June 2017 Influences


The expression this month is WHOLENESS and the question is: Will you embrace yourself in your totality or attempt to remain unaware or judgmental of certain aspects of yourself? This month provides a tremendous healing opportunity for awareness, patience and compassion for yourself and others.

The tarot card is a major arcana card for creativity, known as The Empress- III.  The three represents the wholeness of creation as it combines the 1 of the male with the 2 of the female.

It also symbolizes preservation of values and things we value. There is patience, love, creativity, wisdom, a capacity to give and receive with a balanced heart entering the influences this month. What an opportunity to embrace life compassionately and nonjudgmentally!

Overall, there is a softening, healing and quieting nature in June as planets move out of Aries, come back in bounds or enter their own calm, peaceful energies.

This is welcome after these last few months of fiery intensity.



Week 1:

We enter June after riding the wave of May with Mars still out of bounds and still opposing Saturn. So, the underlying intensity and frustration, while receiving a breath of air from Mercury at the end of the month, are still impactful to many.

The good news is the opposition is weakening and the out of bounds nature of Mars is lessening. Adding to this news are a few harmonious elements – Venus and Saturn on the 1st and the Sun with Jupiter on the 3rd.  Venus lends Saturn’s influence on the nature of our relationships; making this a good time for commitment and long-term investments. However, Venus also blends with Uranus on the 3rd and it will feel like whiplash as the structured and staid energy of Saturn gets a jolt from the lightning bolt of Uranus.  In long-term relationships, there could be an addition of excitement and thrill, but be wary of new relationships as these may fizzle and fade very quickly. Either way, though, love is in the air.

The Sun-Jupiter combination makes everyone feel on top of the world, confident, optimistic, warm and loving. You can choose to sit back and enjoy or lean in and delve into personal growth, adventure or good fortune. The best course of action may be inaction as the next day, the Sun bristles Neptune decreasing your energy and vitality and adding a bit of delusion into the mix. Depending upon your schedule, relax and retreat is a good menu option as Mars enters Cancer on this day, depleting the intensity of this fiery planet.

On the 6th, Venus moves out of Aries and into Taurus where it’s in its own energy bringing calm, peace, serenity and the love of all things nature. On this day, Mercury enters Gemini, its own sign. Quick-wittedness, intelligent thoughts and ease of communication lends improvement to relationships.

Overall, this first week feels less intense than the last few months, however, underneath the surface, the tensions are still lingering. Mars is still chafing Saturn, bringing frustration to forward movement, and Jupiter and Pluto are still tense, emphasizing changes that need to be made.

Bottom Line: Be kind to yourself and others.

Week 2:

The Full Moon on June 9th in Sagittarius corresponds with Jupiter, its ruling planet, going direct after 4 months in retrograde. Jupiter brings good luck, optimism, faith, hope, triumph, and generosity and is in alignment with the lunar sign, doubling its intensity.  With the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, thoughts, big ideas and a sense of wonder abound.

When Gemini and Sagittarius are opposed, the tension creates opportunities for open-mindedness to heal judgment and faith to heal defensiveness. Jupiter assists in achieving the higher expression of both of these signs.

On this same day, Venus excites Mars producing sexual excitement and passion in relationships. This feels like it’s all about love- truly, madly, deeply.

The Sun is quincunx Pluto giving us an opportunity to adjust to changing life structures or circumstances. With the Gemini and Capricorn influences, these adjustments may be in thinking or on the physical plane.

The strong Gemini energy may bring feelings of irritability, anxiety or nervousness, but leaning into the optimistic elements and remaining active can help burn away the nervous tension.

On the 13th, Mercury harmonizes Jupiter and then the next day chafes Neptune. These two aspects cancel each other as one lifts communication, ideals and mental activities and the other distorts them. Be careful not to overextend in any business dealings.

This week lends itself to healing and making mature adjustments in life. Lean into the optimism wrought by Jupiter and alleviate the anxieties and frustrations of Pluto and Saturn by being proactive. The mantra should be ‘See something, do something.”

Week 3:

 The third week begins with the Sun opposing Saturn (still retrograde), slowing forward progress, draining energy for daily routines and creating distance between people due to limited self-expression.

The next day, Neptune turns retrograde as it does every year, however, this time it’s blended with the moon, both in Pisces. This combination lends to an emotional and boundary less period. Neptune in retrograde removes the illusions and dreamy quality in our reality. The harshness of circumstances may trigger an emotional outpouring due to the lunar influence.

On the 18th, the Gemini Sun excites Uranus, still in Aries, urging freedom, spontaneity and independence. On this same day, however, Mercury opposes Saturn limiting effective communication and social interaction.

On the 20th, the mood lightens with Venus stimulating Neptune and Mercury exciting Uranus. It’s all about romance, glamour and exciting news. This is a good time to update your style, go out on the town, connect with your significant other or meet new people.

This week starts slowly and perhaps emotionally, but ends with sparkle and dazzle.

Week 4:

The 4th week starts with the summer solstice on the 21st with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer. Cancer heightens sensitivity, feelings and awareness. It’s ruled by the moon and with the New Moon on the 23rd, the strength of Cancer becomes even stronger. With out of bounds Mercury blending with both the Sun and Moon, this is an excellent time for communication, business and financial dealings, and social interactions. It’s also an excellent time for travel.

Love is in the air again on the 24th with Venus harmonizing Pluto, Mars squaring Jupiter and harmonizing Neptune over the next two days. Intensity, sexual excitement and passion are on the rise. Have fun!

The 27th and 28th are active ones for Mercury as this fast-moving planet chafes Jupiter, soothes Neptune and blends with Mars. Beware of the fine print, pay attention to details and contain aggression in dialogue with others. With a tiny bit of caution, these transits can be beneficial for sparking new ideas, starting new projects or initiating new deals.

The last day of the month, Mercury opposes Pluto, making this an ideal time for deep conversation, intense mental processes and uncovering hidden agendas or misleading statements. This is not a good time to finalize any dealings, so be patient and wait out this fast-moving transit.

All in all, June feels better than the past few months. There are times of relief and optimism and a gentling with the energies of Cancer. Embrace the compassion, nurturance and sensitivity to become fully aware of yourself in all of your human and spiritual glory.

Now is the time.


Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: MAGNESITE.

This stone stimulates love of self and others. It helps with unconditional love in difficult relationships, seeing the wholeness of others and keeping objectivity and a positive attitude.

Magnesite is not placid, although it brings awareness, equanimity and peace. It aids in the exploration of the unconscious, hidden or distorted images in relationships. The relationship of self is the most important as love attracts love.

This heart opening stone brings calm, tolerance and support in every relationship.

Use this stone to soften the pressing adjustments of Saturn and Pluto, the removal of rose-colored glasses with retrograde Neptune and also to lean into the healing energies of Cancer.

Become even more of yourself. You are a beautiful child of the Universe and you are loved beyond measure.


As always,

Wishing you joy,