New Moon - May 15th: Living Your Values


The Taurus New Moon on May 15th occurs at 7:47 a.m. and is influenced by other astrological aspects such as; out of bounds Venus, the Mars-Uranus challenge and the Jupiter-Neptune harmony. These combinations hold true as Uranus enters Taurus a few hours later. I want to give the New Moon its due even though the big event of the day is Uranus entering Taurus, the first time this planet has changed signs since 2011.

However, the New Moon still packs a punch and is filled, as usual, with the full potential of manifestation, so let’s explore her separately from Uranus.

Both events have the same sign expression of Taurus, so who’s Taurus?

Taurus is a female sign and an earthly one – the wholeness of the feminine power made real in the world.  Her archetypes are the Earth spirit, the musician and the silent one. She likes stability, security and the creature comforts. She seeks luxury and a position of status in her life. She’s traditional, determined, dignified and a protector of art and beauty. She loves the land and the environment. She appreciates the natural world and loves animals.

Her symbol is the bull as she’s fixed, stubborn and lasting. She’s also regal, fertile and powerful. The bull symbolizes abundance, strong will and prosperous times.

Taurus is ruled by Venus - the Goddess of love. Venus is discerning as she seeks her mate for intimacy and commitment. She thrives on relationship, striving to attract and connect with others. She’s aligned with art and beauty. She also loves calm, peace and harmony. She knows her own value and what she brings to anyone in her sphere. She’s out of bounds right now, so is really stressing these tendencies.

Mercury enters Taurus two days prior, so conversation and communication also have the Taurian expression of steadiness, practicality and common sense. There may even be a plodding element to dialogue and decisions right now. When decisions are made, they’re made to last. In other words, they may be final.

So, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and in a few hours, Uranus, are all in Taurus drenching you with her influence. You identify, feel and communicate under the power of Taurus. You lean into the signature of Venus in her discernment, search for love, peace, art, beauty and harmony. This sounds wonderful!

So, let’s explore.

Where in your life do you wish for love? Are you in a long-term romantic relationship or are you searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right? Do you have a decision in your current partnership to either take it to the next level or break it off to satisfy your own needs?

Taurus and Venus will help you discern your needs and those of your partners. They will help you renew your commitment to each other or discover your true love.

Are you happy with your home? Does it serve your needs for design and beauty? Do you feel peaceful, calm and harmonious in it? Are your gardens plentiful? Are you contemplating a pet? Think of ways to create beauty, harmony and peace in your surroundings. Say ‘Yes’ to spending time in nature, getting a little furry one or creating a backyard garden.

What else is going on?

Taurus and Venus also represent money and wealth. What is your financial standing right now? Are you comfortable with it? Not in comparison with others, but you – on your own. There are elements of abiding, lasting inspiration for wealth under this influence, but there are those of materialism, vanity and prideful pursuit as well. Make investments based upon your values to build wealth.

Do you love nature, wellness or long-standing organizations? Do you associate with technology, science or the arts? Put your money into your values as both Taurus and Venus support these efforts.

Taurus is all about the body and health. How is your fitness routine? Your diet? Sleep? Wellness regime? Do you prioritize your health when making decisions on a daily basis? Are there any tweaks you'd like to make to benefit your physical health?

What’s important in your life right now? What are your priorities? Is it your family, loved ones or friends? Is it your health, career or home? Is it traveling or new experience? Learning? Developing a skill or craft? Having fun or taking time off to relax? Is it to pursue the mysteries in life?

Think about it. Make a list. Do a ritual.

Taurus pursues her goals with single-mindedness, however, she can also become complacent and even lazy. Where do you need a boost to achieve your goals and objectives? Lean into the energy of the Mars-Uranus combination. The power and surge of the cardinal influences of Aries and Capricorn give you the ability to begin.

Additionally, the dreamy optimistic influences of the Neptune-Jupiter combination give you the depth and imagination to reach for the stars.

Make your dreams and wishes come true by knowing what you value in life.

Happy New Moon!

As always, wishing you joy,