Resolving Your Core Issues


You are bored with your job, your family, or your life. You are angry with your family, your friends or your boss.

You are scared of starting something new or ending something old.

You know you need to change things.

You know you need to take a few risks.

You try to make your life better.

So, you start doing some internal work. You begin the power of positive thinking. You delve into some emotional areas. You initiate energy work.

Things change, but they don’t change much.

So you work harder. You add outer work as well.

You update your resume and start looking for a new job. You exercise. You take a vacation. You get a different apartment or buy a new house.

Nothing really changes your life. It’s a little better, but the change doesn’t equal the effort of making it.

What is wrong?

You have yet to get to the bottom of it. You have yet to get to the core.

What is the easiest way?

  1. You have to identify and recognize your core issues.

  2. You have to explore, process and feel them.

  3. You have to heal them.

  4. You have to forgive yourself and others.

  5. You have to allow and make changes in your life.

How do you identify your core issues?

The best way I have found is evolutionary astrology. Your birth chart is a blueprint of everything you wanted to do in your life. It is the recipe of challenges, opportunities, obstacles, and remedies.

It’s pretty cool to have your soul speak to you at the moment of your birth. You can learn the areas you want to delve into, ones you can leverage and ones you need help and support from others.


All you need is your date, time and place of birth.