Outer World Reflects Inner Life


Ever notice everything going exactly your way when you are in the throes of new love? Ever notice every light turning green or snagging that perfect item at a hugely discounted price?

Ever notice running into old and dear friends serendipitously?

Good things happen when we are happy and in the flow of wonder with the universe. It’s that simple.

Ever notice missing the train and forgetting your umbrella as the downpour begins?

Ever notice hitting every red light or driving behind the slowest driver in the world when you are late?

Ever notice tripping over the dog and wrenching your ankle just before a key sporting event?

Bad things happen when we are in terrible moods and at odds with the universe. It’s that simple.

It’s that complex.

Our outer worlds are an exact reflection of our inner lives. Our thoughts, moods, beliefs, feelings and energy affect our daily lives in physical and visible ways.

Controlling our thoughts helps a little.

Uplifting our moods helps a bit more.

Changing our beliefs helps even more.

Processing our feelings helps a lot.

Managing our energy helps a great deal.

Doing all of the above helps immeasurably.

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Think positively.

  1. Take a deep breath to relieve stress and lift your mood.

  1. Bring one limiting belief to mind, spend time in meditation and shift it.

  1. Recall a time when you were angry, contemplate the circumstances and people involved, feel your emotions beneath the anger, sit with it and process it. If possible, forgive yourself and others.

  1. Center yourself when you feel disconnected or disengaged. Take 10 slow deep breaths until you feel grounded.

Mending the inner life helps transform the outer world – in very positive ways.