Chiron in Aries: Solidify Your Purpose


Today, Chiron enters Aries. The last time we had the Chiron in Aries signature was 50 years ago, even before Chiron was known to us. Chiron’s a celestial body who came onto the scene in 1977 as he was discovered between Saturn and Uranus, so he draws on your past and propels you into your future, simultaneously. Chiron moves slowly making a complete orbit every 50 years or so, spending approximately 5 years in each sign. However, due to his elliptical orbit, Chiron spends between 1 to 9 years in each sign, with Pisces and Aries being the longest. It makes sense as the end and beginning of cycles are the ones requiring the most integration. Pisces is the end of a cycle and Aries is the beginning of the new. Let’s look at the last Chiron signatures in these signs.

The World

The last time Chiron was in Pisces was the last few years, 2010/11 through 2018 and before that, 1960 – 1968. Let’s get a glimpse of the 1960’s as Chiron was in Pisces. (The other outer planets: Uranus – Virgo, Neptune – Scorpio, Pluto – Virgo, so intensely striving for the ideal for the greater good of all is the overriding expression.)

  • Politically: JFK is elected President and assassinated 3 years later, the Berlin Wall is erected, the Cuban Missile crisis, Vietnam War escalates, Gandhi fist Prime Minister of India, Thurgood Marshall first African-American on Supreme Court.
  • Economically: OPEC is created, Walmart opens.
  • Technologically: The space race begins, BASIC programming is introduced, Ford Mustang comes off the lot.
  • Culturally: British invasion begins with the Beatles, Doctor Who’s first episode, first African-American, Sidney Poitier wins Oscar, Star Trek airs, Rolling Stone’s first edition, first Super Bowl game.
  • Civically: Peace Corps, LBJ signs Civil Rights, Voting Rights into law, civil rights movement with Martin Luther King, Black Panthers, Malcolm X, anti-war movement.

As Chiron enters Aries on April 1, 1968, the world is primed for change. He remains here until 1976 with the other outer planets: Uranus – Libra, Neptune – Sagittarius 1970, Pluto – Libra 1971. These are softer signatures than those of the prior years of 1960 – 1968.

However, Chiron enters onto the stage in Aries and 3 days later, Martin Luther King is assassinated. Two months later, Robert Kennedy is as well. The Vietnam War has begun, racial tension is high, Nixon is elected and then resigns due to Watergate. On the other hand, microprocessors (staging for today’s computers), mobile phones are invented, Microsoft and Apple Computers are founded. Greenpeace is established, Roe v. Wade legalizes abortion and the Star Wars franchise alters the movie industry.

In this century as Chiron passed through Pisces over the last 8 years, history has shown:

  • Politically: China is known as superpower, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party in US, African-American, Barack Obama, wins re-election in US, Syrian civil war, ISIS gains foothold in Middle East, Russia invades Crimea, Trump elected US President, Columbia pursues peace, Venezuela constitutional crisis, election tampering.
  • Economically: China is world’s largest trading nation, BP oil spill (exact day Chiron enters Pisces), sanctions on Russia for Ukraine, Cuba opens to trade, Paris Agreement on climate change, cybersecurity hacks growing in number and severity, Brexit.
  • Technologically: Steve Jobs passes away, cloning of human stem cells, North Korea demonstrates nuclear weaponry capabilities, HIV medicines, genome engineering, robotics – artificial intelligence, space exploration – water discovered on Mars, hands-free cars.
  • Disasters: Haiti earthquake and typhoon, Japan tsunami, tornados in mid-west 2011, Nepal earthquake, Indian and Pakistani heat waves, hurricanes and earthquakes escalating.
  • Culturally: iPad launch, Ebola and Zika viruses, Same Sex marriage legalized in US, media streaming, Pope Francis, animated films, digital music sites.

Fifty years ago, as Chiron enters Aries, there seems to be a continuation of the energies of the prior years when Chiron was in Pisces. I think the world is on the same trajectory this time around too due to the outer planets placements. Uranus is entering Taurus (until 2026), Neptune is in Pisces (2011 – 2026), Pluto is in Capricorn (2008 – 2024).

This time around it feels as if Chiron is going to solidify the Uranus in Aries shake-ups over the last handful of years.

Chiron has the ability to heal, where Uranus is the shock and awe planet who brings your future to you before you’re ready. Chiron may give you the opportunity to become ready.

In Aries, Chiron gets a boost of bravado.

You, Personally:

On a personal level, Chiron as the wounded healer, brings you the gift of showing you the way toward your healing. In Aries, it’s about seeking your own path, living your own journey and embracing your own passions.

It’s fitting for Chiron to be in Aries at this time as he urges you to become a leader, to participate in grassroots activism and to begin as a disruptor.

On the world stage, what’s important to you? The economy, environment, civil rights, education, children’s safety, health, body, mind, spirit integration, women’s rights, domestic issues, world events? Ask yourself what triggers you and then ask how you can get involved.

Chiron asks you to heal - yourself and others.

In Aries, he asks you – what is your role? What is your purpose? Why are you here on this planet at this time?

Think about it. It’s heady stuff.

Why are you here?

Chiron reaches back into your past and forces you to lean into your future. What strengths, successes, results, characteristics, experiences do you value? What do you want to bring forward? On the other hand, what areas of improvements, relative weaknesses, limitations do you want to leave behind? What about yourself do you want to release and transform?

Now is the time.

The time is ripe for you to become the very best version of yourself.

I don’t have to ask if you’re ready, because, ready or not, here’s Chiron.

In Aries - today, April 17, 2018.

In Aries, Chiron wants you to master your feelings of doubt, rejection and judgment. Chiron in Aries wants you to be YOU – fully and authentically.

You are unique.

You are special.

You are a gift to the world.


It’s true for every single person.

Every single one.

So why not you?

You have the opportunity to heal your insecurities, master your doubts and release your fears.

Chiron is giving you the energy to search inside of yourself to get to your true identity.

He’s giving you the ability to combine action with self-compassion.

He’s helping you take the initiative to expose your vulnerability and welcome your wholeness.

He knows you’re stronger than you think.

He encourages you to own yourself.

He enables you to gain your inner power.

With Chiron, the healing continues beyond yourself.

So, Chiron in Aries influences you to become totally yourself, embrace your true purpose and become a leader for yourself and others.

Bottom line: Burn through what others think of you – become authentic. Then help others do the same.

Welcome to YOU.

xxx, Kim