June Tarot - 8 of Worlds


The expression this month is INFINITE FLOW   The question is: Will you align your heart and mind in perfect harmony or resist infinite adjustment to block your infinite abundance?

The tarot card is the Eight of Worlds – Rhythm in Physical Realm.

Eight represents balance among everlasting change. Balance is an infinite dance that keeps your mind moving, your body fluid and your spirit soaring.

Teach yourself through your continuously changing incoming stimuli and learn through adjusting. Be analytical and creative, mathematical and poetic, intellectual and dreamy, decisive and reflective. Balance is your teacher.

When working with the eight, the infinite flow of abundance is available to you. However, the challenge is balance. There’s a balance to the harmony of the flow – yin, yang; being, doing; receiving, giving. These forces are to be in balance in order to flow in divine rhythm and timing.

Bottom Line: The movement and flow of air with the Sun in Gemini enters the watery depths of feelings when it enters Cancer – be curious about opening your heart and delving into the true source of your power.