New Moon: March 17th


The Pisces New Moon on March 17th at 9:11 am EST as Mars goes out of bounds and then enters Capricorn. Mars challenges both the Sun and Moon while the Piscean Sun-Moon blending acts to increase your intuition, creativity and imagination. It makes you act and feel dreamy, nebulous and connected to the divine. Your sense of compassion, understanding and empathy is at an all-time high. With the Mars influence, you’ll be challenged by aggression, conflict or power struggles. The combination of the fluid Piscean influences with the strong martial energy will be difficult to navigate. Other energies influencing this New Moon involve the toning between Mars and Uranus beginning the prior week as well as the Jupiter-Pluto excitement since mid-January. The harmony between Mars and Uranus increases your instincts, nudges you toward new self-expression and invites new opportunities into your life. The stimulation between Jupiter and Pluto set up in January brings success through positive change.

New Moon Recommendations:

If you feel disconnected and disjointed:

  • Meditate
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Make plans for the future
  • Assess the areas of your life and make changes for improvement
  • Explore the mysteries and the occult
  • Create, draw or paint
  • Gather in supportive groups and discuss the mystical aspects of life
  • Reconnect with old friends

If you feel an overflow of energy:

  • Do anything physical to release pent up frustrations
  • Have sex for the same reason :)
  • Volunteer to be of service and the more physical the work, the better
  • Say yes to opportunities giving you more power and influence
  • Work with groups to make positive change
  • Take a class about anything creative or spiritual

This New Moon continues the theme of duality this month. It's all about awareness of the opposite to creates a channel between the polarities. It's the ability to show nimbleness along the channel that builds balance. The pull and tugs are constant now, so stay focused on the long term, ask for support and remember to breathe.

Sink into this New Moon time and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!