October 5th - Full Harvest Moon


The Full Harvest Moon, occurs on the 5th with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. As always with the Full Moon, there’s a pull of opposites. In October, it’s the pull of Libra or other with Aries or self, a pull of destiny versus one of free will. Adding to this tension, Venus blends with Mars, both in Virgo and the Libran Sun asks retrograde Neptune in Pisces to make unfamiliar adjustments.

What does it mean?

Let’s start with the Full Moon. Libra is balance, peace, beauty and cooperation. It’s also friendly, gracious and romantic. It’s ruled by Venus, so love, partnership and finances are prominent. Aries, on the other hand, is fiery, assertive, courageous and ambitious. It’s energetic, forthright and innovative. Aries is ruled by Mars, so passion, drive and action are fueled.

Libra, ruled by Venus and Aries, ruled by Mars, gets a power zoot from the Venus-Mars blend on the same day as this Full Moon. Combining love, beauty and graciousness with passion, courage and action create opportunities for enhanced intimate relations, improved creative pursuits and better cooperation in teamwork.


Lean in. Lean into your intimate relationships, lean into your creative endeavors and lean into your work partnerships.

Say YES. Be decisive. Take action.

Utilize the charisma of Libra and the magnetism of Aries. Exploit the love in the air. Ride this love wave with courage and directness, with candor and good humor, and with peace and harmony.

Rise to the occasion and open your heart. Trust and find joy.

Float with the Libran Sun asking retrograde Pisces Neptune to make adjustments by seeing yourself realistically, yet kindly. Put your discerning heart at the fore to make assessments of yourself versus other, of positive people versus deceptive ones and of delusional circumstances versus practical ones. Your heart knows, so allow your mind to widen its lens and accept your ruling heart right now. This Full Moon has an added punch with the Jupiter-Uranus influences and Plutonian squares bookending it. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition hit its exact about a week prior, yet this is a strong influence with lingering power. Jupiter tugs at the Libran forces of intimate partners, creativity and cooperation while Uranus forces freedom, independence and change.

The Plutonian squares are coming in with the Sun and the Moon making this Full Moon more intense than usual. Pluto sheds light on the dark, so exploring your own shadow side eases any power struggles, destructive behaviors or unhealthy appetites. Dive deeply into yourself to allow Pluto to do its magic.

Mercury also gets added to this mix the day after the Full Moon, but opening your mind, expanding your view and introducing communication relieves any negative tendencies.

The self-versus-other theme reigns at this time, yet there are positive ways to get the best of both worlds.

Full Moon Recommendations:

  • Embrace the courage of Mars and the love of Venus. Take action in your love relationship. Be open. Be direct. Be honest, yet compassionate.
  • Ask your partner for what you need. Be kind, but clear. Also, ask him or her for what he or she needs. Hmmm…that’s interesting.
  • Talk. Talk. Libra loves negotiation, facilitation and cooperation. Talk to your lover, your friends, your associates. Let the conversation flow.
  • Go to the theater, art museum or musical performance. Flood your senses with beauty.
  • Indulge in a luxurious item. Be prudent, but indulgent.
  • Host a dinner party or informal gathering.
  • Open your mind and your heart to your own shadowy aspects. Everyone has them, why should you be any different? Be kindly toward your shadows. Lean into them and ask what they want to reveal to you at this time.
  • If you find yourself in a combative mood, go for a walk. Expend any excess energy in active ways without engaging in unnecessary aggression toward another. This is about you and your shadow, not anyone else’s. Take a breather and harness that martial energy in positive ways.
  • Get a healing session. Do you love massage or spa treatments? Now is the perfect time to release any toxins and allow nourishment.

The more open and honest you are with yourself during this Full Moon, the better the time. It can actually be enjoyable and expansive.

Be honest. Expand. Lean in.

As always, wishing you joy,