Happy Vernal Equinox!


Happy Spring! The exact time of the equinox is 12:15 EDT on Tuesday, March 20th. The equinox marks the timing of the Sun as it crosses the celestial equator into the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west for everyone across the world as the Earth's tilt is zero degrees in relation to the Sun.

The vernal equinox is also when the Sun enters the constellation of Aries. Water gives way to fire, darkness gives way to light and creation comes from death. The natural cycle of life continues its spiral and the equinox marks the point of balance as day equals night. It also signals the balancing of yin and yang and the feminine and the masculine.

This year, Mercury also blends with Venus in Aries, so your heart and mind combine in the fiery sign to bring cooperation in communication, love in relationships and imagination in creative pursuits.

The Tarot card of this equinox is the Nine of Worlds - Harvest. This card is about fruition, signaling the culmination of hard work. You’re in your full power and maturity and it's an extraordinary time to materialize, manifest and realize your moon dreams. You have much to offer and your beginning and ending are in perfect alignment. You end as you begin. You manifest as you celebrate.

The stone of the equinox is emerald - the stone of inspiration and great integrity. Emerald is about unconditional love, friendship and unity. It helps bring equilibrium in all bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also promotes balance in partnerships.

Use emerald to create optimism, abundance, healing and intuitive wisdom.

Lean into the balancing energy of the equinox to shake off those wintery cobwebs and spring into action.

Celebrate - new beginnings are upon you!