March 2018: Duality


The expression this month is duality. The question is: Are you poised to achieve harmony in synthesis or are you to experience wide shifts between divergent forces?

The tarot card is the Two of Cups – Equilibrium. This card urges you to remain calm, be patient and use your intuition to reach into your depths to dispel confusion, to find answers and to ready yourself to receive your heart’s desires.

The Goddess is Danu or the Flowing One. She relates to the High Priestess and the Law of Wisdom. The Priestess rises above as she explores beneath. Inherent wisdom soothes nature’s duality as universal truths set you free.

Life continues to flow up and down and as it does, you are nudged to achieve a sense of harmony, quiet and calm amidst this ever-changing landscape. Additionally, when tensions, challenges or conflicts arise, you are encouraged to become aware, accept and let go. Forgiveness, discrimination and nurturance are the keys.

Forgiveness as the water energies give way to fire, discrimination as the equinox asks for balance and nurturance as spring requires new growth, getting you ready for new birth.

Bottom line: Be the Priestess.


The month begins and ends with a full moon, so it’s another blue moon month. This is the second one this quarter and the last time this happened was in 1999 and the next time will be 2037. So, two blue moons in one season happens approximately every 19 years. It seems rare, but the combination full moon, super moon and eclipse experienced in January occurs every 265 years. So, rarity is relative.

Week 1:

The watery energies abound at the beginning of March with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Chiron in Pisces. The Virgo Full Moon occurs on the evening of the first day at 7:51 pm EST. The opposition of the Pisces-Virgo combination is all about service. Virgo loves to perfect service and Pisces looks to transcend the individual for the overall good. In polarization, each sign remedies the other. Virgo helps ground Pisces with skill and competence and Pisces assists Virgo in overcoming anxiety and insecurity through meditative and mystical experience. The entire range is available to you, lean into the side you know helps you the most.

If you’re feeling confused, untethered or foggy, reach for groundedness by acting in practical ways, building your skills or performing physical routines.

If you’re anxious or fussy, create calm through meditation, daydreaming or dancing with the mystical.

Jupiter adds positive aspects by toning Venus and Mercury on the 1st and 2nd. The watery depths are buoyed with optimistic thoughts, far-reaching plans or good instincts with Mercury.  Good cheer, happy emotions and the abundance of love reign with the Venus-Jupiter combination.

Saturn harmonizes the Moon with the earthly energies of Capricorn and Virgo. Capricorn and Saturn offset the nervous, twitchy jitters of Virgo’s emotional side. Introduce stability with logical, reasonable and reliable pursuits such as hard work, effort, focus and discipline.

There’s a lot of blending activity on March 4th with the Sun-Neptune, Mercury-Venus, Mercury-Chiron and Venus-Chiron. As mentioned, it’s all about Pisces.

Creativity, spirituality, intuition and compassion are the overriding forces.

Caring, sensitivity and empathy as well as imagination and kindness underscore your being now. Your heart and mind connect in appreciation and romantic expression to your loved ones. Healing of your heart and mind is also available with the Chiron influence. Be wary of losing yourself in escapist activities such as; technology, television, shopping or other additive measures including drugs and alcohol. Connect through meditation, heal through any modality that speaks to you or offer yourself in service. Chiron heals most effectively when you’re in service to others.

The next day, the Pisces Sun asks the Leo North Node for adjustment. You may not see your path for the moment. You question your direction and experience a lack of boundaries and definition. Rise above the ethereal aspects as the fluidity of water gives way to the forces of fire.

The fiery energy begins on March 6th with Mercury and Venus entering Aries.

Your thoughts and emotions tie into passion, ambition, adventure and confidence. Aries is about initiation and innovation, so it’s a good time to start something new. A new venture or love affair, perhaps? Also, wherever Aries is in your chart, you can stay young and maintain spontaneity.

Week 2:

All of the planets have been direct for the last few months, but on the 8th Jupiter turns retrograde and remains so until July 10th. When Jupiter goes retrograde, it’s a time of personal and spiritual growth. When in Scorpio, as it is this year, the healing and growth depths are limitless. Jupiter wants you to be happy, generous and friendly. It strives for expansion, success and extravagance. Yet, in retrograde, Jupiter is asking you to work on your growth and development. It’s asking you to review your life for improvement in big and bold ways.

On March 11th, there’s a lot of astrological activity as Mercury challenges Saturn both in cardinal signs, fiery Mars tones Uranus and the Sun excites Pluto. With the Mercury-Saturn combination, be careful in communication and mental processing. Your thoughts and words tend toward the negative adding difficulty and complexity to your intellectual abilities.

The Mars and Uranus aspect urges you to experience everything new. It’s a great time to break free of constraints and boring routines. There’s excitement in opportunities, physical stimulation and romantic affairs presented to you.

The Pisces Sun excites the Capricorn Pluto involving determination, purpose and psychological complex. Don’t get heady with the power and appeal – use it for good and you’ll achieve success.

On this same day, it’s also daylight savings time. You get to spring ahead and get ready for the new season. It’s a preview of the beginning of new growth and renewal.

On March 13th, Aries Venus confronts Capricorn Saturn requiring you to work hard, rise up to your responsibilities and overcome feelings of isolation in relationship.  Minimizing this impact is the Sun honing Jupiter, both in water signs, making you optimistic, enthusiastic and confident about the world. Opportunities abound for personal and spiritual growth.

On the 14th, Mars challenges Chiron giving you energy to explore any wounds for healing. Mars lends bravery and courage and lends a hand in you being of service as Chiron responds beautifully when you are helping others.

Week 3:

On March 16th, Pisces Neptune asks the Leo North Node for adjustment and Mercury tones it. This combination asks you to discern the truth of your destiny and correct areas of your life you need to set boundaries. It’s requiring you to see beyond the obvious and choose the right path for you. Mercury assists in your ability to see the truth and make a reasonable decision.

The Pisces New Moon on March 17th at 9:11 am EST as Mars goes out of bounds and then enters Capricorn. Mars challenges both the Sun and Moon while the Piscean Sun-Moon blending acts to increase your intuition, creativity and imagination. It makes you act and feel dreamy, nebulous and connected to the divine. Your sense of compassion, understanding and empathy is at an all-time high. With the Mars influence, you’ll be challenged by aggression, conflict or power struggles. The combination of the fluid Piscean influences with the strong martial energy will be difficult to navigate.

Other energies influencing this New Moon involve the toning between Mars and Uranus beginning the prior week as well as the Jupiter-Pluto excitement since mid-January. The harmony between Mars and Uranus increases your instincts, nudges you toward new self-expression and invites new opportunities into your life. The stimulation between Jupiter and Pluto set up in January brings success through positive change.

The next day, Venus harmonizes the North Node and the Sun kisses Chiron.

There’s an increase in feeling the urge to leave your mark on the world, to pursue your destiny and to achieve your soul purpose. Chiron seems larger than life with its burst of energy from the Sun. There’s a push to learn more about your true self and to become who you are meant to become.

The vernal equinox begins on March 20th when the Earth travels over the equator as the Sun enters Aries. Water gives way to fire, darkness gives way to light and creation comes from death. The natural cycle of life continues its spiral and the equinox marks the point of balance as day equals night. It also signals the balancing of yin and yang and the feminine and the masculine.

On this same day, Mercury blends with Venus in Aries, so your heart and mind combine in the fiery sign to bring cooperation in communication, love in relationships and imagination in creative pursuits.

Week 4:

The last week of March begins as Mercury turns retrograde on March 22nd and remains so until April 15th.  This occurs three or four times a year, so you’re use to the energy. With Mercury retrograde in Aries, it adds a bit of oomph for those who have strong Arian energies in their natal charts.

For everyone, Mercury going retrograde adds limitations to communication, travel, technology and intellectual acuity. In retrograde, it’s a great time to review, reassess, take inventory, realign or renegotiate. This Mercury retrograde in Aries is an excellent point to revisit your intentions from the equinox for a quick check in. Have you changed your mind about anything? Have you shifted priorities? Is there anything close to birthing you had not been expecting? Take stock and shift as necessary to begin when Mercury goes direct in mid-April.

On the 23rd, Venus challenges Pluto introducing power struggles for control in relationship or over financial decisions. The fiery sign of Aries tugs at the solid earthly sign of Capricorn creating tension between loved ones, in work situations and at home.

The next day, the Sun adds fuel to the mix as it clashes with Mars, again in the signs of Aries and Capricorn. This combination creates setbacks, arguments and tests of character. This best path forward is to work hard, make effort and pursue physical or sexual activities to burn through excessive energy. As it’s the weekend, you may want to employ the last two activities!

On March 25th, exuberance brings relief as Venus questions Jupiter, however, caution must be employed to not overdo, overextend or over promise. Keep your actions in check and ride the relief of the heaviness of the past few days.

Venus kisses Uranus on March 28th introducing excitement and new opportunities in love and money. Fun, thrills and creativity abound. This is a stimulating time for romance, investments and artistic endeavors. Enjoy the levity, frivolity and lightness of this blend.

Heaviness is introduced on the 29th when the Sun tenses Saturn, again in Aries and Capricorn. These cardinal signs add intensity to this difficult alignment. Your best bet is to show patience, act with determination and demonstrate a strong work ethic.

On the last day of the month, Venus enters Taurus, one of its own signs. It’s stronger here as it’s at home. Everyone may experience a boost in financial standing, status and connection to the earthly elements. Feeling luxurious, finding calm and enjoying silence are available to you wherever Venus in Taurus hits your natal chart.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 31st at 8:37 am EST creates a cardinal triangle with the Sun and Mercury in Aries and Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. There’s air, fire and earth in this mixture with water completely out of the picture. The loft of air, the force of fire and the solidity of earth acts on your feelings, vitality, intellectual pursuits, passions, duties and responsibilities.

The Sun/Mercury – Moon opposition polarizes your yearning for leadership versus teamwork, competiveness versus diplomacy or boldness versus compromise. You want innovation, brave action, swiftness yet also desire harmony, peace and balance.

Opposition creates a channel between these different energies pulling and tugging along the widest points. The key is to open the channel along the varying points to enable the ability to glide along it. Both Aries and Libra strive for experience. Aries loves to work at his or her own fast pace with lots of energy, adventure and ferocity. Libra loves to work with others in compromise, diplomacy and grace.

These signs have fighting for just causes and pursuing freedom in common. Libra seeks balance and that also means justice and Aries loves daring initiation. Unjust causes may unite these two energies toward a singular goal.   Add Mercury to this mix and you may have the bully pulpit in action. Speak out to right the wrongs. Work together to gain ground for justice. Incite action for basic freedoms.

As these signs stretch each other, you may want to lean into one energy to adjust the other. For example, if you feel angry or fearful, you may want to reach for Libran’s ability to negotiate or work together. You may also want to lean into this sign’s capacity for love.

On the other hand, if you are being indecisive, dithering or too compromising, you may want to exert directness, courage and just the right amount of force to push through it.

This month begins smoothly as you ride the softness in the watery energy of Pisces, but by the middle of the month, Mars takes center stage as planets move into its Arian energy and it goes out of bounds.

If you stay connected to your inner knowing, you’ll maintain balance despite the duality begin shown to you throughout the month.

If, however, you choose to react to all of the changes throughout the month, you’ll be thrown to and fro and miss the opportunity to achieve inner balance.

As always, you have choice.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Tourmalinated Quartz.

The combination of tourmaline and quartz has a dual effect. The grounding and protecting influence of the tourmaline and the magnifying of your aura and energy centers of the quartz creates a more robust impact than either one alone.

This stone can harmonize opposite elements and polarities. It also turns negative energies into positive ones. In this month of duality, it’s the perfect crystal as it merges both together.

This stone is a symbol of unity and is known as an effective problem solver. It balances the yin/yang energies which is perfect for the equinox as the seasonal energies ask you to do just that.

Tourmalinated quartz assists the integration and healing of shadow energies and serves as a protective barrier against invasive ones.

In the month of duality, there may be a lot of energy flying around as people are attempting to ride the change from water into fire, to achieve balance during the equinox and to navigate these differences.

Reach for tourmalinated quartz to help you this month.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,