February - Heart & Mind


The expression this month is Heart and Mind. The question is: What are your heart’s desires?

The tarot card is the Six of Crystals – Confusion.

This card rolls up to the Lovers – Law of Union - major arcana one of choice, union and relationship. Finding your inner lover, living in the duality of relationship while pursuing self-interest and choosing – constantly leads either to clarity or confusion.

Listening to your heart, allowing your mind to wander & bend and accepting paradox are the keys to successfully navigate these upcoming energies.

Look at the mirrors reflecting back to you throughout the month. Use these interactions as markers to see how you’re doing on living the life you're meant to live.

Your mind’s job is to protect you at all costs and can stifle your instincts. The Aquarian influences are all intellectual, mental and emotionally distant so the beginning of the month is all about the mind.

However, the heart is always involved. Allow the Piscean stimuli of tenderness and compassion to open your heart, induce your creativity and entice your imagination. Pisces helps you enhance your intuition and increase your spirituality. Lean into Pisces to choose your heart over your mind.

Remember – your heart always knows.


February has a few distinctive energies. Firstly, all planets are moving in a forward direction for the entire month as they have been since January 2nd. Secondly, the new moon is also a partial solar eclipse which means the lunar nodes are involved. The south node in Aquarius tugs at the karmic pattern of community, working together and causes for the greater good. The north node marks the evolutionary pathway available for personal expression, joy and heart’s desires. Thirdly, the new moon is a black moon as there is no full moon during the month as February is bookended by two blue moon months.

Week 1:

As February begins, the Aquarian energies are fairly strong with the Sun, Mercury and Venus pulling at the just waning full moon in Leo blending with the north node. It’s all about your authentic self - your truth, your desires, your passions and your intentions. The key question is: what are your heart’s desires?

On the 3rd, Mercury in Aquarius stimulates Mars in Sagittarius giving you a strong sense of purpose, courage and desire to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Everything gears up under this influence and you have the ability to create success, gain support or improve your love life. As it’s a weekend, focus on your social and love life – have fun!

The next day, Venus challenges Jupiter in Scorpio giving you faith and optimism in your romantic, long-lasting and intimate relationships. You feel happy, gregarious and slightly irresponsible. So, take care with your diet and purse, if necessary, and continue to have the fun you started yesterday.

Venus excites Uranus in Aries on the 6th, creating opportunities for new relationships, excitement in existing ones and a continuation of the fun. This energy sets you up for the new moon eclipse in the middle of the month. Uranus creates improvements for you as it brings the future into the present.

Over the next few days, look at your finances, your intimate relationships and ability for discernment. Review any opportunities for change you’d like to pursue. Make informal notes to use during the new moon to set your intentions on the eclipse.

Week 2:

Mercury opposes the Leo north node on February 9th.  Your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions enter the energy of the Sun and Venus of the past handful of days. It’s still all about your authentic self. Keep a clear head and solidify your own interpretation of your life. The key here is your own, not another’s. Revisit your own influences, beliefs and desires separate from the conditioning from your parents, family and friends.  Getting clear now will help as the planets enter the nebulous effects of Pisces in the coming days.

Speaking of Pisces, Venus arrives on the 10th. Neptune has been here for years, but the other planets haven’t been for quite some time. With Pisces, there’s opportunity for tenderness, compassion and affection, however, it can be blurry. Pisces adds a mosaic view to everything and with Venus, it’s about relationship, money and discernment. Lowering boundaries isn’t always a bad thing, but with the recent Leo nodal energies, maintaining boundaries of self and other may be helpful to determine your passions.

On this same day, the Aquarian Sun argues with Jupiter in Scorpio. These fixed signs create an extra tug between moderation, discipline and hard work with exuberance, overindulgence and unrealistic tendencies. Demonstrate respect for your long-term commitments and ride the optimistic wave to attract good luck and success.

On the 13th, Mercury in Aquarius also argues with Jupiter in Scorpio as the Sun excites Uranus. Broadening your horizons, increasing your self-awareness and gaining insights is possible with these aspects. Remain focused, don’t promise too much and these influences will impact you positively. Keep your mind open to discovery and possibility and you may invent new ways to live your life.

New Moon:

At 4:05 p.m. EST the New Moon is at its still point in Aquarius after the partial solar eclipse reaches its maximum at 3:51 p.m. The energy of the new moon/solar eclipse is a powerful time to create, manifest and bring energies into your world.

Set some time for yourself to celebrate the new moon by lighting a few candles, burning incense or pulling a few energy cards. Write intentions to craft a better life for you and your loved ones. Think big, be creative and have fun.

Writing intentions gives power to them during an eclipse that lasts longer than during a typical new moon.

On this same day, Mercury fuels Uranus and Venus arouses Saturn. Mercury concerns itself with ideas, communication, transportation, perceptions and instincts. Uranus is the shock-and-awe planet – expect new insights, flashes of brilliance and inventive concepts.

Venus yearns for relationship and companionship putting pressure on Saturn’s need for solace. Commitment and long-term interests are appealing as Saturn loves loyalty, tradition and long lasting affairs.

Week 3:

On the 17th, Mercury kisses the Sun in these last degrees of Aquarius and Mars wrangles Neptune.  Logic, reasoning and rationality aid in the confusing energy regarding relationship. Your energy will be lower than in the last several days, so perhaps some rest and rejuvenation is in order. Fuzzy thoughts and impressions reign, so take care – of yourself and in interaction with others.

Additionally, Mercury enters Pisces on this day adding to the energies of Venus and Neptune and the next day, the Sun gets into the mix.  Pisces is creative and imaginative, tender and compassionate. It’s intuitive and watery – flowing and flexible. It feels soft and cozy, and yet is strong enough to expand truth and increase your perceptions.  Lean into your instincts and listen to your intuition.

On the 19th, Sagittarius Mars tones the Leo True Node lending courage, energy and stamina to your quest of the heart. A burst in power to find your joy, open your heart and express yourself in these fiery signs may boost your drive to continue your pursuit into your heart.

On the 21st, Mercury excites Saturn and Venus blends with Neptune. Mercury, Venus and Neptune are in the watery Piscean energy.  With the Sun here too, the blurry, day-dreaming and hazy effects are balanced by the Saturnine impact. Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn is strong enough to allow Mercury to think clearly, judge reasonably and decide factually. Open and honest communication will help in relationship, especially with the kind, romantic and spiritual pull of Pisces.

Week 4:

The final week of February begins with Venus asking the Leo True node for adjustment. Ensure your intimate relationship leaves enough room for each of you to have breath, space and independence to pursue your own dreams as well as your couple’s.

There’s a lot of activity on the 25th with the Sun exciting Saturn, Venus challenging Mars and Mercury kissing Neptune and adjusting the Leo True Node. The Sun-Saturn combination pushes you to work hard, complete serious tasks and exchange practical advice. Venus-Mars urges sexual tension, passionate intrigue and romantic exploits. Mercury and Neptune want you to be creative, imaginative and insightful. You may also want to explore the mysteries and practice meditation. Mercury also alters the Leo True Node and with the Piscean energy, you have the opportunity to gain understanding and awareness of heartfelt relationship.

On the 27th, Venus motivates Pluto to deepen your romantic, sexual and loving instincts in relationships. Longing, yearning and hungering are words associated with this combination. Feelings and emotions are at the fore, available for discovering the truth behind any motives.

On the last day of the month, Mercury has more activity as it confronts Mars and energizes Pluto. Impulsivity, irritability and rushed thoughts make communications, negotiations and important decisions more difficult. However, investigating, researching and uncovering hidden agendas are all supported now.

Engage in deep, penetrating intellectual pursuits of secrets or mysterious topics.  Intensity, magnetism and allure are the words of the day.

Bottom Line:

This month is all about heart – feelings, love, trust and wholeness. Listening to the voice inside your heart, following its nudging and being open to vulnerability will bring joy, trust and love into your life – for yourself and others.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Magnesite.

This stone stimulates love of self and others. It helps with unconditional love in difficult relationships, seeing the wholeness of others and keeping objectivity and a positive attitude.

Magnesite is not placid, although it brings awareness, equanimity and peace. It aids in the exploration of the unconscious, hidden or distorted images in relationships. The relationship of self is the most important as love attracts love.

This heart opening stone brings calm, tolerance and support in every relationship.

As always, remember, you are loved beyond measure,