Joy in Retirement


A work colleague is nearing retirement and quite frankly, is completely freaking out about it. She’s worked her whole life and cannot imagine life after her career. We meet, casually, over lunch. She needs to be wooed into believing her life can be fulfilling and fruitful, even after career. As we talk and laugh, I tentatively explore options she can pursue. I throw ideas about travel and journaling. I toss around getting involved at a board level, instead of within an organization.

I know travel and writing are things she that bring her joy, I also know she still has a burning desire to help others. Perhaps we can create a construct where she can do all of these things?

What would it look like to travel throughout the year without constraint? What would it take to create travel journals? How can she still conduct important work she values?

Over a few lunches, we devise a new life model. Now, she’s thrilled in retirement and says, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”