October 19th - New Moon


Often a New Moon is all about the sign of the Sun and Moon, in this case, Libra. However, this month there are two other signs, Scorpio and Aries, powering action. Scorpio is where Mercury and Jupiter reside at the moment and Aries is where Uranus has been sitting since 2011.  The theme of self and other continues with the Libran Sun-Moon and Arian Uranus.

The Sun-Moon blend gets added energy from the Mercury-Jupiter union. These four are together opposing Uranus.

Libra harkens love, beauty, harmony, partnership, peace, and balance. Your identity and emotions are situated here at the New Moon. Your ego and your heart yearn for these qualities at this point of highest potential. Your intellect, point of view, experience and instincts call for truth, loyalty and intensity. Being honest with yourself and your intimate partner allows for deep healing and transformation.

All of this momentum opposes Uranus in Aries driving for freedom, independence and being unapologetically yourself. This is feisty, rebellious and shocking energy.

The New Moon sparks the ability to get what you want and to manifest your dreams.

So, what do you want?

  • Harmony and partnership – or - independence and freedom?
  • Love and romance - or - individuation and following your own path?
  • Beauty and peace - or – revelation and innovation?

This new moon is going to tug and pull at you until you answer your deepest soul yearnings. Scorpio looks deeply and honestly and Jupiter brings ease and opportunity making this an excellent time to get what you want.

That’s the key – getting what you want.

New Moon Recommendations:

  • Do something that blows your mind. Take a class, workshop or on-line program that expands your thinking and changes your perspective.
  • Go exploring. Take a hike, walk in nature or climb a summit. Widen your lens and broaden your view.
  • Have long and deep conversations with friends. Have heart-to-hearts with your significant other.
  • Discover new places in your area. Try a new restaurant, attend an unusual show or art exhibit. See modern dance or something exotic.
  • Go away for the weekend with your romantic partner. Set aside time to spend intimate time with each other. Seek intense dialogue and passionate sex.
  • If a sudden change arises, go with the flow. Take a breath and think about how this change can have positive impact in your life.
  • Get a healing appointment with an expert on past lives or soul wounds.
  • Throw yourself into a research project or investigate a topic you have been toying with recently.
  • Learn about life’s mysteries. Seek knowledge of the occult or spiritual aspects of life.
  • Seek counselling for a troubled relationship. The Mercury-Jupiter combination creates opportunity for healing and resolution.
  • Begin a creative project. Try your hand at anything artistic.

In strong, healthy relationship, this new moon can be a blessing of love, romance, beauty and harmony.  You can have fun enjoying each other and also giving a bit of room to delve into something new and interesting.

In a weak, unhealthy relationship, this new moon also offers blessings.  These are of deep exploration, honest introspection and opportunities for change.

Either way, you will be pushed to be intensely truthful about you and other.

What do you want?

You have the opportunity to answer this question during this new moon.

How exciting is this? Being able to get what you want!


As always, wishing you joy,