October - Go Through


The expression this month is Go Through.  The question is: Do you dare?

The Tarot card is Balance which seems way too obvious with the Sun in Libra, but as it’s selected without intellectual input, I need to pursue. When I do, I discover the magic in the card.

So, the balance? A first glance it seems, ‘Oh, it’s all about Libra as in the scales’. Yet, there’s way too much going on this month for Libra to be the prominent theme.

Looking a bit further, the balance becomes evident in the hand-off between Libra and Scorpio. The month begins with the Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio. Then as the Sun enters Scorpio, he kisses Venus, completely blending the two. A few days later, Venus Rx moves into Libra, switching positions with the Sun.

So, the dance of action and reaction is about the Sun & Venus and Libra & Scorpio. It’s a balance of water and air, which may seem unnatural and yet it’s something we do every year with these two signs.

This year, however, it’s MUCH more. Venus Rx in Scorpio occurs every 8 years, not annually and the Venus Rx opposition with Uranus is a once in a lifetime event.

Your being is given air – peace, calm, art and beauty while your relationships are subjected to the honest, penetrating and scarily powerful focus of water. As Venus turns inward, the mirror reflects your relationship with yourself. The pull between self and other becomes your own. Then the switch happens as the water penetrates your being and your relationships are expected to handle the honest truth of self-discovery.

If this isn’t enough, Venus and Uranus are urging new, fresh, revolutionary tendencies for independence and freedom.


This balance is not a still point as it never is. It’s a dance. It’s a negotiation. It’s a finessing of different forces to blend into perfect union.

The question is how to have individuality in relationship?   The answer is partnership – truly, completely and unconditionally.

Oh and by the way, it’s an eight. Balance in the Tarot is an eight in the major arcana. Big stuff. Infinity, blessings and abundance are available right now. It’s restless looking for both flow and stillness. Balance requires both and knowing how to get to movement and stillness – that’s an art.

Partnership is one too.

Bottom Line: Go into the darkness, get to the heart of the matter and find the light.

(Ill be doing exercises and rituals throughout the month to help you. Join us - Monthly Cosmic Magic.) 


October is ALL ABOUT VENUS. She has the top spot with three main events:

1) Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde on October 5th and remains in Scorpio until the last day of the month.

2) Venus Rx opposite Uranus hits exact on October 31st (the 2ndof 3 – September 12, October 31 and November 29).

3) As the ruler of Libra, Venus rules the skies until the 23rd as the Sun remains here until then.

So, it’s Venus, Venus, Venus.

That’s cool, because Venus is art, love and beauty. True, but she’s also discernment, intimacy and worth. In Scorpio, she’s dramatic, powerful, and magnificent.

Let’s find out how you get to yours.

Week 1:

The first October event occurs on the 2nd  with a splash of depth in this Libran mix. As Libra Mercury squares Capricorn Pluto, both in cardinal signs, there’s a bid to think deeply, investigate honestly and communicate intensely. With cardinal signs, acknowledge any new thoughts or fresh insights. Open your mind, lower your defenses and uncover anything that’s alluded you until now. Take this opportunity to allow transformative thinking.

For the biggest event of the month, Venus holds court as she stations retrograde in Scorpio on Friday, October 5th at 3:05 pm EDT.

Here are the Venus retrograde details:

  • Venus enters Scorpio on September 9th
  • Venus stations retrograde at 10 degrees in Scorpio on October 5th
  • Venus Rx goes back into Libra on October 31st
  • Venus goes direct at 25 degrees in Libra on November 16th
  • Venus reenters Scorpio on December 2nd

Venus Rx in Scorpio is delicious. Yup. I said it. It’s unsettling, disturbing and even scary, but it’s filled with power, potential and treasure. There’s true and honest work to be done here. Venus Rx looks inward. She shines her light into your being to see the truth of your worth, your ability to be vulnerable in love and your financial standing. She shines her light into your heart and soul. Think of the beauty in that. The bright light of Venus Rx illuminates every area of intimacy in your life.

Well, yeah, that’s intense. And in Scorpio, it’s penetrating, deep and HONEST. There’s no place to hide. Anything uncomfortable that needs light will be aired for you to see. So, that’s the good news. It’s for your eyes only, so it doesn’t need to be proclaimed from the rooftops. However, private doesn’t mean hidden and you’ve become excellent at hiding what Venus Rx Scorpio will reveal.

So, buck up. It’s your time to shine inwardly and honestly. For more information, there’s a separate article on Venus Rx.

On October 7th,  Saturn in Capricorn asks the Leo True Node for adjustments before the nodes change signs in the first week of November. This occurred on June 18th,  so you’ve had a recent glimpse. Saturn reminds you about duties, responsibilities and hard work, yet the True Node is all about soul yearnings. The Sun also asks Neptune for adjustments this very day. So, your ego yearns to be dissolved. Hmmm…what an interesting combination. How does your ego typically get in the way? How could you let it go? In what ways, could you apply your focus and discipline to your soul desires versus the daily tasks of operating your life?

This is a strong reminder you're an infinite being here on Earth. Take a moment to seriously ponder your soul. Meditate. Breathe. Relax. What whispers do you hear?

Week 2:

The New Moon in Libra is on October 8th at 11:47 pm EDT as the Sun and Moon blend together in beauty and elegance. Libra is filled with peace, harmony, charm and balance. Take a moment to revel in this solar-lunar energy.

You feel a breath of fresh air filled with power as Mercury enters Scorpio to oppose Uranus and Venus Rx squares Mars the next day. These energies are enlivened with the Sun-Moon blend. You identify and feel them more than usual now. Harness this boost in intellect, insight and intuition. Release any pent-up frustration in relationship by welcoming passion and romance or by getting physical (you can fill in the rest.)

This potent mix feels good, so use it.

These next 3 aspects lend themselves to this New Moon potency giving you the ability to transform yourself any way you wish. Well, yum.

  1. On the 11th, Mercury confronts the True Node to persuade you to balance intuition and reason. This karmic nudge urges you to connect to your higher self by transforming your mind to reach new levels of awareness. Expand your thinking about your past, look at it from a different perspective and welcome the greater interpretation.
  2. Anytime the Sun squares Pluto as it does early on the 12th, you have the opportunity to build your inner power by remembering past experiences where you felt powerless or out of control. This triggering isn’t without cost as you’re required to defend your position or make major changes.
  3. Also on the 12th, Mercury excites Saturn as he does a few times a year. This is a great time for clear thinking, accessing your past and embarking in honest communication.

So, your mind will be blown asking you to let go, confront your past with penetrating honesty and embrace your rebirth.

On the surface, it’s a good day or two for business contracts, negotiations and achieving successful results. But, the deeper levels provide pure magic.

Week 3:

Mercury is busy this week as he kisses Venus on the 15th, tones Neptune on the 19th and Mercury excites Pluto on the 22nd. Other influences involve Mars and Neptune with Venus Rx as the backdrop.

When Mercury blends with Venus on the 15th, as he does a few times a year, you want to be social, charming and creative. You exchange love notes or gifts, sign contracts or find bargains while shopping. This is a light-hearted time, so enjoy it against the backdrop of Venus Rx. Show yourself some love right now. Tell yourself all of the things that make you special. Seriously, write them down. Fall in love with yourself all over again.

As Mercury harmonizes Neptune on the 19th, your creativity, imagination and intuitive gifts strengthen. It’s a time to delve into your sensitivity. Think with your heart. Know from your soul. Give your mind over to the higher power of both.

Also on the 19th,  Mars challenges Neptune to defuse your energy, create deception and bring confusion to any of your decisions or actions. Forward motion is stilted, so it’s more productive to use this time to go within.

On October 22nd,  Mercury stimulates Pluto making you influential and giving you excessive and controlling tendencies. Yet, you’re prompted to explore the mysteries, dive into the hidden and uncover secrets.

Laying the foundation this week and this month is Venus Rx in Scorpio. She’s also toning Neptune as she has for the last 6 months with the two exacts on June 2nd and December 21st. This trine makes for romance, relaxation and fantasy. With Neptune also retrograde, the illusion has less glamour. You have more compassion, tenderness and empathy for others. With Venus Rx, turn these feelings inward. Give yourself this compassion, tenderness and empathy. Be kind to yourself for whatever you discover that’s been hidden. Remember there’s treasure there. Hint: You're the treasure.

Week 4:

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd to match your ego, identity and personality with the deep and penetrating gaze shared by Mercury, Venus Rx and Jupiter. There’s a scorpion flavor to everything about you right now. This is heavenly for anyone who loves the healing and transformative qualities of being present, whole and powerful. It's not so awesome for those who are more comfortable coasting along the surface.

Uranus begins to enter into these cosmic influences with the Sun on the 23rd  and then Venus on the 31st. In between these Uranian qualities, the Full Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and True Node support your journey into self-discovery.

As the Sun enters Scorpio, he then opposes Uranus signaling something new and potentially unexpected on the horizon. What new do you want to bring into your world? What surprises will you welcome? What future do you wish for right now? This is smack in the middle of the ongoing Venus opposition to Uranus ‘beginning’ on September 12th and ‘ending’ on November 29th.

On the 24th, the Full Moon Taurus stills at 1-degree at 12:47 pm EDT. As this occurs, Venus Rx excites Saturn and the Sun asks the True Node for adjustments.

The conflict of Scorpio and Taurus today reflects the opposition between Libra and Scorpio during September and October. It’s a martial and plutonian as well as  venetian combination. The complexity, depth and intensity of the Scorpio Sun competes with the simple, calm and natural feelings of the Full Moon in Taurus.

The lunar influence brings breath and lightness to the watery depths of the Sun, Mercury, Venus Rx and Jupiter.

On the 26th, the Sun blends with Venus Rx, bringing good fortune and luck to your endeavors regarding Venus Rx. However, the Sun makes Venus Rx invisible masking the knowing around this configuration. This is bookended by Saturn aspects with Saturn being stimulated by Venus on the 24th and the Sun on the 27th. So, use Saturn to help you see the brilliance of Venus Rx. How is she holding the mirror to you? With all of this light, it becomes evident. How can you say YES to yourself today? What creativity, romance or commitment to self-worth beckons you right now? Open your heart and mind and give yourself permission to say YES. Make a commitment to you.

Mercury merges with Jupiter on the 29th as they do a few times a year. Have fun! Yes, have fun. There’s buoyancy of thought, mood and generosity. There’s social charm, grace and diplomacy. There’s good news! Yippee.

On the 30th,  Scorpio Venus Rx squares the Leo True Node right before the change in the nodal axis in the beginning of November. These fixed signs are dug in, but the conflict can loosen their holds.

Leo’s true purpose is joy, trust and personal expression. Venus asks who needs to help you, what creative pursuits support you and how much resource do you need. All to achieve your joy, not in comparison or competition with others, but for you and your joy.

Samhain, in addition to boasting the thinnest veil between Heaven and Earth, opens 3 astrological energies:

First, Mercury enters Sagittarius for BIG thoughts, enthusiastic conversations and optimistic viewpoints. Cheers to this lift. During this time, you can also be intuitive and connected to spirituality with zeal.

Second, there’s another exact aspect between Scorpio Venus Rx and Taurus Uranus. What new and fresh surprises are in store for your relationships?  How can you relate to others differently? What insights or flashes of brilliance do you have about your dealings with others?

Third, the depth is lifted as Venus Rx moves into Libra on this last day of October. You have the opportunity to share your discoveries with others. You found your hidden treasure, isn’t it time to let others know?

The month of October offers you the opportunity to dive deeply into your heart and break through to the light within and without.

It’s pure magic, if you dare.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Pyrolusite.

This is a stone to unlock the mysteries. It operates at a deeper level than a lot of other stones and is used for transformation and healing. It helps you reconstruct your life as it renews your confidence.

It also helps you stand your ground and uphold your own beliefs. It brings hope, gives optimism and lends determination to break through obstacles and overcome challenges.

Pyrolusite protects you from negativity, cleanses your aura and aligns all of your bodies.

It literally creates a shield of protection around you as you open to your shadow side. It rebuilds your energy and protects you during integration.

It’s a problem solver and helps you get to the root of any issue, conflict or situation. It’s helpful in stabilizing any imbalances in relationships.

Pyrolusite is an excellent physical healer as well. It regulates metabolism and transmutes illness. So use it if you're physically feeling the effects of this energy.

I love this stone for the Venus-retrograde-in-Scorpio dive into the unknown and then to welcome the loft from Libra at the end of the month.

The stone always appears before I explore the monthly astrology and I’m always amazed. I shouldn’t be by now, but I am. The stone is always perfectly aligned with the monthly cosmic influences. Once again, the stone pyrolusite beautifully supports October’s energies.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,