Full Moon - September 6th


The Full Moon on September 6th is all about Virgo and Pisces. Virgo strives for perfection and Pisces accepts everything as it is – it loves the connection and cannot conceive of anything being less than acceptable just as is.  Your identity, ego and personality are seeing every imperfection – starkly. You being asked to look honestly at yourself and try to gain realistic perception of others. The Virgo energy is emphasized by Mars the warrior blending with Mercury the thinker. Your emotions are heightened with the Moon kissing Neptune and the adjustments that are being sought between yourself and others with Venus tugging on both the Moon and Neptune.  Venus being in Leo powers the situation as Leo yearns for personal self-expression and can be dramatic when not being heard and seen. The Piscean connection to all this will add fuel to this fire.

This Full Moon asks: who are you and who do you want to be?

No, wait.

Who are you REALLY and who do you REALLY want to be?

See yourself. Know yourself. Believe in yourself.

Get real.

This could be a time of self-delusion and even self-deception.

Don’t allow it.

This could be a time when you lose yourself in someone else as it feels better than looking starkly at yourself.

Don’t permit it.

This could be a time you mask your true self by hiding in addictive distractions like working, shopping, exercising, getting lost in technology or using other addictive measures.

Don’t do it.

Simply don’t.

This is a grand time.

It’s a ripe time.

It’s your time.

Recommendations to ease the bracing realities of this Full Moon:

  • Build your competencies. Use your interest to learn something new you’ve been thinking about for some time.
  • Hone your skills. Use your energies to deepen or craft something you already know.
  • Lean into a healthy routine. Marshal your Mars-self to get to bed early, eat healthily and exercise moderately.
  • Yes, volunteer. There’s nothing more satisfying to Virgo than being in service to others. It will feed you in ways you cannot yet imagine.
  • Mentor – another Virgo love. Seek a mentor or become one to someone else. This can be informal and casual in nature.
  • Meditate – yes – there’s that word. Meditate. Sit in silence and get to know yourself. If sitting doesn’t appeal, walk in nature, spend time with animals or play with your children.
  • Pisces loves to create. Nurture that Piscean moon by falling into creative trance with something you love.
  • Learn something of the mysteries. Pisces loves the magical world. Pursue a new topic or develop a different magical skill.

Satisfy your heart’s desires, channel the Mars energy, redirect the Leo Venus and peel away the layers to be true to that Virgo Sun.

This is an excellent opportunity to get real with yourself. Take off the blinders. Clean your windows. See and accept yourself in your totality and wholeness.

You are magnificent.

As always, wishing you joy,