January 2017 Influences


The expression this month is Objective Awareness. The tarot card is the Two of Crystals representing Equanimity. The two cycles back to the Universal Law of Inherent Wisdom and Knowledge.

This card calls upon us to delve deeply and to see things objectively, while maintaining awareness with even-mindedness. We are called to accept and allow both the positive and the negative, free of judgment and attachment.

We should appeal to our better natures when relating to others this month. We should take a breath and then a moment to respond rather than to react. The more grounded and centered we are, the better our ability to navigate our worlds.

We need to rise above the fray while diving deeply into ourselves throughout the month.

Let’s look at the astrological influences to see the energetic ebb and flow.


We enter the month with the Sun in serious, disciplined Capricorn and we should lean into this energy for stability, focus and depth. Capricorn is all about integrity, quality and doing the right thing. The influences of December have propelled some much yearned-for-change and change may make us feel vulnerable. Capricorn’s influence should help us feel more sure-footed.

We enter January as Mars joins Neptune on the very 1st day of the year. This creates a dual energetic push, depending upon your own tendencies. If you typically drive through change, then harness this spiritually bound energy. You’ll have both the will and magnetism to sally forth. If, however, you shrink back from these forces, then seek solace in the continued retrograde period of Mercury and the Piscean energies of Mars and Venus as it joins Mars in this sign on January 3rd.

Everyone will feel more optimistic on the 4th as Mercury enters Sagittarius and then the Sun joins Pluto on the 7th making this a time of intense influence and power. It can be either good or bad for you, depending upon your current situation. You can ride your own power and leadership qualities to bring conclusion to situations. However, be aware everyone is feeling this powerful intensity too. There may be conflicts and power struggles.

January 8th sees Mercury going direct alleviating some of the communication, transportation and technical or mechanical glitches that may have hampered you over the last three weeks.

We will all feel strong urges for change on the tenth with the Sun in tension with Uranus. Sticking to routine allows smoother passing through the next few days as Venus joins Neptune and the Full Moon enters Cancer on the 12th. The harmonizing influence of Venus with dreamy Neptune and the sensitive nurturing energies of the Cancer Full Moon should steady nerves and calm feistiness for the next week.

On January 19th, the Sun enters Aquarius giving rise once more to urges for change, rebellion and fierce independence. Aquarius is all about doing things differently, independently and without any shred of conformity. Any inkling of change we fostered at the end of the last month will get a huge push right now if they involve doing our own thing. Mars squaring Saturn on this same day exacerbates this urge for change. Your needs and desires will meet constraint and limitation. Pent up energies will want an outlet, but resist the temptation to go forth regardless of barriers. This is not a time to try to leap over them as they climb higher and higher, blocking your way. This is a time to withdraw and strengthen your position.

Developing or delving into your own spiritual practice, exercising to relieve tension, and mentally exploring new concepts and ideas is a good use for your energy right now. This is not a time of implementation, but one of self-discipline and self-exploration.

There are three more triggers at the end of the month feeding into the potential for frustration and aggravation -the New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th, Mars enters Aries on January 28th, and Mercury fuses with Pluto on the 29th.

There is much energy afoot for change, drive, and intense communication. For positive navigation this month, we should delve deeply to find our true selves and leverage these energies to help transform ourselves in meaningful ways.

January’s Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Watermelon Tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline activates the heart chakra and links us to our higher selves. It fosters love, tenderness and friendship, helps instill patience and teaches tact and diplomacy. This stone assists us in understanding situations and expressing our intentions clearly. It also promotes inner security and helps us find the joy in situations.

As always,

Wishing you joy,