New Moon Libra - For the Love of You


Hello Libra. The Sun and Moon blends in the sign of peace, love, art, beauty and harmony, bringing loft to the energies right now that’s so necessary. Breathe into it.

Libra is aligned with Venus and in the air sign of Libra, she has the ability to be either calm and soothing or freedom-fighting and justice-seeking. There’s more to the Libran energy than sonnets and roses, but sonnets and roses are part of it right now and that sounds really good! Lean into this love and romance for yourself and others.

But first, take a moment to be you – just you. Disconnect from the world and take a few minutes to reconnect to you.  Energize with the air quality of Venus to turn inward and drench yourself in love. (Yes, I’m doing ritual live on FB at noon EDT on Tuesday. Click here to connect ->)

As Libra is about love, this New Moon reminds you that deep abiding love is not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s breathtaking, monumental and fierce. In other words, LOVE IS AWESOME.

Imagine turning this awesome love inward. Envision exploring deep abiding love for yourself. Intend to commit to creating value, love, peace and freedom in your life – just for you.

How do you do this?

The first step is to connect to the love you have for yourself. Explore it, deepen it and bask in it. Relate to these beautiful Libran energies – for yourself and then for others.

There are 3 main categories to Libra – love, calm and advocacy.

  • Love -What does self-love mean to you? How do you love yourself? How do you value yourself? Then, how to you demonstrate this love to others?
  • Calm –How do you create calm in your life? What gives you peace? Why is harmony important to you?
  • Advocacy –How do you stand up for yourself? What do you say to others when you feel their actions impinge upon you? What issues are important to you in the world? How do you seek freedom for yourself and others?

The second step is to use the celestial bodies to assist you. There are supportive energies abounding right now for you to create the love reality you’ve always dreamed. It’s not going to feel like fluffy kitties and unicorns, but it’s not going to be Hell either. It’s going to be somewhere in between.

To create the BIG LOVE reality, let’s go into the cosmic energy to see what’s available right now:

  1. With Mercury entering and Venus Rx and Jupiter already in Scorpio, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs get a deeper dive into feminine power. Love EXPANDS into the full feminine creative force. You have the opportunity to dive entirely into all of your spaces and give them love. You have the ability to dissect and rid yourself of those places no longer serving you. You have the chance to stand up for your wholeness. And by doing so, you have the absolute power to increase the love you have for yourself.
  2. Venus Rx challenges Mars, both in fixed signs, adding energy, enthusiasm and passion in relationship, especially for yourself. You have the drive, vitality and force to be brave. Can you bravely step in awesome love for yourself? How worthy of courage are you? Can you passionately delve into the areas of love in your life?
  3. Mercury is busy as he opposes Uranus in a few days and excites Saturn as he does a few times a year. Your insight, intuition and intellect get a boost. You’re clearheaded, thoughtful and honest in assessing your past. What would you change to embrace deep abiding love? What wouldn’t you change?
  4. Pluto confronts the Sun-Moon combination in a few days, so control and defensiveness get stirred up for review and release. This is another reminder, power and influence arise out of authority, not duty or fear. How can you let go of your need to hold on too tightly? What do you need to allow in order to increase your inner authority?
  5. The backdrop of Saturn harmonizing Uranus underlies all of these energies giving you all of the influence to bring your future into your life right now. Your pursuit for making your mark on the world intensifies under a parallel force of realizing your core self. Who are you and how do you express yourself into the world?

Allow all of this loving celestial energy to lift you up as you ask yourself to dive deeply into your own power to gain love because, the 3rd step is to say YES.

Say ‘Yes’ to you. Say ‘Yes’ to love. Say ‘Yes’ to freeing yourself from anything holding you back.

You can’t forget that Libra is about the relationship of you and other. The outer world becomes involved under this influence. Yet, Libra is also about balance. In this balance, as you increase the love you have for yourself, you will watch how this love gets reflected back to you. Self-love grows and love from others grows too – it’s just Universal Law.

So, BIG LOVE. Big love for you and big love from others. The bigger the love you have for yourself, the bigger the love will be from others.

Well, that sound delicious.

Happy, happy New Moon.

As always, wishing you joy,