Midterms - November 6th


What do the Tarot, crystals and stars have to say about the Midterm elections?

Tarot Card

Well, here it is – Sorrow – Six of Cups.

Not the card I’m hoping for, obviously, as I watch the widening divide in our country. I usually don’t mind this card, even though it’s filled with portent, heaviness and despair. Seriously, it’s because the water cards are also filled with insight, instinct and sentiment.

However, right now in our country, we don’t need further ‘you and other’ forces and here it is in this card. The six represents exactly that – ‘you and other’. It exists in wholeness in the Tarot and numerology, but with the current weeping darkness of our nation, it’s an anguishing process to reach wholeness from our present position.

Fun, right?

The silver lining is the availability of catharsis as grief expression leads to relief. The personal embodiment of this card is to liberate your soul by expressing your grief and shining your light. Revitalization is available through this catharsis.

It’s the same on the collective level. The United States can liberate its soul by expressing its collective grief and shining its light.

What grief needs to be expressed?

There are many underlying forces infecting our country with greed, deceit and prejudice being at the fore. With the 2016 election, our country elects an awakener in Donald Trump as he’s overtly acting out each one of these vices.

It’s either pleasing or difficult to watch, depending upon your point of view. However, it’s refreshing in its transparency.

Everything is flagrantly out in the open for the entire world to see. The greed, lies and racial slurs are unprecedented. Everything’s brought to the surface for discourse, reaction and response. So far, other than viral social media blasts, nothing constructive has been achieved by the opposition to the ruling party. The resistance movement is active, yet not effective as the political leadership is not responding to the people’s will.

The Tarot indicates relief to be found through catharsis. As for greed, the very origin of our country is stolen. The Puritans steal land from the indigenous peoples repeatedly. Then, the growth of the country involves kidnapping and enslaving Africans from their home country in order to get free labor.

As for deceit, there are numerous examples, “I am not a crook” Nixon resigns before he’s impeached for Watergate and Clinton is acquitted of perjury by the Senate for lying about his affair with Lewinsky.

In the corporate world, Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff are household names for stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors and obviously, deceiving their investors.

The list of politicians who lie is endless. It’s stated Trump has lied 4,229 times since in office for an average of 7.6 times per day. The American people have gotten use to be deceived. Frankly, it’s a tragedy.

As for prejudice the divide in America is widening. Black versus blue, Muslim profiling, gender inequality are labels for deep and dark forces separating you from other.

The voter suppression efforts are expanding due to the Supreme Court decision in 2013 eviscerating the Voter Rights Act in states such as Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. Closing polls in minority districts, purging voter rolls, enacting new registration laws and imposing voter ID requirements. Each of these disproportionately limit the ability of minority voters. This abhorrent example of prejudice in America is happening today.

So, the collective grief for healing is absolutely necessary and based upon our country’s history, it almost doesn’t matter who wins the House and the Senate on November 6th as the underlying issues of our nation go far beyond the controlling parties.

I say almost.

Because relief is possible, if people are brave enough.


The set-up is to expect the unexpected with a push toward feminine energy. Let’s look at the key aspects.

Firstly, Mercury goes out of bounds in Sagittarius as of November 2nd, pushing thoughts, beliefs and opinions out of control. Think BIG, exaggerated, inflated and optimistic. Each side thinks it’s going to win regardless of reality, making the lead-up an ever-expanding tale of success.

That’s going to position the elections with unreasonable expectations for each party. The Moon is in Scorpio on November 6th, so expect more intensity, greater passion and high drama. In the exalted expression, Scorpio seeks honest penetration to get to the truth and in the lowest, Scorpio is manipulative and secretive.

This isn’t a good scenario regarding voter interference or intimidation. For those highly contested districts, non-partisan poll watchers should be in place.

Uranus enters the mix around mid-day. Between approximately 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST, Uranus squares the True Node as it enters Cancer and then re-enters Aries on its retrograde journey. As a backdrop, Venus and Uranus still have opposition energy.

So, it’s Uranus, Uranus, Uranus.  The only consistent thing with Uranus is change. So, is this a change in the actual makeup of the House and Senate or is it a change in expected outcome of the races?

I think it’s both.

If you look at the predictions of mid-October, Democrats are expected to take control of the House, Republicans are expected to keep control of the Senate and the Gubernatorial elections are expected to be split in the middle for the 8 toss-up seats. However, Democrats are expected to gain gubernatorial seats to reach a more equal standing at the state level.

According to RealClear Politics and Nate Silver, here are the breakdowns:

Race Dems Current Reps Current Dems Expected Reps Expected Difference
House (7 vacancies) 193 235 227 208 D +34
49 51 47 53 R +2
Governors (1 Independant) 16 33 23 27 D +7

So, expect the unexpected. This could mean a landslide for one party over the other across the board. However, it could also mean voters have an unexpected experience.

The energy is female, female, female. Venus opposes Uranus, the Moon is in Scorpio and the True Node moves into Cancer.

The tremendous opportunity of the October Venus Rx influence has the potential to give loft to the feminine collective. If women have said YES during these October weeks, I predict huge wins for the feminine on November 6th. Now that’s not literal. It doesn’t mean Ms. X will win Y seat. I mean this energetically.

How does the feminine gain voice? How is she heard? What is her platform?

Imagine a world where money is NOT the only indicator used in decision-making. Envision a land where the collective voice is unified for human rights and not privileged ones.  Picture collaboration and negotiation with effective multi-tiered approach to everything.

Having the feminine on the platform brings wholeness into its realm. Yet, how does this happen? Does this happen in one fell-swoop in a midterm election where the top of the ticket isn’t even involved?

I think not, but I think these midterms are a good first step.

However, it depends upon women. The astrology is set up to give women the advantage. With the south node in Capricorn, Uranus reentering Aries and its opposition to Venus, the breakdown of the patriarchy, a revolution for freedom and women’s rights are prime – right there in the cosmos. Will women listen? Will they take it to heart? Do they know themselves well enough and grant themselves permission to vote their morals and conscience?

That’s the unknown. The astrology is fielding a softball for a grand slam, yet with free choice, women can decline to step up to the plate, can foul out or worse, just punt.

There are other aspects carrying the day as the Sun tones Neptune, both in water signs, Venus Rx harmonizes Mars, both in air signs and Jupiter asks Uranus for adjustments.

The Sun-Neptune gravitational pull on November 6th furthers empathy for others, expands compassion and increases awareness at the group level.  Venus Rx and Mars, harmonizing exactly on the 9th, lend a cooperative air and one of appreciation for one another, particularly the opposite sex. Jupiter’s relationship to Uranus, exact on the 8th, brings changes to your belief system. This provides opportunity for morality and integrity or greed and arrogance. Doing the right thing based upon your value system gives good fortune and positive change. Giving into greed and over-confidence, however, brings a reversal of fortune.

To gain even further insight, let’s glance at two other celestial pieces; key asteroids and the 2019 astrology.

The key asteroids involve Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta. These asteroids, discovered circa 1800, lie between Mars and Jupiter and relate directly to expressions of Venus.

With Venus Rx taking center stage throughout the month of October and into November, let’s see what the asteroids have to contribute to this interpretation.

Ceres blends with Venus Rx in Libra on the day of the midterms. In her higher expression, Ceres in Libra is cooperative for the betterment of all, in her lower one, she loses her own power in the hopes of being accepted by others.

Vesta is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, having been in this sign since September 18th. (Vesta actually enters Capricorn in April, goes retrograde into Sagittarius over the summer and reenters Capricorn.) So, she’s returning for purity of what’s already been accepted and controlled. Vesta is looking for complete and total transformation.

Pallas Athena is also in Libra, having entered there on the 5th. Here, this Warrior Goddess protects equality, justice and harmony. Assertively evoked, Pallas Athena helps manifest the ideal.

Juno stations retrograde in Gemini on October 12th and reenters Taurus on the 24th. Juno in Taurus, demands you take responsibility in relationship, financial standing and positions of status. Juno also asks Venus Rx for adjustments and opposes Jupiter (within 2-degree orb).  Juno and Venus Rx requires deeper commitment as your perception of others is tarnished as they seem vain or too superficial. There may be an erosion of self-confidence. Juno opposing Jupiter adds questioning of your value and belief systems.

With the asteroids, Ceres, Vesta and Pallas Athena are poised to propel women to the polls to vote their conscience, while Juno introduces confusion. Ceres and Vesta have the greatest impact due to their proximity to Venus and Pluto, so women should ‘take the day’.

In 2019, Jupiter and Saturn dance with Neptune throughout the year. First, Jupiter, the big, fun-loving, exuberant fellow squares off with Neptune, the dreamy, mystical and creative force. This influence either tests your faith and brings reality into a crash course with illusion or it allows deception and delusion to run amuck.

Saturn excites Neptune, lending discipline, commitment and focus to spirituality with material gain and shared values around a common cause. There may be short-term strides on long term goals.

Uranus reenters Taurus in March, bringing Venus and values back into the mix. Any revolutionary gains in freedom from the Uranus in Aries blend will be made real over the next 7 years.

Overall 2019 is a ‘feel good’ year as you’re either happy to go along with deluding circumstances or are gaining ground for the common good.

Due to the 2019 outlook, the midterm elections aren’t going to be a landslide for either party as the ‘expect the unexpected’ planet could create.  It appears the midterms will prime the electorate to achieve short-term gains and approach balance, so a mixed ending with neither party holding all of the seats seems likely.

Fingers crossed, voter intimidation doesn’t become the headline of the day.


Emerald, tied to Venus, is the stone of love, wisdom and truth. This stone opens your heart to love and symbolizes mercy, compassion and universal love. It supports inner wisdom through knowing and truth through greater understanding of how life works.

It provides calm and gives you the strength to take what you need and the courage give back what you don’t to maintain balance.

Love, wisdom and truth? Perhaps taking emerald with you to the polls is in order.

Remember to vote – thoughtfully.

Let your voice be heard.


As always, wishing you joy,



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