Saturn Enters Capricorn: December 20th


The major astrological event on the 20th is Saturn enters Capricorn where it will reside until March of 2020. It’s at home here. It’s exalted here. All of Saturn’s qualities are enhanced in Capricorn. The other times this century Saturn was in Capricorn involve:

  • 1929 – 1932
  • 1959 – 1962
  • 1988 - 1991

So, what does this mean?

There’s maturity, caution, responsibility, duty and discipline with Saturn. There’s moderation, commitment and integrity. There’s structure and order. There’s also tremendous strength, fortitude and tenacity.

Some malign Saturn and Capricorn as it’s a forceful energy requiring complete focus, total commitment and unending discipline.

However, as each sign corrects its predecessor, the abundant and exuberant Sagittarian energy is brought back to reality.

It’s time for you to make a commitment to yourself, take responsibility and work hard toward your goals.

Saturn asks, “Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready? Do you really want it? What will you do to get it?”

So, it’s a cold and strict task-master.

It requires you to tap into your inner strength and garner your resources to achieve results.

However, it offers mastery.

Both of these energies are about morality and integrity. They're about honesty. Hmm...that sounds really good right about now with everything going on in the world.

So, there's a deepening. There's a sense of responsibility. There's a maturity.

Yes, that feels welcome.

However, it will require work. That's Capricorn. It will require commitment. That's Saturn. It will require fortitude. That's both.

So, this energy asks for everyone to strap on their big girl/boy pants and begin the trek up the mountain.

It will feel hard, cold and isolating at times, but there's an ability to also feel good due to your accomplishments, ability to make the right choices and do those things you don't feel like doing. There's a boon of energy you can glide into as you achieve results.

As you continue to pile on the achievements, there's a wicked sense of humor with Capricorn. If you can align with its playful side.

As always, wising you joy,