October 2017 Influences - Love Yourself


The expression this month is Choose to Love yourself. The question is: Are you seen, known and loved in your intimate partnerships?

The tarot card is the Ace of Crystals – Brilliance.

You are talented, naturally brilliant and inspiring. Believe in your unique genius to stimulate penetrating thought, clarifying ideas and revolutionary actions. Use your facile mind to be curious and spin the kaleidoscope to see multiple perspectives.

Allow your open-minded views to accept yourself - intimately and honestly. Follow your imagination to know yourself – deeply and fully. Trust your intuition to love yourself – easily and compassionately.

As you discover yourself, you see others more clearly and objectively. Allow your mind to inquire, your point of view to expand and your heart to open.

Choose yourself and choose love.

May it be self-love or love with another.

Choose to love yourself.


Week 1:

As September ebbs with a final tug at partnership, October begins its first day with Mars toning Pluto, both in earth signs. These two planets know each other well. They connect as they’re both aligned with Scorpio. Mars is vital, direct and aggressive while Pluto is transformative, truth-seeking and intense. Expect surges of passion, ambition and pure potential. Reach beyond challenge and obstacle to gain ground at home and at work. At home, use your magnetism in the bedroom to satisfy any increase in sexual appetite. At work, flex your power wisely and cooperatively for increased influence and power.

On the 3rd, Venus gets into the harmonizing game with Pluto increasing desire and good fortune in love and finance. There’s intensity, passion and karmic pull in romance, sexual attraction and intimate relations. If in a relationship, you may feel more amorous. If you’re not in relationship, you may find yourself engaging in a passionate affair. Ooh-la-la – Happy October!

The Full Harvest Moon, occurs on the 5th with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. As always with the Full Moon, there’s a pull of opposites. In October, it’s the pull of Libra or other with Aries or self, a pull of destiny versus one of free will.

Libra is balance, peace, beauty and cooperation. It’s also friendly, gracious and romantic. It’s ruled by Venus, so love, partnership and finances are prominent. Aries, on the other hand, is fiery, assertive, courageous and ambitious. It’s energetic, forthright and innovative. Aries is ruled by Mars, so passion, drive and action are fueled.

Utilize the charisma of Libra and the magnetism of Aries. Exploit the love in the air. Ride this love wave with courage and directness, with candor and good humor, and with peace and harmony.

Mercury also gets added to this mix the day after the Full Moon, but opening your mind, expanding your view and introducing communication relieves any negative tendencies.

Week 2:

The second week starts with Mercury kissing the Sun. You’ll feel open-minded, communicative, and full of ideas. This is good as there’s also friction between Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius.

What a buzzkill.

Saturn is all about mastery, so with it squaring Venus, it strains relationships and finances. It asks you spend time alone to take stock, so it creates distance to allow for that alone time. Basically, this transit will make you feel lonely, critical and fearful. Just allow it. Be frugal with your money, but not your relationships.

If you trust your intimate relationship and know it’s strong, ignore these nudgings. Breathe, take a solitary drive or walk on the beach and return to your loved one. It’s okay. It’s just the impact of the transit. Let it go. Smile as you remember the ooh-la-la of the last week.

If, however, you know deep down, your relationship needs adjustment. Take some time and contemplate. Saturn doesn’t feel great, but is an excellent teacher. He’s all about mastery. If you desire mastery in your relationship, now is the perfect time to go within with startling honesty. Be absolutely candid with yourself. Is this relationship the right one? Does it serve you and your higher purpose? Are you completely known and seen in it? Saturn will give you the answers. After you’ve gotten your answers, reach out to someone you trust to tell you the truth. Expel your feelings, worries and concerns to this person. Ask for complete frankness and accept it.

Lean into the Mercury-Sun blend to keep an open mind, communicate your thoughts and widen your perspective.

On the 9th and 10th, the Pluto-Sun and Pluto-Mercury squares come into play. Once again as it does every April and October, Pluto challenges the Sun triggering your need for control. What is driving this need? It is early childhood or past life wounding? Explore the reasons behind the need and you can overcome it. Attend to the Pluto-Mercury square by investigating the matter with an open mind. Changing your perceptions to uncover secrets can deepen your understanding and allow for awareness. There’s also a possibility to transform your intellectual perspectives and communication style.

Also on the 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time in 12 years. (FYI: Going backwards, Jupiter has been in Scorpio during late 2005 – 2006, late 1993 – 1994, late 1981 – 1982.) Scorpio is intense, emotional, probative. It loves to delve deeply into the dark, mysteries and the occult. It’s a water sign, so involves emotions and desires – passionately.  Jupiter is expansive, broadening and enthusiastic.

With the higher expressions of each, you have the opportunity to probe your heart to discover its desires and pursue these with zeal to find joy.

Yes, joy.

The lower expressions provide the ability to obsess, over-do and cultivate drama. Being willing to dive deeply, look honestly and grow intensely leads to healing and transformation.

Be decisive. Be strong. Be committed.

Embrace yourself –fully and intimately. You’re not striving to be liked. You’re striving to be known.

The next day, Mars upsets Saturn, so expect inhibition and frustration in success, drive, passions and desires. The more you push, the harder the resistance. Breathe, put your head down and commit to the long-haul. Be patient and work hard to strengthen your position. Don’t take risks, challenge others or push boundaries.

Complicating matters, Venus requires adjustment from retrograde Uranus.  This combination asks; have you outgrown your relationships? Are you working at mundane and mindless tasks? Uranus is typically sudden, so if a change is suddenly upon you, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Be discerning, yet aware. Is this change good for your overall growth and development? Can you create opportunity from this change?  If so, how? Be open-minded and as emotionally detached as possible. Look into your heart, it knows the answers.

Late in the day, on the 12th, Libran Mercury excites Sagittarian Saturn as it does a few times a year. Long-term planning, open and honest communication and research are supported now. The next day or two lend clarity, insight and knowledge to the aspects of frustration and startling change of the last few days. Take advantage of this fast-moving transit.

On the 14th, Venus enters Libra, its own sign. Venus is exalted here. Love, beauty, art, relationship and peace rule. It’s a Saturday, make a date. Dress up. Go to a show. Socialize and have fun. Enjoy!

Week 3:

On October 15, Libra Mercury opposes Arian Uranus. It’s a good thing it’s a Sunday. You’ll be distracted, unable to concentrate and feeling anxious. Go with the flow and open up your mind. You may even have flashes of brilliance.

The next day, the Sun stimulates Saturn making this an excellent time to complete tasks and be seen as trusted and responsible. This eases the Mars-Saturn combination of the prior week. Achievement and recognition is possible now.

On the 17th, Mercury enters Scorpio making this a probative, focused and instinctive time. This is a time of profound thought and analytical thinking.

Today also brings corrections between Mars and Uranus. You want different things than most of society and that’s okay. This combination tells you to relax your stance, soften your tone and commit to the long-term. Reaching for a quick fix isn’t that answer and will actually force you backward instead of forward. Solidify your position by making small strides instead of huge leaps. You’ll achieve positive momentum taking one step at a time.

On the 18th, it’s all about Scorpio with Mercury merging with Jupiter today, bringing luck, good fortune and opportunity to business dealings, complex thinking, travel plans and social engagements. Relish this combination!

The next day, the Libran Sun opposes Arian Uranus adding fuel to the Mercury-Jupiter blend. Expect the unexpected or something new coming from you or someone else. This may be wanted or unwanted. Doing something different can satisfy your curiosity. Open your mind to the possibilities.

Often a New Moon is all about the sign of the Sun and Moon, in this case, Libra. However, this month there are two other signs, Scorpio and Aries, powering action.

Scorpio is where Mercury and Jupiter reside at the moment and Aries is where Uranus has been sitting since 2011.  The theme of self and other continues with the Libran Sun-Moon and Arian Uranus.

The Sun-Moon blend gets added energy from the Mercury-Jupiter union. These four are together opposing Uranus.

Libra harkens love, beauty, harmony, partnership, peace, and balance. Your identity and emotions are situated here at the New Moon. Your ego and your heart yearn for these qualities at this point of highest potential. Your intellect, point of view, experience and instincts call for truth, loyalty and intensity. Being honest with yourself and your intimate partner allows for deep healing and transformation.

All of this momentum opposes Uranus in Aries driving for freedom, independence and being unapologetically yourself. This is feisty, rebellious and shocking energy.

Week 4:

On October 22, Mars enters Libra giving you the tendency to charm to get your own way. You’ll tend to negotiate with style and engage in mental debates. Partnership may be strengthened if honesty is pursued.

On the 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio urging you toward being passionate, provocative and strong-willed. Also, Venus alters Neptune distorting your view of self and others. You may be over-confident and pursue unachievable tasks. There’s confusion in your perception of others and their perception of you.  Relax into not knowing your position in the world as the next day, Mercury harmonizes Neptune stimulating your imagination, sensitivity and creativity. Your communication skills ease any distortions of the Venus-Neptune combination and your perceptions improve remarkably. Delve into the psychic or spiritual realm. You may find your answers there.

On October 26, the Sun mingles with Jupiter at the exact degree strengthening the feelings of good luck, optimism and faith of the last week. This is an excellent time for travel, relationships, investments and learning anything new. Seek experience in any area for growth.

On the 28th, Venus conflicts with Pluto and Mercury excites Pluto. The air sign of Libra, earth one of Capricorn and water sign of Scorpio are involved. Healthy relationships survive the power and control struggle of Venus and Pluto while unhealthy ones may not. If you have a tendency to win arguments and influence people through excellent communication skills, will help you persuade others. Deep, intense conversation, serious topics and intuitive exploration are supported now. Leverage the Mercury-Pluto blend to ease the Venus-Pluto one.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: SODALITE.

Sodalite helps you be true to yourself and improves self-acceptance, self-trust and self-esteem. It eliminates mental confusion, rigidity and stilted thinking. In other words, it improves clarity, flexibility and new ideas.

This stone assists you in understanding the circumstances you find yourself in and releases old mental patterns to open your mind to new insights.

As sodalite improves your ability to communicate, it helps you be true to yourself while standing up for your beliefs. It’s an ideal stone for the Libra-Aries theme of self-other this month.

It brings harmony to groups, enhances cooperation and inspires trust.

It brings emotional balance, encourages interdependence and harmonizes the third eye as it deepens meditation. It brings information from the spiritual realm to the practical earthly levels.

So, to a month of answering questions of self-versus-other truthfully, more deeply and intimately, sodalite offers complete support.

Reach for it if you’re feeling confused, closed-minded or out of balance with your close partners.

Seeing yourself in relationship with truth and honesty, expanding your point of view and enhancing communication allows you to clarify your thinking, ask for what you want and follow your heart.

You deserve to be true to yourself in relationship. You deserve to be known and seen in relationship. You deserve to love and be loved exactly as you are.

Remember, you are loved -

Beyond measure,