December 2016 Influences

The month of December is RE-CREATION. The tarot card of the month is the Empress. This is a conservative card as the Empress is the preserver of our creations. At this time, we are called to recreate ourselves and our worlds.

There is a push to break out and break free, but thankfully, it is with conservatism and practicality.

We need patience, calm and structure to go deeply into the mysteries of creation. Why are we here? Who do we want to be? What do we love? How do we want to interact with the world?

During the holidays, find a few moments to seek solitude and ask yourself these bigger questions.

This is a mysterious and changing time.

Embrace it and embrace yourself.


We enter the month coming off of the New Moon and the Sun in Sagittarius. We feel more optimistic and hopeful than we have in previous weeks. We can take solace in this energy as we reignite our faith.

There’s an energetic surge, as Mars compliments Jupiter, to seek action. With Jupiter’s energy, you’ll likely be successful. Seek your goals with integrity and take right action to be victorious.

We feel Capricorn’s energy earlier than the 21st with both Mercury and Venus in this sign during this first week of the month. Our thoughts and relationships take on a more productive and conservative tone, however, with Mars stimulating Uranus, we want to break out into new territory. This is relatively short-lived as the Sun and Saturn fuse on the 10th to foster hard work, discipline, responsibility and obligation.

Depending upon your efforts throughout the year, you may find yourself reaping the benefits through achievement and recognition. If you’ve not done the hard work, you may experience feelings of insecurity, signaling it’s time for a change. So set a new course and define a new set of goals.

Your thoughts will support this activity as the Full Moon enters Gemini on the 12th. This is a great time to meditate on new ideas and explorations. Ask for wonder and expect to be amazed.

On the 19th, Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year. This is a great time to go inward to review, redefine and recreate. Anything with re: is a good Mercury retrograde activity.

The winter solstice on the 21st marks a still point with the longest night in the Northern hemisphere as the Sun enters Capricorn. There has been much influence from this results-based, hard working, conservative sign this month already.

On the 24th, Saturn harmonizes with Uranus to give the rebellious planet some structure and discipline. Any positive change you’ve been thinking of will go smoothly now if you plan methodically. You’ll be granted freedom with responsibility.

Venus is active on the 25th making this a rigorous day for relationships. You may feel more faith and optimism as you reach for more expansion and adventure, yet there is a dampening effect to ensure you do so responsibility.

On the 26th, Jupiter opposes Uranus triggering a sudden event that may make you want to break out into something new, exciting and expansive. This is a rebellious time where you may seek travel, adventure, new relationship or even education. There may be relief as you disregard constriction and limitation, but remember change requires integration. Don’t forget your relationships as you reach out to the new.

The last week of the month continues to be very active with Mars exciting the Sun and Mercury. Taking action in thought and deed prevails. On the 28th, Saturn is in friction with Chiron, bringing up old wounds and limitations. You may find yourself wanting to take a step back, so allow yourself to do so. However, don’t completely withdraw. It’s still a good time to take initiative.

Take advantage of the New Moon in Capricorn on the 29th. With the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, it is a good time to manifest successful results. Capricorn rewards integrity, loyalty and ambition.

With Uranus going direct on the same day, it’s time to make those changes you’ve been contemplating since the summer.

Stone of the Month:

The stone of the month is RHODONITE.

This stone nurtures love, activates the heart chakra and enables you to see both sides on an issue. It grounds energy, balances the left and the right, and helps you reach your highest potential.

It also is a great healing stone as it heals emotional shock and supports you during any wounding of scarring process. This stone builds confidence and lessens confusion.

Rhodonite also ignites potential and creativity, facilitating change by accessing karmic wisdom. It supports you exploring the fullest extent of yourself.

Obviously a great stone for recreating yourself and living your dreams.