July New Moon - True Power


With the New Moon on July 12th at 10:47 pm EDT, the Sun and Moon blend together in the sign of Cancer asking you to engage with your heart, family and roots. But, there’s a lot more going on with this New Moon. Firstly, it’s a Super Moon, the 2nd of 3 in a series this summer. She’s in her own sign of Cancer, so is much more of herself. She’s at home, in full reign of her powers and ready to fully express herself. She embodies being the 2nd – the middle – the maximum point of these summertime Super Moons.

She invites you to tap into your intuition. She pushes you to explore your heart. She expects you to express yourself in your truest and deepest sense.

Secondly, this New Moon reaches her still point during a Partial Solar Eclipse. She asks you to dive deeply into your heart while you explore you true life path. Eclipses tie in together and this one reaches back into this past winter to the eclipse series in January and February. Your heart and your mind and your true destiny are at stake. What strides have you made toward your authentic purpose? What adjustments are still required for you to reach the truest parts of yourself?

You have 2 other eclipses coming up in the 4 weeks to get or stay on track.

Thirdly, this Sun-Moon combination is in opposition to Pluto. Pluto and the Sun help you express yourself. Pluto and the Moon support your deep dive into your truth. Pluto is about honesty, transformation and power. Where have you given away your power? Be honest with yourself. Allow recent changes in your life to position you for greatness.

Finally, there’s a Grand Earth Trine with the energies Venus, Saturn and Uranus and Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Venus and Uranus are in their weaker signs, while Saturn is in his own. He rules the roost in this combination.  His energies of commitment, focus and discipline lend to your discernment in relationship and your desire for lasting freedom. What effort do you want to make to have abiding committed love without losing your individuality? This Grand Trine provides tremendous support for this pursuit.

Perhaps, the relationship you’re seeking is with yourself. Hmm…that’s interesting.

New Moon Recommendations:

-  Make a special dinner

-  Dive into meditative or ritual reflection

-  Host a family dinner

-  Take a yoga class

-  Have a deep conversation with a loved one

-  Delve into your ancestral roots

-  Lose yourself in gardening

-  Straighten your home

-  Go out in nature

-  Spend time with children or grandchildren

This New Moon is powerful. It helps you get to the core of who you are, your deepest desires and your true knowing.

Lean into its energies.

Wishing you joy,