March 2017 Influences


The expression this month is COMMITTED PASSION.  The tarot card is the Ten of Cups – Passion.  Ten relates to the Law of Fortune and the cups relate to emotions or the heart, so the ten of cups relates to abundance in emotional love and passion.

Richness in drive, focus, commitment, and determination abound this month. As the solar eclipse and new moon combination on February 26th has provided us with the opportunity to define new goals, objectives and ambitions to create over the next six months, the energies of March jumpstart these goals and objectives.

Searching for stress relievers, breathing through relationship friction and deeply developing skill and competence for goal achievement are the three keys for this month.


Hello March.

The first day of the month opens with the Sun and Neptune essentially acting as one, leading us to identify with intuition, imagination and creativity. As we’ve exited the prior month with increased energy, confidence and desire to win, we yearn to take risks. This risk-taking mode is not conducive to the energies of Neptune and Pisces which are without boundaries.  We need to erect limits as our emotions and thoughts are completely open to all.

Week 1:

This first week of the month continues to be active with Jupiter in opposition to Uranus on the 2nd, meaning you yearn for freedom and rebel against any constraints. There’s conflict between your individual needs and desires and those of your partner and family. The tension between these planets drives you to break free from all bounds, regardless of your significant other’s feelings.

Venus in Aries adds to this friction. This blending is about being direct, open and somewhat rebellious in love partnerships. You say it like you mean it and that’s not always helpful in relationship.  On March 4th, Venus goes retrograde and any relationship fissures will feel more tension and pressure. Venus in retrograde is a good time for introspection and reflection on self-love, self-worth and personal financial matters.

As Mercury conjoins Neptune, the energies allow for deeper intuition, greater imagination & creativity and connection to the spiritual realm. This may add ease to relationship tension as the higher energies wash over your thoughts and words.

On the 5th, directing your energies on your own desires benefits everyone. Commitment to hard work, drive and passion ignites as Mars harmonizes with Saturn. These planets are all about getting things done with focus, determination and lots of energy. This is the perfect time to really delve into the goals and objectives you defined on the previous new moon.

This first week wraps up with the Sun conjoining Mercury on the 6th making this a great time for quick decisions, good communication and connecting with others to further develop your goals and objectives.

Week 2:

The second week of March intensifies your thoughts and communication for deeper meaning as Mercury excites Pluto on the 8th. Then, immediately, the Sun stimulates Pluto on the 9th, increasing your desire to succeed and intensifying your commitment to your goals.

The Virgo Full Moon on March 12th is especially impactful due to its 30-degree relationship with Jupiter opposing Uranus. Before we get into that, let me back up a moment and explain full moons.

Full moons are all about the Sun being directly opposed to the Moon, so your emotions and desires feel at odds with your personal drive and power. This is true of every full moon. However, each month the signs are different, so this opposition feels differently depending upon your personal chart.  The good news about oppositions is they are different sides of the same coin, so not totally unfamiliar with each other.

This month the Moon is in Virgo and the Sun is in Pisces. Both Virgo and Pisces are interested in service to others. They have this in common. Virgo loves to be of service, but wants to do this by perfecting a skill and conveying total competence. While Pisces wants to be in service to all by letting go, rising above and demonstrating compassion.

So, what is the remedy? Both of these things, in fact. To appease the Sun, meditation is recommended and to appease the Moon, delving deeply into skill development is the remedy. The tug of the 30-degree relationship of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition will be somewhat alleviated by going deeply into being of service through skill and competence as well as meditating and finding your natural state of calm.

Rounding out the second week, Mercury squares Saturn and then enters Aries. My advice about communication? Keep your head down, delve into your own work and ride the wave for a handful of days. This is a quick-moving transit and with Mercury in Aries, the desire for direct and completely honest words are not going to help your situation due to the challenging Saturn aspect.

Shhh….is the dictum right now.

Week 3:

The beginning of the third week brings a challenging aspect between the Sun and Saturn. On the 17th, get ready to feel as is all forward movement on your goals and objectives stands still. Frustration, aggravation and even pessimism will reign. Your ego will be bruised and you may want to quit ‘while you’re ahead.’

Don’t.  Saturn is all about; “Do you want it? Do you really want it?”

Saturn is the great teacher and task master. So, for the next few weeks, shrug off these feelings, recommit to your goals, roll up your sleeves and dive deeper into your work.  The only remedy for this configuration is hard work, committed focus and determination.

No worries, though, this only lasts for a few weeks and is eased by Mercury kissing Venus on the 18th and the Sun entering Aries on the 20th. The Mercury-Venus connection will make relationship communication easier and Aries will kick out any feelings of pessimism or low energy. Aries is the warrior with ‘Bring it on!’ as its motto.

The Spring Equinox is upon us on the 20th. As with any equinox, balance is the key and spring is the time of new beginnings. Brush off the dust from winter and look forward a new cycle in a balanced and committed manner.

Week 4:

The final week of March is not without activity. On the 23rd, Mercury challenges Pluto and then immediately opposes Jupiter the next day. On the one hand, keep an open mind even when uncovering uncomfortable truths or shedding light on a sore subject. On the other, buoyancy in thoughts and communication should be tempered with double-checking and a second set of ‘eyes’ (or ears).

On the 25th, Venus joins the Sun and the next day, Mercury joins Uranus.

Enjoy the Venus-Sun combination. There is levity, joy and attraction in relationships and money matters. Venus is still retrograde, but relief is here. In communication, keep it light and expect the unexpected. Bottom line: Go with the flow.

On March 27th, the Aries New Moon brings increased feelings of attraction in partnership with Venus-Sun-Moon combination. It’s tempered by the challenge from Saturn, but Mars stimulating Neptune brings sensuality to the fore as well. Put energies into romance in mysterious or creative ways.

On the 29th, Mercury harmonizes with Saturn, allowing for more concentration and focus in communication. This alleviates the jarring energies of the Mercury-Uranus combination a few days prior. Heads down work can begin again and will have a successful result.

The month ends with Jupiter challenging Pluto on the 30th. You have a tremendous desire to succeed and win. You’ve been feeling these energies for a while as these are slower moving planets, but the exact square happens on the 30th.  Any doubts about your desires for success wither away now. Chances are very good you can win now. However, as with any Pluto configuration, care must be taken. Pluto is not to be trifled with and Jupiter’s happy-go-lucky energy irks the dark one. So, integrity and value must be incorporated with any endeavor.


March – it’s a lot.

Commit to a goal, stay focused and work hard.

Be of service to others. Meditate and dedicate yourself to skill development.

Remember balance.

Be kind and patient in relationship.

Romance is your reward during the New Moon.

Success may be yours at the end of the month.

Monthly Stone:

Seek spiritual connection in the stone of the month: Serafina.

With the sun in Pisces, it’s a brilliant time for intuitive connection and deeper exploration of the spiritual realm. Pisces is all about compassion, and this month’s stone, Serafina, is in perfect alignment with these energies.

Serafina is excellent for opening the heart chakra, promoting self-healing and making connection through meditation by placing it on the third eye.

This stone helps balance all of the chakras, increase spiritual vibration and identify the changes necessary to move you toward peace and fulfillment.

Serafina activates the heart, opening to love.

March is all about committed passion and with most of the month in Pisces, love and compassion reign. The energies of Serafina align with this perfectly.

As always,

Wishing you joy,