New Moon - September 20th


The New Moon on September 20th is all about Virgo as the Sun and Moon blend into this energy and Venus enters it as well to join Mercury and Mars. Five planets in Virgo - who knows perfection. Virgo is all about seeing everything. She strives for perfection. She can see it, feel it and embody it, yet she also knows the realities of the imperfections of where everyone’s life is. Where is your life right not? No one’s is perfect, so you’re in good company, but if you’re not use to the energy of Virgo, it can seem complicated, anxiety-inducing and bitchy. Yes, bitchy. (I have a bunch of Virgo in my chart, so I know of which I speak.) Virgo in her highest expression holds the perfection of life as I’ve already stated, but there is a burden to this – perfection is impossible to attain. So, although striving for perfection seems ‘virtuous’, it’s not realistic. There’s a tendency to be too critical, judgmental and fussy.

Instead, use the hard-working, discriminating and skillful aspects of Virgo to serve yourself. Lean into the practical, intelligent and discerning parts of Virgo to look honestly at your life and make the necessary changes. Use Virgo’s industry, analytical and dependable traits to launch these improvements in your life.  Virgo can be a blessing or a curse. Let her be a blessing for you. See yourself in naked clarity and allow the humble aspects of Virgo to accept yourself. Be kind and compassionate, but also be diligent.

Other factors add to this mix with Mercury in Virgo pulling at Neptune in Pisces and the Sun, also in Virgo, drawing on Uranus in Aries.

Looking at the Mercury-Neptune combination, this aspect has the ability to add confusion and miscommunication in relationship. It also may lead to distortion of relevant versus irrelevant information.  Making important decisions or signing contracts is not recommended right now. However, the Mercury-Neptune opposition is a wonderful time to explore your creativity and imagination. It’s a dreamy time full of potency. This can assist with all of the Virgo energies calling for life review and self-examination.

The Virgo Sun-Aries Uranus arrangement summons nervous tension as you sense changes or unexpected events that will ask you to alter your plans or routines. Your intuition is correct as Uranus can bring sudden or unforeseen circumstances into your life.  However, be flexible and open-minded. These changes could be positive, creating good opportunities you may not have anticipated.

In addition, Uranus loves freedom, so any area of your life that’s ho-hum – take advantage of this energy to shake things up a bit. Make adjustments and lean into creative expression. Experiment.  Making minor changes in your life is fully supported now.  Combining these influences with the Virgo practicality and discernment allows for successful modifications in your life.

Recommendations for the New Moon:

  • Utilize this practical yet dreamy combination to explore the creative aspects of your being. How do you like to create? Do you prefer writing or drawing? Gardening or cooking? Singing or playing an instrument? Are you partial to crafting?
  • Peek at areas of your life you’d like to improve. Make a plan with goals, objectives and deadlines.
  • Stay active as Virgo loves movement. Develop a healthy sustainable routine full of physical and mental activity allowing for relaxation and rejuvenation. This is not a hot energy, it’s an earthly one. Be practical and realistic.
  • Take time for self-care. Make plans to go to a spa, take a walk on the beach or go hiking in nature.
  • Stay open and flexible. There may be changes coming your way. Look at the bright side of any unexpected events. Stay positive. Choose optimism.
  • Walk away from any miscommunication or anxiety-ridden aspects in relationship. Take a breather and let things cool down. Chances are the distortions are not real. Give it a few days and revisit it when the Sun is in Libra.

New Moon times are ones to set intentions, manifest the changes you desire and reach for your potential. This New Moon has each of these items in spades. The Virgo energy allows you to see things with clarity and honesty. Take the time to step back and analyze the areas of your life you’d like to improve. Be kind to yourself and lean into the dreamy parts of Neptune.

Make a plan to create the life you crave.

As always, wishing you joy,