December 2017 Influences


The expression this month is ANCIENT WISDOM. The question is: Will you rediscover the wisdom stored in your soul or will you retreat into lethargy or distraction?

The Tarot card is - Fulfillment – Nine of Cups.

This card represents rewarding yourself for the energy, discipline and hard work you’ve expended to achieve your goals. You’ve arrived. You’ve reached the summit.

Take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take a moment to acknowledge your skill. Take a moment to toast your creativity.

The nine relates back to the Universal Law of Wholeness. It’s the unity of body, mind and spirit. You’ve planned, sowed, nurtured and now is the time of the harvest.

Align the practical with the spiritual, the concrete with the etheric and the inner with the outer.

Bottom Line: Hard work pays off. This past year of deepening your commitment, honing your skills and reaching into the depths of your soul’s yearnings has manifested - into authenticity, into wisdom, into you.


Week 1:

The month begins with Venus joining the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. It’s a fiery sign, one filled with big thoughts, adventures and fun. It’s also joined, however, by Mars opposing Uranus. A bit of power struggle, issues with control and even anger may explode onto the scene.

Simmering energies rise to the surface as a bursting force with this mixture. This opposition doesn’t happen frequently (every other year), so you’re not comfortable with the suddenness or intensity. But take heed. True freedom can result if you take a deep breath and respond strategically.  Ask yourself the following questions before reacting: What is it you need to express? How can you do it with tact and objectivity? What are the results you’re looking for in this situation?

Then, breathe as December certainly starts with a bang.

The next day, Jupiter in Scorpio tones Neptune in Pisces. This is a very watery combination inciting creativity, imagination and intuition. Lean into these energies as the storms of the Mars-Uranus opposition are still brewing and the Full Moon energies are almost upon you.

Full Moon:

The Gemini Full Moon on the 3rd is filled with Neptunian energy with the Jupiter-Neptune dance from the day before as well as the Moon asking for adjustments from Jupiter and tugging at Neptune. The opposing Sun is also pulling at both the Full Moon and Neptune. The aspects are very tight and therefore extremely powerful on this day as they’re each almost exact at 11½ degrees.

Oh, and Mercury in Sagittarius, who’s kissing Saturn, turns retrograde adding to this potent mix.  Also, Mercury? Mercury is out of bounds, meaning it’s zany and so much more of itself. As if it needs to be, with its retrograde station, Saturnian blend and Sagittarian flavor.


This Full Moon mix includes your identity (Sun), emotions (Moon), intellect (Mercury), possibility (Jupiter), integrity (Saturn) and instinct (Neptune).

Each are being called into action.

Your thoughts, perceptions and emotions are cloudy at best and delusional at worst. Your interactions with others may be fraught with uncertainty, disappointments and perhaps even deceptions.

This is murky, foggy and confusing. It’s also cranky, critical and negative.

Your energy will be low and your feelings overly sensitive.  Your perception radar is on the fritz and generally, this is just not a bright and clear day.

Obviously, this Full Moon is not filled with the sparkle and joy of the holiday season. Luckily, it’s the moon, so is fast-moving.

Let’s talk about Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde:

As previously mentioned, Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd as it’s kissing Saturn and remains retrograde until the 22nd.

So, for this period it’s not recommended to start anything new, make big long-term decisions, begin new projects or take technology or travel for granted.

Mercury turns retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, so you’re use to this energy. It’s the ‘re’ energy as it’s a good time to redefine, review, refine, rediscover, reunite, remember, redo, research, really anything with a prefix of ‘re’.

With the Saturn blend this month, this is also an excellent time for research and investigation into ancestry, past lives or tapping into ancient knowledge.

Also, during this time, on the 6th, Mercury excites Mars as Mars stimulates Saturn. This gives courage, action, and vitality to commitment, research and responsibilities.

The flavor of Sagittarius lends a big-thinking, spiritual questing energy making this a rich time for remembering your soul’s knowing, needs and desires.

It’s an excellent time for spiritual or ancient knowledge mastery.

This, however, is dichotomous with the holiday party spirit, so seek smaller, more intimate settings to enjoy your pre-holiday festivities.

Week 2:

Mars leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on December 9th.  Mars lives here, so has come home to visit. This is a good time to explore your soul intimacy, sexuality or the occult. It sets you up for the next week’s exploration of spirituality, intuition and rediscovering your soul’s wisdom.

The next day, Mercury harmonizes Uranus and Venus challenges Neptune. These are conflicting energies. On the one hand, intuition, brilliant ideas and new possibilities abound and on the other relationship insecurities, disappointments and overall lack of discipline prevail. If you’re in a mutually trusting relationship, however, tenderness and affection are the keys.

On the 13th, Mercury kisses the Sun as it does a handful of times a year. Thinking, communicating and socializing are your motivators now. However, remember that Mercury is retrograde, so rethinking, refining communication and reunions are supported now.

Week 3:

On the 15th, Mercury blends with Venus both in Sagittarius and the next day, the Sun tones fiery Uranus. The Mercury-Venus combination, occurring 2 or 3 times a year, makes this a good time for love, art, creativity and expressing yourself to others. There’s opportunity in rekindling romance and renewing friendships.

The Sun-Uranus harmony adds excitement, insight and increased self-confidence to the Mercury-Venus blend. This is a good time for questing in the areas of self-discovery, intuitive methods or occult teachings.

New Moon:

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18th is accompanied by a cluster of other Sagittarian energies from Venus, Saturn and Mercury. It’s all about the fiery, expansive, adventurous aspects of Sagittarius.

It’s a time of generosity, jubilation, connection and discovery. This aligns with the spirit of the holiday season. There’s harmony with Uranus too, so insight, brilliance and eccentricity flourish.  Putting a slight damper on these positive aspects is the Neptune-Lunar challenge and the retrograde movement of Mercury, making discernment and reality checks important during this time.

At the approximate midpoint of the month, you achieve the height of energies supporting the overall theme of the month - tapping into your soul's knowledge.

This New Moon is full of optimism, frivolity and festivity. Enjoy. Spend time with friends and loved ones. Yet, also carve out time to go deeply into your own spiritual journey.

There are two astrological events of note on the 20th; one major and one relatively minor.

The relatively minor one involves Venus toning Uranus.  You’ll be looking for excitement and new possibilities in love. Your creativity may be stimulated and finances positively impacted.

Saturn in Capricorn:

The major astrological event on the 20th is Saturn enters Capricorn where it will reside until March of 2020. It’s at home here. It’s exalted here. All of Saturn’s qualities are enhanced in Capricorn.

The other times this century Saturn was in Capricorn include:

  • 1929 – 1932
  • 1959 – 1962
  • 1988 - 1991

So, what does this mean?

There’s maturity, caution, responsibility, duty and discipline with Saturn. There’s moderation, commitment and integrity. There’s structure and order. There’s also tremendous strength, fortitude and tenacity.

Some malign Saturn and Capricorn as it’s a forceful energy requiring complete focus, total commitment and unending discipline.

However, as each sign corrects its predecessor, the abundant and exuberant Sagittarian energy is brought back to reality.

It’s time for you to make a commitment to yourself, take responsibility and work hard toward your goals.

Saturn asks, “Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready? Do you really want it? What will you do to get it?”

So, it’s a cold and strict task-master.

It requires you to tap into your inner strength and garner your resources to achieve results.

However, it offers mastery.

It also offers a wicked sense of humor if you can align with its playful side.

Winter Solstice:

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st. Happy Winter Solstice.

As this occurs, the Sun joins with Saturn to reward you for your hard work and recognize you for your accomplishments. It's also a time to introduce organization, efficiencies and structural procedures to your home or office.

There’s a lonely feeling to Saturn, so you may feel isolated or cut off from your loved ones. Reach out, but be patient. Saturn in Capricorn is not the most romantic or connecting energy.

Week 4:

Mercury turns direct on the 22nd just in time for holiday travel. Phew. Hopefully, any glitches, delays or snags are smoothed in time for the increase in travel as people seek to join family and friends over this holiday period.

Note: For those of you who have strong Mercury in your chart, it will remain in the shadow for several days. So, caution in starting new ventures still applies.

On the 25th, Venus joins in the Capricorn soup as it blends with Saturn.

This is not warm and fuzzy. Venus flirted with going out of bounds over the last week, but didn’t quite make it. That’s good as this is a lonely, isolating time. Relationships feel sterile. Communication seems cold. Finances require practicality, so saving trumps spending. These energies aren’t filled with holiday cheer and Venus going out of bounds would have exacerbated them.

Perhaps celebrating the holiday a bit early this year is in order and then plan to spend a quiet day on the actual holiday.

The other alternative is to wait a few days as on the 28th, Mars in Scorpio complements Neptune in Pisces. This is a romantic, creative and dreamy time. You’ll want to be in community with others, helping and providing assistance to those in need. It’s also a time where charm, sensuality and sexual attractiveness are heightened.

That smooths any ruffled feathers from the Saturnian influences of the prior few days.

December holds a few opportunities:

  • Revel in rest and relaxation offered during the Full Moon.
  • Mid-month, enjoy the festivities.
  • Fire up with the brilliance and intensity in the middle of the month for insights and romance.

Throughout the entire month, rediscover the ancient wisdom of your soul.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: CITRINE.

Citrine is a manifestation stone as it helps magnify wishes and blessings. It awakens creativity and imagination, clears the mind and stirs the soul to action.

Citrine carries the energy of the Sun. It’s warm, powerful and live-giving.

It brings you confidence, creativity and a fullness for life.

It’s an abundant stone as it generates and protects wealth. It promotes generosity yet assists you in holding onto your wealth. It’s called the Merchant Stone as it attracts prosperity for workers and employers alike.

This stone harmonizes relationships, attracts love and happiness. It provides solutions, assists in understanding and smooths conflicts.

Citrine also transmutes negative energies and provides protection on many levels. It never needs cleansing as it doesn’t hold or accumulate negative energy.

This stone is a multi-tasker and one that supports each of the opportunities available to you this month.

So, enjoy.

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,