Mercury Retrograde: December 3rd - 22nd


Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd as it’s kissing Saturn and remains retrograde until the 22nd. So, for this period it’s not recommended to start anything new, make long-term decisions, begin new projects or take technology or travel for granted.

Mercury turns retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, so you’re use to this energy. It’s the ‘re’ energy as it’s a good time to redefine, review, refine, rediscover, reunite, remember, redo, research, really anything with a prefix of ‘re’.

This one is a bit different though for a few reasons:

  1. It's kissing Saturn.
  2. It's out of bounds.

What does this mean?

Both in Sagittarius, Mercury is blended with Saturn's energy for a handful of days.

The Sagittarius flavor adds MORE. Sagittarius is a fiery, expansive and adventurous energy. It loves everything BIG - the bigger the better.

But, the Saturn conjunction deflates this. It adds focus, discipline and commitment to an otherwise flighty energy.

With this Saturn blend, it's an excellent time for research and investigation into ancestry, past lives or tapping into ancient knowledge. Anything with the Saturnian flavor - the past, skill-building and mastery.

Out of bounds? This means Mercury is a little zany and a bit more of itself. As if it needs to be, with its retrograde station, Saturnian blend and Sagittarian flavor.

So the first handful of days of the Mercury retrograde feels confusing and may be aggravating.

My advice? Keep your head down, find a topic your very interested in and use this energy for research, investigation and learning.

That's my plan next week (well, in addition to all of my speaking, teaching and client work!)

After that, this retrograde will be typical. There will be technical, communication and travel glitches. But with the gorgeous Jupiter-Neptune trine of December 2nd and the Sagittarius fun-filled, jovial flavors building, you won't mind. You'll go with the flow and perhaps have a little fun while you're waiting for your computer to be rebooted, your emails to be answered or your train to arrive.