December Stone: Citrine


Seek respite in the stone of the month: CITRINE. Citrine is a manifestation stone as it helps magnify wishes and blessings. It awakens creativity and imagination, clears the mind and stirs the soul to action.

Citrine carries the energy of the Sun. It’s warm, powerful and live-giving.

It brings you confidence, creativity and a fullness for life.

It’s an abundant stone as it generates and protects wealth. It promotes generosity yet assists you in holding onto your wealth. It’s called the Merchant Stone as it attracts prosperity.

This stone harmonizes relationships, attracts love and happiness. It provides solutions, assists in understanding and smooths conflicts.

Citrine transmutes negative energies and provides protection on many levels. It never needs cleansing as it doesn’t hold or accumulate negative energy.

This stone is a multi-tasker and one that supports each of the opportunities available to you this month.

The opportunities of:

  1. Celebrating the hard work from this past year. You've gone deep, planted, sown and harvested your gifts - now it's a time of recognition and reward.
  2. Enhancing your creative pursuits. Leaning into your imagination, delving into your skills and committing to putting in the effort, energy and resource.
  3. Tapping into ancient wisdom. Citrine helps manifestation - bringing things forth - into the world.

Happy December.