Autumnal Equinox - September 22nd


September 22nd brings the Sun into Libra and the Autumnal Equinox – it’s all about balance and welcoming in the energies of a new season. In the northern hemisphere, fall is upon us. This is a time of harvest, of celebrating and relishing the rewards of summer. What have you achieved since the spring?

What seeds did you plant?

What strides did you make over the summer months?

Reward yourself for your hard work and efforts. Relax with friends, entertain, or go to dinner with your sweetheart.

Libra loves beauty, harmony and partnership. Libra is romantic and artistic. Indulge in the creative pursuits you planned during the new moon. Take this opportunity for romance.

Pause a moment and reflect.

  • What does balance mean in your life? For some, it’s equilibrium. For others, it’s going to one extreme and then the other. Whichever balance is for you, do you have it?
  • Is your life balanced with all areas getting your time and attention?
  • Are there areas you would like to prop up or adjust down?
  • Are there creative or artistic aspects of your life you’d like to explore?
  • Have you spent sufficient time on romance in your intimate relationship?
  • If you work hard, do you also have a play hard mentality?

The equinox signifies balance as the night equals day and it’s no coincidence it occurs during Libra’s time, who represents balance. Use these energies to help balance your own life.

Also, use the initiating energies of the cardinal sign, Libra, to beautify your surroundings. Clean up any clutter. Design or redesign spaces to serve you practically yet aesthetically. Create harmony and balance in your place of business and home.

On this day, Mercury harmonizes Pluto, both in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn respectively. Remember the pause moment for relationship communication of the New Moon?

Now is the perfect time to have all of those conversations. Your mental acuity and communication skills are at an all-time high. Your ability to ask for favors, gain influence and convince others is finely honed. Bargaining, negotiating, cooperating and compromising are all supported activities in this planetary combination.

This is also a great time for research and discovery. Investigate anything at work, in the mysteries or of a psychic nature. Do past life regression or dream recall. Pluto loves to uncover things and Mercury loves to analyze and communicate.

The equinox is a good time to take inventory of your life, create harmony in relationship and integrate beauty and practicality into your spaces.

As always, wishing you joy,