Make it Real


“You have such a way of making things actually happen,” a client says to me the other week, “I want to tap into that ability.” I, always up for a teachable moment, launch into how she can make things real in her life and promptly forget this comment has anything to do with me.

Then, it’s followed by a few more seemingly random comments from other people:

  • “You produce so much!”
  • “You say you’re going to do something. Then a little time goes by and I find out you actually did it.”
  • “You’re such an inspiration for getting things done, I’m going to do something I’ve thought of doing for a long time. I’m going to start…”

Finally, I take heed.

There may be something here.


I allow these comments to swirl in my head.

I mull.

I continue to craft my play & learn events and I get to the one on the four elements.

I actually start to see a pattern – it’s unclear yet, but it’s starting to emerge.

I ponder.

I need to fill in an author’s biography for my latest book and as I’m updating it, I start to write about calm, passion and joy…

The word passion takes on a different significance.

It kind of jumps out on the page.


Then, VOILA!

Inspiration strikes and I realize the ability to make things real has everything to do with the four elements.

Then I think, of course, and it has everything to do with our four bodies as well.

The pattern becomes crystal clear.

Making things real, the four elements, our bodies – I mentally start weaving this message in my head.

Seriously? Getting things accomplished, the four natural elements and our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies interact.

 In what way?

Let’s think about it.

We all have moments of passion when we get a brilliant idea and we’re fired up with the very notion of it. It takes over and we can’t think of anything else. We’re consumed by it as a fire would consume everything in its path.

This passion is the fire element. It’s hot, quick, consuming and wild.

The idea seems to have come from nowhere, but it’s actually come from the inspiration of spirit. Our spiritual bodies have plucked this idea from the sky.

The idea is pure inspiration at this point without any structure or form, but it’s big, beautiful and filled with energy.

We love it. We’re giddy with the very idea of the idea.

But, because it doesn’t have any form or structure yet, this idea can burn out quickly just as a fire burns out if it doesn’t get any air.

So, the idea needs air just like a fire.

This air element is our mind.

We need to mentally add to the idea. We need to think about it, roll it around in our minds to give it some texture and detail.

We need to contemplate, ponder, mull.

We may need to speak about it with others – either to hear it said aloud or to get feedback.

We can imagine the fire crackling and the wind snapping.

The excitement engages us and we become enthralled. We love our idea and are inspired by it.

It takes on life and unleashes in our minds. We imagine all sorts of scenarios and start to become attached.

The minute we become attached, our emotions get involved and our emotional bodies are the water element. At first, we’re excited and refreshed by this water as it revitalizes us after the hot burning fire.

But, then WHAM, the water begins its cooling.

The water starts to put out the fire and as it does, our excited emotions become muted.

They lose their spark and often become ones of doubt and stress.

“What if I can’t do it?”

“What is no one wants it?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I succeed?”

Or, if our own emotions don’t start to cool the fires, someone else’s may.

“What are you crazy?”

“Do you think it will work?”

“Where did you get this idea?”

The cooling water rises. It fills us and now we have to slog through it.

The water rises to a point we feel we’re in the middle of a lagoon with the Lochness monster.

We have to fight the monster to get to the other side.

The fires are long extinguished, the winds have died. It’s just us, the water and our own daemons.

If we fight these daemons and get to shore, we’re now in the earth element.

We’re on land – terra firma, so that’s good as we’ve beaten the water element and our emotions.

But now?

Now we’re dealing with the earth element and the physical.

Now, it’s all about making it real.

Now, we enter a place with no wind, no warmth, no refreshment – just dirt and dust and grime.

Making it real means we have to carry our own firewood, start our own flame and supply our own water.

Making it real means we create all of the form and structure of our idea.

Making it real is a thing.

Making it real is hard, tedious and most likely exhausting.

But, it’s oh so satisfying.

Making it real is everything.

The inspiration and idea have no form, no function, no purpose in life.

They’re invigorating, but do nothing. They’re not real.

Inspiration and ideas are just thought forms – in someone’s head and perhaps heart.

The emotions, now perhaps that’s a thing.

Overcoming the water, that’s an accomplishment and one to offer us solace on a stormy day.

But, the solace is relatively empty as it’s in our own hearts and minds. It’s generally not shared with others, unless we remind them in order to breathe life into it.

It requires us to keep it alive as it has no life of its own.

Now, tackling the earth element – the physical – actually making it real.

Yeah, that’s a thing.

It’s THE thing.

The inspiration, the idea, the heart-filled emotional journey to create something – to make it real.

It means we’ve given it substance.

It means we’ve given it form.

It means we’ve given it life.

Yeah, that’s a thing.

So, let’s get to it.

Let’s make that dress, those gardens, the painting or this business service.

Let’s get started.

Let’s go.

Let’s make it real!


As always, wishing you joy,