May 2017 Influences


The expression for the month of May is wave and the question is: do we ride its crest or does it overcome us? The tarot card is the Two of Crystals – Equanimity, so balance of heart and mind is the key to prevailing this month. This card urges us to be objective and aware; be centered and balanced. Go either into the depths to avoid the fracas or rise above the fray.

We haven’t finished with Aries and Mars energies yet and won’t this month either. So, intensity, passion and assertiveness may disrupt our sense of wellbeing.

Leaning into the solar energy of Taurus with its love of all things sensory, silent, natural and calm allows us to leverage its energies to counterbalance the agitation and overstimulation of the mind and our emotions.

However, Taurus only reigns until the 20th when Gemini stirs its mental acuity into the mix.

What’s the remedy?

Sink deeply into our inner lives, open our minds to possibilities and create calm to ride the wave known as May.



Week 1:

As we enter May, Aries is still in play with three planets in its influence – Mercury or communication, Venus or love, and Uranus or individuality – aligned with courage, ambition and passion. Mercury is still retrograde until the 3rd when it goes direct, however, it’s in the intense post-shadow until the 8th, so transportation, technology and communication may still be on the fritz.

We still have three additional planets in retrograde – Jupiter(thru June), Saturn(August), and Pluto(September). Each of these retrograde planets adds to the energetic mix. Jupiter’s influence is saying ‘yes’ to too many things and getting overwhelmed, Saturn’s retrograde requires us to look deeply and honestly into our foundations and shore up any weaknesses as well as to complete any unfinished projects. Pluto’s retrograde asks us to revisit our own power, strengths, and ambitions.

Retrograde forces prod us to revisit, reexamine, review and redefine aspects of ourselves we have let go, glossed over or ignored.

Taking this first week of May, to lean into the calming and practical energy of Taurus and to leverage the brave energies of Aries, presses us to go deeply into the set-up of our lives.

Week 2:

On the 9th, the Sun harmonizes with Pluto as it does every year in its annual May & September dance. This combination sparks a powerful, masterful, and influential energy. We will be deeply engaged in our interests and our daily experiences will also be deep and intense.

On May 10, the Full moon enters Scorpio to directly oppose the Sun in Taurus. We can look at the remedies of each to determine which ones will help us now. When Taurus is the remedy for Scorpio: calm, simplicity, and acceptance of that which arises naturally heal complexity, psychodrama, and mistrust. When Scorpio is the remedy for Taurus: honesty, shadow-work and courageous emotional investigation heal denial, lassitude, and materialism.

The moon excites Pluto too, so anything you want to get to the root cause of will come up for rectification.

On this day, Mercury blends with Uranus for the third time in as many months and then not again until May 2018. Our thoughts will be distracted and disrupted by flashes of brilliance. Capturing our thoughts will be a challenge, but thankfully, this energy is muted as Mercury complements Saturn the next day. Saturn’s effect brings concentration and focus. Its allows us to fixate on details, make good decisions and deal with serious discussions.

Mars comes into focus as it abrades Neptune. Mars has been involved for the last several weeks in its affinity with Aries, but now he comes out to play on his own. The Neptunian influence erodes Mars natural vitality, depleting our energy, depressing our drive and suppressing our ability to see things clearly. The good news is these feelings only last a few days as Mars harmonizes with Jupiter on the 12th.


We now feel optimistic and alive. We want to strive forward and win successfully. Additionally, Mars is out of bounds and heading further out throughout this month. The out of bounds nature makes Mars more of itself, so more assertive, more energetic, and more intense.

The week, on its own, has many ups and downs.

Week 3:

Relief is here on the 16th, however, as Mercury enters Taurus, calming our thoughts and easing any distractions.

A few days later, on the 19th, Saturn tones Uranus making this a time for positive change in our lives. It creates order out of chaos and is a good time for creative expression, bringing people together, and making constructive long-term moves.

This same day, Venus opposes Jupiter, creating playful, fun-loving and pleasure-seeking forces in our lives.


The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. Gemini is all about communication, mental acuity, and wonder. It’s quick-witted, problem-solving and inquisitive.

The third week of May brings relief, fun and wonder-filled energies. We can certainly use these to lighten the density of the retrograde energies and intensity of out of bounds Mars.

Week 4:

The fourth week’s first impact is the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th. The sun-moon combination in Gemini coincides with Venus chafing Pluto, creating power struggles in relationships and control issues in financial ones.

The new moon sparks a time to start something new and with the changes wrought by the Saturn-Uranus trine, perhaps this is a good time to focus on self-worth and do something to create value in our own lives.

A few days later, on the 29th, Mars opposes Saturn bringing frustration, disappointment and anger. Saturn slows things down and asks the questions; “Do we really want it? Are we sure?”

Funneling our energies in a productive way with our eyes focused on the result will ease the impact of this configuration.

We exit the month with a final play from Mercury as it tones Pluto on the last day. We are ready for penetrating thoughts and discussions. We can negotiate brilliantly, influencing others and understanding complex information.

May is a series of ups and downs with our thoughts and emotions at the fore. Taking the long view, making strides in accessing the construct of our lives and delving deeply into our inner lives ease the underlying martial, retrograde and mercurial energies.


Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: moonstone.

This is a stone of new beginnings as it opens the mind to sudden irrational impulses, serendipity and synchronicity.

The power of moonstone lies in its ability to relax the emotions while opening the mind to wondrous possibilities.

As its name suggests, Moonstone helps ride the ebb and flow of life, just like the cycles of the moon. This powerful stone promotes intuition, empathy and increased psychic abilities.  The lunar influence is felt when working with this stone.

Coupling the energy of moonstone with the message of the tarot, we can fold balance into our days.

Imagine or hold an actual moonstone and breathe in its potency and repeat the mantra of balance, balance, balance as you inhale and exhale.

Repeat as necessary.


As always,

Wishing you joy,