New Moon June - Wonder


The Gemini New Moon on June 13th at 3:45 pm EDT is all about wonder and insights as she’s supported by two harmonious aspects as Jupiter tones Neptune and Mercury excites Uranus. The watery Jupiter-Neptune combination encourages hope, generosity and enlightenment. It can also bring deep intuitive dreams and soulful heart yearnings to the surface.

Mercury excites Uranus bringing good news, unexpected surprises and stimulating discoveries. It also heartens the air quality of the Sun-Moon blending with the Cancerian influence of Mercury and the Taurian one of Uranus. Contemplation and silence have space even with the Gemini solar-lunar energy.

Mercury is still out of bounds, so is super zany. You may need lean into the watery and earthly energies to quiet his urges for quickness, flash and unpredictable movement.

The New Moon and Sun conjunction marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Every month, there’s an opportunity for a new beginning and this June New Moon cycle ends with the beginning of this seasonal eclipses in July.

Also on this day, Venus enters Leo and challenges Uranus to prop the prior week’s movement toward destiny and tying it into the eclipses next month. Relationships intent on joy, spontaneity and celebration are at the fore. Leo is happy and strives for personal expression. He’s magnetic and charismatic and loves sharing with people. However, Uranus always bids for freedom, so ask yourself these questions:

-    Who can support you in achieving your destiny?

-    How can you further your personal expression in the world?

-    What would it take to welcome more love and flirtation into your life to give breath to your relationships?

New Moon Recommendations:

-  Socialize with good friends

-  Lie back and look at the clouds

-  Invite heartfelt and soulful conversation

-  Go to a documentary, museum or interesting lecture

-  Meditate to connect to your intuition

-  Read a delicious book you’ve been meaning to for a long time

-  Plan a trip or sign up for an interesting and fun class

-  Make sure you get a good night sleep with howlite or white chestnut flower essence remedy

Enjoy this time of wonder!

As always, wishing you joy,