feel-good’ time. This trine encourages creativity, romance, hope and generosity. It’s also a good time for a spiritual quest or for giving spiritual guidance. It’s a time of enlightenment through dreams, visions and meditation.

On August 21st, the Leo Sun asks Capricorn Mars for adjustments, each at the end of their respective signs. In an effort to focus your rash tendencies and scattered energies, you may soften yourself too much.  Don’t diminish your personal power or dilute your true expression. Instead, exert yourself and continue to reach for your true destiny.

Week 4:

On the 22nd, Venus corrects Neptune making you dreamy when it comes to relationships. You feel good helping others, so good in fact, you may forget to help yourself. This is a quick glimpse into the next ecliptic cycle of self-nurturance. Take note.

On the 23rd, all of the fiery energy gives way to the earthly impact of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus with the Sun entering Virgo and setting up the Grand Earth Trine of Sun-Saturn-Uranus.

With the Sun in Virgo it’s all about earthy pursuits. Virgo is reliable, stable, practical and organized. This sign is about getting things done as she sees perfection and knows how to achieve it.

Virgo can be nervous or anxious and needs to be kept busy. Virgo’s in harmony with the body and loves being of service, so focus on work, physical health and being helpful to others. Develop a skill or craft in any of these areas to exploit the strengths of Virgo.

August 25th establishes the Grand Earth Trine with the Sun-Saturn and Sun-Uranus set up completing the Saturn-Uranus harmony.

This Earthy Grand Trine brings success, achievement and recognition for your previous efforts as well as the ability to focus on your long-term goals. This is a balanced energy allowing you to be serious at work and in relationship. The trine also creates flashes of brilliance, insight and intuition and enables you to embrace your uniqueness. Additionally, you welcome the opportunity to make positive change in your life, especially in regard to career or life mission.

Typically, a grand trine makes things so easy, you may not feel the need to do anything – especially taking advantage of this yummy energy. But, good news – this Full Moon makes a kite configuration, not just the earthly trine. The kite jazzes up the energy giving you motivation to leverage these easy energies.

Full Moon:

The Full Moon on August 26that 7:58 a.m. EDT in Virgo/Pisces makes a kite configuration with the Grand Earth Trine with the Sun, Saturn and Uranus. The Full Moon opposition makes the spine of the kite stirring up the five easy aspects of the Grand Trine and the excitement between the Moon and Saturn and the Moon and Uranus.

The creative potential, good fortune and innate talent major trine aspects are stimulated by the minor trine aspects of intuition, inherent skills and heartfelt commitment. The Moon-Saturn blend duty and responsibility with family and roots. The Moon-Uranus combination fuse instinct with decisiveness and originality with deep emotions.

The Full Moon offers a great deal, so make the necessary changes in your life to increase your creative potential, success and wealth. Remember, you have the freedom to define what creativity, success and wealth means to you. So base the criteria on YOUR definition of each. What does creativity, success and wealth look like for YOU?

Also on this day, Venus challenges Pluto to confront your love life. Relationships feel the tug of power and control. Open yourself up to trust on every level and remember the nuances of power versus control. Open, breathe, allow.

Mercury tweaks Neptune, adding another reason to breathe and allow. This is a dreamy combination, but borders on hazy and distracted. This is not a good time for detailed work or in-depth analysis. It is, however, a good time for creative expression, intuitive connection and opening yourself to the wonders of the universe.

The next day, Mars turns direct at 28 degrees Capricorn.  Finally, forward momentum and outlay into the world. Ah, the pent up martial energies get relief.

The last aspect of the month happens on the 29th with Mercury rectifying Pluto urging you to go deeply into your beliefs, thought processes and ideals.

The month begins with fire and ends in earth.  The fire ignites Mars and Uranus to urge change and freshness into your life. The powerful New Super Moon Eclipse and the supportive kite configuration of the Full Moon offer vitality, creativity and passion to focus on your gifts and to set your intentions for your truest expression.

Take advantage of the cosmos.

Leverage the stars.

Connect to your heart and soul.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: PREHNITE.

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and a crystal to heal the healer. It’s protective as it strengthens life force and increases energy at all levels.

Prehnite is a stone of magic and a gift of prophecy. It’s a stone of dreaming and remembering. This crystal opens your mind to new meanings and ideas. It helps you with visualization, meditation and precognition, making it a stone of inner knowing. It enhances your effort to seek wisdom from the heart and links your heart and will as it’s a heart chakra and solar plexus crystal.

Prehnite encourages spiritual growth and personal enhancement. It’s attuned to Archangel Raphael, who is associated with healing, and has affinity to Virgo, also a healer.

This stone connects you to your environment, whether to the universal grid or your own backyard.  It creates harmony to make anyplace a sanctuary.

Prehnite connects you to your divine mind and helps you prepare for anything.

Use this stone to open your heart and mind to universal truths as well as your own.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,