July Influences - Intensity.


The expression this month is INTENSITY. The question is: Are you going to dive into the fire, explore your depths and breakthrough to the other side or is the intensity going to make you explode and burn you up upon reentry?


Breakthroughs require power, so use yours. Gather your energy, clear your vision and act with will and determination. Release any blockages that are preventing you from achieving your goals and aspirations. Shed your emotional baggage and physical hurdles and allow yourself to expand into your total being.

The seven represents warrior activity, movement, and action and the worlds are the physical plane.

This card suggests leveraging your strengths, pushing through any weaknesses and making it real.

Bottom Line: BE THE PHOENIX.


Week 1:

The month starts out with a bang with Mars in direct opposition to Pluto on the 2nd.  The pulses have been there for a while, but the direct effect is upon you now.

This is an intense, passionate and desirous time. You want to reach your full potential and achieve total victory. This may be in physical, creative or business pursuits and you may be in competition only with yourself.

However, there may be outside competitive influences that feel threatening. If this is the case, take the moral high ground, strive to reach your own goals and make any necessary adjustments to transform your goals if they seem unsurmountable at this time.

You have the energy, passion and desire, so although this sounds daunting, you can do it. You have the courage and the strength. Dig deep and go for it.

The astrological happenings for remainder of the week provide opportunity to handle the intensity and complexity of the Mars-Pluto combination. Each event brings something a bit new into the mix.

Late on the 4th, Mercury chafes Uranus in a fast-moving transit as it does twice a year. Communication, technology and travel may encounter a swift and sudden change, so stay flexible and open-minded. Roll with any changing plans and shifting perspectives. Become aware of life-altering and brilliant visions of your future.

Venus enters Gemini on the 5th allowing for more romantic thoughts and a sense of wonder in relationships.  Mercury then moves into Leo the next day making your thoughts and perceptions more goal-oriented and on a grander scale.

On the 6th, the Sun harmonizes with Neptune allowing you to gain deeper awareness of your place in the world. Lean into your instincts and natural psychic abilities. This Leo solar energy supports you as you set goals to manifest your hopes and dreams for the future.

On this same day, the Sun conflicts with Jupiter making you feel optimistic, confident, proud and lucky and as it’s a confliction, caution and prudence are necessary to successfully navigate this arrangement. Embrace this good fortune with respect, moderation and discipline.

On the 7th, Mercury in Leo excites Venus in Gemini making this a friendly, relaxing and affectionate day or so. Have fun and enjoy. Use this time to unwind and socialize.

Week 2:

On July 9th, the Full Moon is in Capricorn and it’s an intense one with the moon in its opposite sign, blended with Pluto, the master of intensity. The moon is also opposing Mars, who’s kissing the sun; both in Cancer.

Can you say emotional explosion?

This combination is deep, penetrating and fierce.

Let’s break it down.

The Full Moon is always in opposition to the sun, so your identity and ego will be tied to the sensitive, intuitive and compassionate elements of Cancer while your heart and emotions will be filtered by the stoic, mature and logical effects of Capricorn. Every July the Full Moon is in Capricorn, so it’s a dance you can relate. However, there are other ingredients added to the mix.

One ingredient, Pluto is entwined with the moon. Your feelings will be more extreme, deeper and stronger.

Another piece is Mars blended with the Leo Sun. The upside is you’ll have more energy, passion and verve.  However, this is a fiery combination and you may also be tense, overly assertive or even aggressive.

The moon entwined with Pluto makes it opposing Mars. This combination will make you short-tempered and moody. You may want to act out over seemingly inconsequential circumstances.

And there’s one more, Mars is quincunx Saturn. (Okay, I try not to be too astrological.) This means these two planets need to make adjustments for each other while also revving each other up. That’s not excellent in this case with the lunar configuration already described.

Mars wants to go, go, go and Saturn wants to stay until everything is figured out. Mars wants action and Saturn pursues caution. This combination will make you feel frustrated, restricted and inhibited. Seek relief in disciplined physical effort and focus on setting limits in areas of your life where it’s long overdue.


This Full Moon is a lot.

Full Moon recommendations:

  • Try to avoid people or situations who push your buttons under normal circumstances.
  • Use this energy to breakthrough any emotional blockages and release influences that no longer serve you. It’s a good time to get energy work from an experienced healing facilitator. (I mean it when I say experienced. I’m talking many years, lots of clinical expertise and practical proficiency.)
  • Also, breathe, spend time alone in nature or journal to gain objective awareness of the emotions swirling inside of you.
  • Walk, run or bike to get rid of excess energy.

For the remainder of the week, there are two events on July 14th. The Sun redirects Saturn and Mercury excites Jupiter. The Sun and Saturn want you to find balance between your self-worth and feeling as if you have to carry the burdens of others. So, take action on your own responsibilities versus taking on other’s work or duties.

With Mercury and Jupiter, this is a great time for communication, making decisions, negotiating and planning for the future.

Week 3:

On July 17 and 18, Venus frustrates Neptune and then harmonizes with Jupiter. On one hand, your self-image, relationships and finances will be foggy and distorted and on the other, you’ll feel confident, buoyant and expansive. Be open and friendly in trusted relationships and situations. However, take care of yourself and be cautious in new or rocky relationships or tenuous situations. Also, be prudent with your finances. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

On the 18th, Mars disturbs Uranus as it typically does once a year. This is a time to speak your mind with anything that has been building up inside of you. Any slush fund of frustration is going to come out now whether you want it to or not. Direct your energies toward creative expression to relieve the build-up.

Once again, Mercury harmonizes Saturn, the fourth time in the last five months. This time, Mercury is in Leo, so deep concentration, hard work and personal expression lean toward goal-oriented and grand gestures.

July 20 brings Mars into Leo. (Mars was last in this sign during the summer of 2015.)  Your confidence, passion and drive will be high. Impressive goals, dramatic results and self-assured ambition will reign. Harness this energy to successfully and simply overcome obstacles in your life.

On the 21st, the Sun vexes Uranus as it has been doing every January and July for the past few years. It will continue to do so for the next few. This combination requires you to express your true inner self, break free and shake off the nervous tension by being proactive. Seek opportunities to make positive changes in your life.

Week 4:

This week, four planets move into Leo creating a grand fire trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. This means you are supported through hard work (Saturn), breakthrough (Uranus) and personal expression (Leo).

Here are the happenings:

On the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo where it loves to reside. This will make you cheerful, inspired, creative and expressive. You’ll want romance, entertainment and drama. Leadership, confidence, and generosity rule.

The next day, July 23rd, the New Moon in Leo is much less intense than the Full Moon two weeks prior. However, you’ve moved from the watery energy of Cancer into the fiery energy of Leo. There are four planets in Leo right now: Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury. You’ll be, feel, desire and express fiery qualities right now.  All of the characteristics above, such as; creativity, expressiveness, confidence and generosity, gain oomph as your feelings and desires match your being.

The New Moon is an excellent time to start something new, so it’s a great time to delve into your creativity, explore your passions or express your leadership skills.

In addition, this New Moon is the last one until the Full and New Moon eclipses in August. You’re ramping up for the lunar eclipse on August 7th and the solar one on August 21st. (There will be much more to follow in my August Influences post).

Each eclipse brings its own energies. In preparation, the recommendations for this New Moon are:

  • Take inventory on the status of your life. Where do you want to make changes? What would you like to release to make room for something new? What is the something new?
  • Get in touch with your emotions.
  • Express yourself in close relationship.
  • Be creative.
  • Delve deeply into a passion of yours.
  • Get to work.

Doing versus not doing is the key right now. You’ll want to channel your passion and energy into creative, productive or expressive endeavors. If you don’t, the energies will build up and may explode into other areas of your life. So, you want to direct these energies as best you can during this New Moon time.

The Sun is still blending with Mars, hitting exact on the 27th, but you’ve been navigating this energy for a few weeks now. However, the passion, heat and intensity you’ve been dealing with gets an added bump with the lunar influence.

Again, roll up your sleeves and dive into something you’re passionate about as this will greatly focus your energies and alleviate build-up of aggression or even anger.

As the week before with the Sun and Saturn, Venus counters Saturn giving you another opportunity to rediscover your self-worth and put your own work and projects before others’.  Focus on your own duties and responsibilities, especially in partnership. YOU matter. YOU are desired in relationships. It’s YOU who is real, not what you do.

On July 24th, Mercury complements Uranus as it does two or three times a year. Expect exciting news, new ideas or stimulating people.

The next day, Mercury enters Virgo, where it has affinity. Analytical, detailed and precise are the energies right now.

Venus is busy at the end of the month as it excites Uranus on the 30th and enters Cancer the next day. Relationships, social engagements and creativity get a burst of fun and stimulating energy.

Venus in Cancer is a nurturing, sensitive and dedicated expression of love. Affection, warmth and devotion rule in relationship.

These last few days of July offer relief from this intense and fiery month.

Enjoy them – you deserve the reprieve.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: TEKTITE.

This extraterrestrial stone forms a link between creative energy and physical matter. It assists in attaining higher knowledge and increasing communication with the spiritual realm.

Tektite helps you release unwanted energies, determine lessons learned and focus your attention on your spiritual growth.

This stone helps you take necessary action and know the true cause of your experiences.

This month provides opportunities for evolution and growth.

Suit up.

It’s time to get to work!

If you’ve gotten this far, I’m offering my services to help you through this month. I usually don’t shill in these messages, but this month is SO MUCH. You may need help. I can give you information (astrology or tarot) or intuitive and inventive solutions (life strategy). Just reach out and let me know.

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You are ready.

Remember -

You are loved beyond measure,