July 2018 - Brave Knowing


The expression this month is BRAVE KNOWING. The question is: Will you have the courage to actively choose what’s right and true for you or will you react to the outward influences of the material world?

The Tarot card is the Moon XVIII – Law of Cycles and is about the mysteries, imagination and the Goddess. The Moon brings a gentle, quiet and smooth essence to its world. It welcomes inner reflection, dreamy contemplation and inner exploration.

The Moon requires you to go deep into your heart and pull all of its knowing to the surface. It helps you listen to its rhythms and allows you to ride the flow of life.

You’re going to need this energy this month as the outer world will pull, tug and jolt. The planets, eclipses and cosmic forces are driving deep, deep change and your active participation is key.

Your participation may be easy and filled with reward or it may be bumpy and filled with fear. It’s your choice, as is everything.

Let go, quiet your mind, delve into your heart to ride the intense wave this month. Seek knowledge deep inside of yourself with courage and love.

Take action from this place of deep knowing. This isn’t about sitting on the sidelines, but it’s also not about jumping blindly into the fray.

Be truthful with yourself.

Be authentic to others.

Be powerful in your own right.

This month is about allowing your true gifts to shine in this unpredictable, shaky and even scary world.

You know everything you need to know and are everything you need to be.

Believe this with all of your heart.

Know this with all of your being.

Demonstrate your deep knowing by allowing the waves to crest and break while you inwardly smile and actively bask in the glory of you.


July carries the influence of the dance of Mars as it’s retrograde, out of bounds and blended with the South Node. This is an intense time of karmic reckoning, courageous truth telling and bravery of letting go of what no longer serves you. Go deep, be brave and take action. Ride the wave of your heart’s knowing.

Week 1:

The month begins with Leo Venus asking Capricorn Pluto for adjustments, while the next day, Leo Mercury asks Capricorn Saturn for ones too.  Then, the Leo Mercury blends with the True Node on the 3rd.

This 3-day combination sets the tone for the entire month. Allow your ego to fall, letting it give way to your heart. Step into the energies of Leo for personal expression, heart-felt desires and trusting in the joy of the Universe. However, practical Capricorn shuns this leaning as it wants control, stoicism and earthly pursuits. Dive into your heart to push away the tendencies for control and worldly materialism.

Here, in America, it’s the 4th of July weekend. Perhaps you can relax and enjoy the celebrations and summertime fun without having to get down to practical realities. These realities will make themselves known throughout the month, but for now, take this moment to get centered and grounded. Take a few moments to reflect on your life to glimpse the truth of it. Lean into the Moon and its mysteries to gain perspective. Ask your heart – it knows.

On the 5th,  two astrological events occur as Leo Mercury opposes Aquarius Mars and Chiron stations retrograde until December 9th.

Chiron’s retrograde station makes it the 6th planet in retrograde, joining Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Granted Jupiter will only be here for a few more days, but the retrograde nature of the sky lends the energetic influences to the lunar qualities of inward exploration versus the solar ones of outer strides.

This Chiron retrograde sets up the movement between the end of everything (Pisces) and the beginning of infinite possibilities (Aries). Chiron just entered Aries in April and during this retrograde station will return to Pisces from September to February of next year. Letting go and starting anew are the themes. However, with Chiron, it’s a compassionate influence. It’s about healing of self and others.

Chiron is also square Saturn until mid-October and asks you to look at your vulnerabilities, to shore up your confidence and to rely on your strengths. Chiron helps you answer the following questions:

  • Are you living your truest expression?
  • Are you standing in your own power?
  • Are you balancing inner exploration with outer accomplishments by being in service to yourself and others?

As Chiron is the wounded healer, he wants to help in the kindest and most compassionate of ways. Allow him to help you as you seek your innermost healing.

The Mercury-Mars opposition on this day is also important as Mars has stationed retrograde, is blended with the South Node and is going out of bounds in two days on July 7th,  where it will remain until late September.

Aquarian Mars with the South Node is all about feeling out of place and out of sync. It’s about pushing others away to heartily pursue your own desires. It’s a warrior-like, assertive and forceful energy. In America’s current climate, you can imagine the forces coming into play under this power. Expect messy, argumentative and bullying thinking, conversations and actions.

Enter the fray only to change and deepen the dialogue. Otherwise, take action for the long term. Reach out and help others as you gain knowing of your inner self to positively affect the collective experience.

Week 2:

The second week expands and softens the prior week’s energies. On the 8th,  the Cancer Sun tones Neptune in Pisces making you want to reach out and help others in any type of service or to delve into creative and imaginative pursuits. This is also an excellent time to set goals and objectives to manifest in the future. Perhaps you could take the time to review your intentions set on the January-February eclipses and begin seeking ways to gain further ground.

The next day Venus enters Virgo as fiery Mercury challenges watery Jupiter. Venus gets back to reality, relishes in practical matters and furthers service-oriented activities, while the Mercury-Jupiter combination expands your mind filling it with optimism, faith and a futuristic, broad outlook.  Take stock today if you didn’t have time yesterday.

On the 10th, Jupiter stations direct after its 4-month retrograde positioning. It hasn’t been direct since March 8th,  so enjoy showing off your newly acquired growth and development. Relish the inner strides you’ve made this year. Pause and give thanks for your achievements.

On July 11th,  earthly Venus tones Uranus to begin the setup for a sturdy earth trine during the New Moon and partial solar eclipse the next day. This influence helps harmonize the strong Pluto opposition of the New Moon conjunction.

New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse:

Two weeks ago, the Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon fills the world with intense energy and this New Moon at 10:47 pm EDT is no different.

Firstly, it’s a Super Moon.

Secondly, it’s a Partial Solar Eclipse and solar eclipses always bring powerful changes of life direction.

Thirdly, it’s in opposition to Pluto.

However, it’s saved by the Grand Earth Trine of Venus, Saturn and Uranus. Thank the heavens!

Okay, what does this mean?

With Pluto tugging at the super, ecliptic Sun-Moon blend, you feel out of control, at a loss for power and even in a crisis of self-esteem. Yuck. This energy requires you to let go and lean into the changes forced upon you. Double yuck.

Yet, the Grand Earth Trine offers ways to explore your natural talents and creative potential. Phew.

The Venus-Saturn combination makes this a great time to commit to relationship, establish a closer bond or find a working solution to a gnarly problem.  The Venus-Uranus pattern fuels your desire for excitement and something new, especially in relationship. The Saturn-Uranus blend urges you to seek constructive ways to make positive change in your life. It allows for a transformative, creatively self-expressed new you!

That’s so much better.

It’s a solar eclipse, so think about ways you’d like to change your life. Jot down a few notes to get ready for the New Moon in August.

(As a footnote, the exact degree of the Venus - Saturn trine is on the 14th, but the energies impact the New Moon, so is included here.)

Week 3:

Again, adjustments in thinking, feeling and allowing are upon you this week.  It’s reminiscent of the first day of the month as Venus wants adjustment from Mars and Mercury wants it from Pluto. With Venus-Mars, learn to be yourself in relationship to get what you want and need while at the same time giving your partner what he or she wants and needs. Be clear about your heart’s desires and ways to explore joy as you seek your soulmate’s answers to these same questions.

This is frustrated by the Mercury-Pluto combination as your judgement is off kilter. Drop into your heart and trust. This is exactly the right time to let your heart lead. Give your mind another job to keep it busy, but allow your heart to rule on the big stuff.

On the 20th,  Mars opposes the True Node in Leo, taking you right back to the ecliptic heart-mind energies of January-February. Then, the questions involve leaning into support to attain your destiny and dropping out of the confusion of the mind into the knowing of the heart. Well, now these same energies present themselves in similar and different ways.  The similar ways are obvious in the heart-mind knowing and the differences are this month’s energies are more intense, inward-looking and karmically-charged.

What will you choose? Will you choose your heart’s knowing or will you get caught up in the mental constructs in the way you think things ought to be?

Week 4:

On July 22nd, the Sun enters its own sign of Leo. It loves being here as it can be so much more of itself. Leo is about joy, creativity and personal expression. Leo loves fun, grandeur and big sweeping gestures. Venus is sexing up Jupiter today too. Travel, love interests and socializing of any kind are aligned with these influences. Yum. This is a sunny light-hearted time – enjoy it fully!

On July 24th, Venus opposes Neptune, so don’t make investments or try to fall in love as there is a confusing and deceptive effect on this day. Instead, meditate to make spiritual connection or go to the movies, dancing or to an art museum. Nothing heavy or meaningful in any relationship except to the self is called for now.

The next day, the Leo Sun makes two aspects – it tones Chiron and confronts Uranus. The Sun-Chiron harmony is about self-respect and being looked upon favorably. Be true to yourself and let yourself shine. Others will be attracted to your authentic expression.

The Sun-Uranus are both in fixed signs stressing changes, restlessness and even chaos. Follow routine, yet be open-minded and flexible. The routine will serve you if you’ve been making positive strides in your life. If not, be flexible as change is upon you now.

On the 26th, Mercury turns retrograde until August 19th and the Sun asks Saturn to make adjustments.

Mercury retrogrades are always challenging around communication, technology and transportation. If you’re doing any of these things, be patient. Don’t make any big business decisions, sign contracts or negotiate long-term purchases during the next few weeks.  Instead, review, research and refine.

The dominant Sun-Saturn pattern adds to the frustration. Saturn is limiting, enduring and at times, grinding. The fiery, fun-loving Sun doesn’t want to buckle down and get to work, but that is exactly what Saturn requires. Is there a way to work on finding your joy, expressing your authenticity or trusting yourself in deeper ways? If so, this blending is pure perfection.

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse:

This is the longest total Lunar Eclipse of the century lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes. The Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow at 3:30 pm EDT and ends its full passage at 5:13 pm EDT. The Full Moon reaches its maximum point at 4:20 pm EDT.

This is a very powerful and emotional time with the Moon, Mars and the South Node fully involved. You need to remain calm as this is a time of change and potential endings. The Sun is in Leo blending with the True Node as the Full Moon, Mars and South Node are in Aquarius.

These energies are pulling at you to be deeply and truly yourself in relationship and in society. You feel strong, sexy and brave with the martial energy wanting you to defend yourself and those closest to you. Your instincts are high as are your emotions, temper and irritability. Mars in retrograde and out of bounds adds fuel to its fire. Try to stay calm and the martial influence will be positive. Fall into fear, frustration or destructive behaviors and the magical power of this Full Moon is lost to baser urges.

Other influences of the day involve Venus toning Pluto, Saturn toning Uranus, but Uranus challenging Mars, the Sun and the Moon. The toning of Venus-Pluto and Saturn-Uranus represents remaining calm and patient during this transition phase. Uranus interacting with Mars and the Sun opposite the Moon urges the break for freedom, creative breakthroughs and dynamic energy.

Harnessing these energies will make this the most powerful Full Moon in years. Falling into its trap may cause emotional turmoil for the foreseeable future.

(Note: The Sun conjunction with the True Node is exact on July 28th. It’s included in the Full Moon description on the 27th as it is integral to its energies.)

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Sapphire.

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom and royalty, so it helps you step into your knowing sovereignty.

Sapphire just knows.

It’s associated with sacred things, the height of celestial hope and faith and brings protection, good fortune and spiritual insight.

It’s a symbol of power and strength, kindness and wise judgement.

Sapphire is a seeker of spiritual truth as it brings order and healing to the mind. It allows strength and focus and dives deeply into the underlying truths.

This stone helps you use this truth to gain fuller understanding of yourself.

It’s associated with Saturn, so lends itself to the Grand Trine energy of the New Moon. Let it assist you in transforming negative thoughts and bringing healing to you and the Earth.

This month asks you to dive deeply into your knowing, to express yourself with truth and courage and to help heal yourself and others.

This is a big ask.

Let sapphire help you.

And always remember, you are loved beyond measure,