Every year, I have a thematic intention for the entire year. I start doing this about 20 years ago. At first, I set them and they follow such things as: New Job 96, Love 97, Marriage 98, House 99 and so on. I round them out with a list of goals and actually track them throughout the year.

(I’m a Capricorn with an active Virgo 4th house.)

As I begin exploring the spiritual world, the intentions start setting themselves. In meditation, I hear themes of exploration, release, growth, intimacy, creativity, clarity and this year, deepen.

Every year, I wish for fun or levity, but nope.

Thus far, that’s not to be.

Which one has been the most challenging?

Hmm…that’s difficult to assess. Intimacy 09 has been no picnic, but then again Clarity 16 hasn’t either.

This year, however, this year, I think…deepen.

Oh, yes, deepen.

I can do this.

It’s not going to introduce a lot of new material, right?

It’s not going to whack me over the head with something I don’t know.

It’s not going to bring me to my knees in utter humility like clarity did last year.

If I’m to deepen, I’d be deepening my knowledge, experience and perception on areas I’ve already explored.


After clarity, this seems completely doable, easily attained and smoothly employed.

I let the theme weave in and out of my thoughts as I listen to my clients tell me they want ‘to know everything I know’.

I think, deepen, yes.

It’s perfect.

I can create classes and teach.

It’s been awhile since I’ve taught, but no worries.

I like to teach.

Added bonus, it completely supports the theme of deepening.

So, I begin.

I step back and think about what I want to teach and set up teaching themes around three of the pillars of my business; magic, abundance and freedom.

I craft subject matter for each and lay out a plan.

I weave in the other three pillars of calm, passion and joy throughout the series and ‘Voila’.

Everything fits.

I kick off the classes in the winter and get excellent feedback.

I’ve been teaching ever since.

I realize I have enough material for another book and am currently writing all about magic to be released in the fall.


I like this theme of deepen.

I learn to go with the flow of it.

I start grooving with it.

And then.

Of course, there’s an ‘and then’…

During the last astrology AP program, I check out the transits in my chart.

I look and feel my heart fall to the floor.

As of February, Pluto starts transiting my 8th house.

Wait for it.

Collective gasp.

Yes, it’s a lot.

I can hear Steven Forrest in my ear saying, “Either you work your planets or they work you.”

It becomes my mantra.

So, what do I have?

Let’s mix everything together.

Let’s start with the theme of deepen, sprinkle in taboo, drizzle in intimacy, and stir in the House of Death.

Let’s add a dash of shining the light on the dark, a smattering of unpacking those uncomfortable places, and a smidgeon of the God of Hell.

What do I have?

I have a year of identifying, feeling, and releasing many past lives.

I’m in a pattern of a recognizing a ‘new’ one about every five weeks.

  • At a yoga class, I discover my first human incarnation of ancient witch. I ‘watch’ as riders stampede across the fields, killing and burning everyone and everything in their path. They're unhappy about my magical power, so let me live out my life alone in the burned scourged refuse.
  • While dreaming, I sense a presence and realize I’m being raped in a prior life. It seems like a large cold castle-like room and crusaders pillaging the village. I’m numb and accept my fate. I live among the many women who have undergone the same doom.
  • In an energy session, I become aware of being put to death by a vapid queen who didn’t like the truths I told her at her latest oracle reading. The beheading makes me gag and throw up sporadically for the next several weeks.
  • As I’m doing cat-cow in yoga class, I feel a musket ball hit me in the heart and I realize I’ve been shot as I cried out and heralded our presence in a shallow copse of trees. One of my soul mates feels this shot and asks me what happened when we see each other the next day. She and I have been in many past lives together and are energetically linked.
  • In the Galapagos, I relive a drowning due to an 1800’s shipping vessel overcome by a raging storm. I can see light through the flotsam and just cannot reach it. I’m trapped by debris and die at a tender age. The nights traveling on the boat in the Galapagos take on new meaning as I explore, feel, see and relive this death. It doesn’t let up until I energetically become water.

It’s been a few weeks since this last one’s revealed, so wait for it…

What’s next?

It seems only time will tell.

As I wait, I contemplate the synchronicities.  Of course, the Universe has elegantly coordinated the events of my life.

Pluto hits my 8th house as I become aware of the deepening theme.

I come out of the spiritual closet.

I develop my teachings and begin intensely and regularly working with crystals and stones. Each one that comes into my sphere recently relates to past lives – apophyllite, chariote, danburite, merlinite, pietersite, stromatolite, variscite, and wulfenite.

Being in the Galapagos is like being in a huge field of black obsidian with all of the volcanic lava. Pele comes to dance for the week. Creation – destruction; creation – destruction.

The planetary elements of the month of July create a breakthrough moment. The intensity of the cosmos reflects itself in my dream and meditative work.

It’s no wonder past lives present themselves to me in a seemingly never-ending loop.

The other night, I set the intention of learning about past lives that haven’t ended in violent death.


Let’s see what this brings.

No dreams last night.

This should be interesting.

“Work your planets or they’ll work you,” I hear Steven whisper.

I think I’ll take a few nights of relief with this intention, but then get back to work.

I have deepening to explore.

I have sprinkles, drizzles and stirrings of Scorpio to discover.

I have dashes, smattering and smidgeons of Pluto to investigate.

I want to work them rather than have them work me!


As always, wishing you joy,