Empty Nesters and Recent Retirees


For empty nesters and recent retirees, the key is reinvention. Once the children are out of the house or your main career is complete, there’s a requirement to reinvent yourself. Very few people are ready to reinvent themselves. Most people are not and therefore, seek guidance to reach the next step.

  • We liberate the “shoulds”, “have-tos” and “need-tos” by giving you permission to pursue your own dreams.
  • We get in touch with your heart’s desires through exercises in calm, bliss and joy and through your astrological chart.
  • We discover your new or forgotten passions by identifying your core values, clarifying your vision and embracing your new life.
  • We build or rebuild your inner life by creating wellness, sparking your mind, satisfying your heart and filling your soul.
  • We transform your outer world by expanding your horizons and boosting the fun in your life.

Getting in touch with your heart’s desires, ferreting out what brings you joy and bliss, and manifesting ways to achieve your dreams are the keys to reinventing yourself and entertaining your new phase in life.