October 2017 Tarot: Brilliance


The expression this month is Choose to Love yourself. The question is: Are you seen, known and loved in your intimate partnerships?

The tarot card is the Ace of Crystals – Brilliance.

You are talented, naturally brilliant and inspiring. Believe in your unique genius to stimulate penetrating thought, clarifying ideas and revolutionary actions. Use your facile mind to be curious and spin the kaleidoscope to see multiple perspectives.

Allow your open-minded views to accept yourself - intimately and honestly. Follow your imagination to know yourself – deeply and fully. Trust your intuition to love yourself – easily and compassionately.

As you discover yourself, you see others more clearly and objectively. Allow your mind to inquire, your point of view to expand and your heart to open.

Choose yourself and choose love.

May it be self-love or love with another.

Choose to love yourself.