Blue Moon - March 31st


The Full Moon in Libra on March 31st at 8:37 am EST creates a cardinal triangle with the Sun and Mercury in Aries at one point and Mars and Saturn in Capricorn at the other. There’s air, fire and earth in this mixture with water completely out of the picture. The loft of air, the force of fire and the solidity of earth acts on your feelings, vitality, intellectual pursuits, passions, duties and responsibilities. The Sun/Mercury – Moon opposition polarizes your yearning for leadership versus teamwork, competiveness versus diplomacy or boldness versus compromise. You want innovation, brave action, swiftness yet also desire harmony, peace and balance. You’ll want to be independent yet part of relationship. As always with Aries-Libran opposition, there’s the duality of self and other.

Opposition creates a channel between these different energies pulling and tugging along the widest points. The key is to open the channel along the varying points to enable the ability to glide along it. Both Aries and Libra strive for experience. Aries loves to work at his or her own fast pace with lots of energy, adventure and ferocity. Libra loves to work with others in compromise, diplomacy and grace.

These signs have fighting for just causes and pursuing freedom in common. Libra seeks balance and that also means justice and Aries loves daring initiation. Unjust causes may unite these two energies toward a singular goal.   Add Mercury to this mix and you may have the bully pulpit in action. Speak out to right the wrongs. Work together to gain ground for justice. Incite action for basic freedoms.

As these signs stretch each other, you may want to lean into one energy to adjust the other. For example, if you feel angry or fearful, you may want to reach for Libran’s ability to negotiate or work together. You may also want to lean into this sign’s capacity for love.

On the other hand, if you are being indecisive, dithering or too compromising, you may want to exert directness, courage and just the right amount of force to push through it.

Adding to this opposition channel is the challenge of Mars and Saturn. The stoic discipline of Saturn frustrates the action-oriented nature of Mars. You’ll feel a rush of energy being blocked. This energy may be urging you to attain your own quest or it may be encouraging you to put another’s needs and desires before your own.

Interestingly, there’s no confusion with these polarities and perhaps, that’s the issue. Everything feels right and everything seems real. The key is to recognize that both may be true.

Open your mind and your heart to the gray areas. Appreciate the black and white, but know the magic lies in all of the shades in between.