New Moon: November 18th


Today, the Scorpio New Moon kisses the Sun joining Venus and Jupiter in this mysterious energy. This month has involved many planets in this sign as it began with Mercury, Sun and Jupiter and switched Mercury for Venus during the first week of the month. So, what’s the big deal? Switching one planet for another and then adding just one more. It doesn’t sound too significant.

The difference? The difference is the Moon. The Moon involves your heart, your emotions and your intuition. The Moon is mysterious as is Scorpio. It’s not a natural placement, but combined with Venus and Jupiter – it makes it more powerful and potentially impactful.

These four planetary influences involve your identity, your heart, your discernment and your faith. Each of these is in the passionate, dramatic soup of Scorpio.

Adding complexity (as if Scorpio needs it), Venus and Jupiter are in harmony with Neptune and the Sun and Moon are making adjustments with Uranus.

The Neptunian energy will make you feel more intuitive, instinctual, dreamy and distracted. It deludes, yet diving into your intuitive side will enhance all the positive qualities of imagination and creativity without the confusion.

The Uranian energy urges you to strive for freedom, independence and wildness. This is a beautiful force as it pushes you to be unapologetically yourself – something Scorpio loves! Lean into this feisty rebelliousness just enough to give you permission to become true to yourself.

This is a gift – one of the New Moon.

Recommendations for this New Moon:

o Go deep into reflection, contemplation and meditation as the deeper you go, the less the tugs will pull you out of your center.

o Lose yourself in creative trance. Do anything that inspires your heart and allows it to sing.

o Dream.

o Be sexy, sensual and mysterious.

o Ask yourself life’s big questions: Who am I at the core? Why am I here? What are my deepest desires? Who is my soul mate? What is my life’s longing?

o What adjustments do you need to make to be unapologetically yourself?

o Dive into the mysteries.

o Be incredibly honest with yourself about your intimate relationships, your heart’s yearnings and your soul’s nudging.

This New Moon offers ease and harmony as you delve into the deepest aspects of yourself.

Open yourself up to yourself and accept the gift of this New Moon.

It’s absolutely magical.

As always, wishing you joy,