October - Stone of the Month


SODALITE Seek respite in the stone of the month: SODALITE.

Sodalite helps you be true to yourself and improves self-acceptance, self-trust and self-esteem. It eliminates mental confusion, rigidity and stilted thinking. In other words, it improves clarity, flexibility and new ideas.

This stone assists you in understanding the circumstances you find yourself in and releases old mental patterns to open your mind to new insights.

As sodalite improves your ability to communicate, it helps you be true to yourself while standing up for your beliefs. It’s an ideal stone for the Libra-Aries theme of self-other this month.

It brings harmony to groups, enhances cooperation and inspires trust.

It brings emotional balance, encourages interdependence and harmonizes the third eye as it deepens meditation. It brings information from the spiritual realm to the practical earthly levels.

So, to a month of answering questions of self-versus-other truthfully, more deeply and intimately, sodalite offers complete support.

Reach for it if you’re feeling confused, closed-minded or out of balance with your close partners.

Seeing yourself in relationship with truth and honesty, expanding your point of view and enhancing communication allows you to clarify your thinking, ask for what you want and follow your heart.

You deserve to be true to yourself in relationship. You deserve to be known and seen in relationship. You deserve to love and be loved exactly as you are.