Full Moon/Eclipse - January 31st: Heart's Desire


On the last day of the month, Mercury enters Aquarius as the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse happens in Leo. The Full Moon on January 31st @ 8:26 am EST is a Blue Super Moon as well as a Total Lunar Eclipse. You're still feeling Venus opposing the True Node in Leo. Venus pulls at your heart’s longing and soul’s desires. It points out how your intimate relationships, financial standing and discernment support your true soul destiny. So, the Sun, Moon and Venus are pulling at your heart's yearnings. Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Recommendations:

  • Think outside of the box.
  • Seek independence from other’s points of view.
  • Embrace freedom in relationship.
  • Provide support to your own and your loved one’s soul mission.
  • Lean into your own genius.
  • Connect to your heart to find your definition of joy.
  • Express yourself intimately, openly and truthfully.
  • Set intentions for this new year as you tap into the lunar energy of the eclipse.
  • Do yoga to increase the space in your body and expand your mind.
  • Open your heart in relationship.
  • Be intimate.

This first eclipse sets up the next one on the New Moon in February on the 15th. It’s a great time to connect spiritually to set intentions and do lifelong planning.

With joy,