Happy Beaver Full Moon!


Today, the Full Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, continues the theme of love from October, but adds zing with the Scorpio energies and tugs between Venus and Uranus. The depth of Scorpio, the serenity of Taurus, the bolts of Uranus and the power of Venus conspire to bring magic, intuition and love into your life.

This is a dreamy, contemplative time as Jupiter massages the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon brings the peace of Taurus.

o Dive into the spiritual realm through imagination, creation or meditation. o Learn something new or different in the world of the occult. o Get physical with yoga or stretching. o Find calm through breath or being out in nature. o Listen to your favorite music and enjoy with others.

This is a sexy, romantic time in your intimate relationships.

o Make a date with your significant other. o Be open to meeting your soul mate. o Create space for sensual romance – light candles, diffuse erotic oils, pour champagne and taste yummy treats. o Add spice to your love life! o Dine lavishly.

This is a fun, social time to connect with family and friends.

o Engage deeply with your family. o Make plans with your friends. o Say ‘yes’ to all of your upcoming social engagements. o Entertain at home. o Connect to your soul tribe.

Go with the flow and say ‘yes’ to unlock the magic of this Full Moon.

As always, wishing you joy,