Calm at a Holiday Party


One of my clients has 600 employees and the work entails a good deal of professional coaching for many of the executive staff, involving many aspects of life in addition to business specifics. As the holiday party nears, presentations are part of the party. Separately, I’m approached by the Human Resources Director and the President, as they each have to make a presentation.

Each is extremely nervous.

“Public speaking is the number one fear. People fear it more than death,” I tell the HR director as she breathes heavily, contemplating her speech.

She looks at me askance. She’s not buying into statistics.

So, I walk her through her speech several times, each time talking to her about breathing and even giving her my bottle of Rescue Remedy ®. At last, she smiles as she realizes she can do this and do this well.

Her boss, the company president, doesn’t want any coaching or practice. He only wants me to write his speech for him. Period. End. Keeping it simple and direct, I do so. He feels completely confident once the words are written.

Creating calm means different things to different people. Figuring that out and achieving it is what I do for my clients.